What I Wore Real Mom Style : Instagram Round-Up

Do you follow me on Instagram? That’s my favorite place to share my daily outfits. We all get stuck in style ruts wearing the same few pieces day in and day out and posting on Instagram can help you get more creative. I love participating in style challenges that make me think outside the box and Instagram is full of those. It is also just a great place to find new ideas on how to wear the clothes you have and inspire you to try new looks and combinations. If you need work wear inspiration you can find that or what to wear as you tackle motherhood every day like I do. Put away the yoga pants and sweats and try some fun new looks, you might even enjoy getting dressed each day, I know I do!

Here are a few looks I shared this month so far.


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Pleated Skirts and Red Clutch Purses


Last week I went on a Valentine’s Day shopping Spree at my favorite local mall Polaris Fashion Place. While there I also found a fabulous new skirt and clutch at Express. I had a coupon (woohoo) and got a great deal on these two super cute pieces. I knew I loved this skirt even before I tried it on and just as I hoped it fit amazing. I like my skirts on the more modest side but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to have sass and style. This high waisted pleated skirt has it all and you need it too.

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I Took Away Screen Time During the Week From My Kids

kids technology


That’s right I did the unthinkable, I took away screen time during the week from my school aged kids.

It wasn’t a breaking point that made me snap irrationally and take away tech. It honestly wasn’t dramatic at all, I just looked around me and knew things needed to change.

My kids are not addicted to technology nor are they obsessed with any one thing. We have multiple gaming systems that get turned on MAYBE once a month. Each child has their own Kindle Fire and they do not have any games that they are super invested in.

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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Look from Polaris Fashion Place #VDayatPolaris #PolarisFashionPlace #ILovePolaris

red valentines day dress



Last week I had the pleasure of spending an evening shopping at Polaris Fashion Place. I was a woman on a mission looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. This year my husband and I are going to an event at the Franklin Park Conservatory. We will be spending a romantic evening wandering among the beautiful flowers sampling wine and chocolate pairings. We attended last year and loved it so this year we are going again. I like to dress up for this event so I was on the hunt for the perfect dressy outfit. I knew I wanted lots of red and a red dress was high up on my wish list so I hit the mall kid free and ready to shop.

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