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I am super excited to announce I have opened an Etsy shop where you can now by my one of a kind original design graphic tees! I am working with a local printer and am very excited with the direction That Chic Mom Tees is going. Be sure to follow my new business adventure on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too and if you buy one of my tees use hashtag #ThatChicMomTees so I can thank you and promote you!


YL oils

I also have decided to take my family on a wellness journey that has brought me to my love of Essential Oils particularly Young Living Essential Oils, these are a daily part of our life and I hope they will become so for you too. Much like vitamins and supplements essential oils can bring added benefits of wellness and general well being. I would love to share more with you so please feel free to email me with questions at thriftyandchic at gmail dot com


If you are truly interested in essential oils I suggest signing up for the Premium Starter Kit it comes with 10 oils and a diffuser to help you get the most use out of your oils and when you sign up as a wholesale member you get a 24% discount on all your future orders, well worth it! The kit comes with everything you see pictured above which is the diffuser, 11 oils, a roller ball to turn one of your oils into a roll on dispenser, samples to share with friends, information as well as Ning Xia.

Included in the kit are the following oils:
Thieves Essential Oil – You can find thieves diffusing in my house most days for the immune system boost and germ fighting qualities, plus I love the cinnamon and clove like smell. Every night I rub it on my kids feet to boost theimmune system and it is great for cleaning too, thieves is the one oil I use the fastest.

pan-away essential oil – This is great for aching muscles, menstrual cramps and tired feet. Pan-away provides soothing relief to muscles for aches and pains and is a more natural version of muscle rub.

Purification essential oil – If you have a smell you want gone this is your oil. Diffuse it to clear away odors like stinky dog and stale air, put it on a cotton ball in your shoe to neutralize stinky feet or add it to your washing machine for fresh smelling laundry.

Peppermint essential oil – Peppermint oil is my go to in order to alleviate my headaches and my daughters. Feeling nauseous add peppermint to your wrists, aching stomach? Rub some peppermint on your abdomen. Need to be more alert dab some peppermint on your wrist.

Lavender essential oil – Lavender has a million uses from creating a soothing atmosphere ( I diffuse for my kids at bed time) to scenting your lotion, foot soak, or even shampoo or soap.

Lemon essential oil – Lemon is perfect to add to your water, to diffuse to wake you up and energize your day, and it is perfect for cooking.

Joy essential oil – Joy is the perfect uplifting oil to diffuse or wear on a gloomy day. Wear it as a perfume or diffuse to make your whole room smell amazing

Frankincense essential oil – Frankincense oil is perfect for using blended in a massage oil or on your skin to kep it youthful and healthy looking.

Stress Away essential oil – Stress Away from Young Living is why I fell in love with essential oils, this smell creates a sense of peace and calm even on the most hectic day. My favorite thing is to apply it straight to my wrists in and inhale but on really hectic days I diffuse it for the whole family to enjoy. Having a bad day at work? You NEED Stress Away!

Melaluca essential oil – Give your skin and extra treat with some melaluca oil.

Citrus Fresh Essential Oil – Boost your immune system and snap out of that sleepy fog with this fresh citrus oil.


A few other Young Living Essential Oils I love and use regularly are:

Breathe Again Roll – On – Roll this straight on your chest and neck for relief from allergies, colds and general congestion. I call it my natural vapor rub.

Peace & Calming Essential Oil – Just like the name this essential oil blend brings feelings of peace and calm, my kids love this diffused in their room at bed time.

There are so many more oils and blends so please ask away and for a complete resource of oils and uses check out the is great book Essential Oils Pocket Reference

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