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Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls for St. Patrick’s Day


I love to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with my family, my mom is very proud of her Irish heritage so we always celebrated the day with Irish Soda Bread and ham and cabbage. This year I decided to add a fun new breakfast treat Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls. Mornings around here are hectic to say the least and since this year St.Patrick’s Day falls on a school day I needed something quick and easy. I love my kids but I am not getting up at 5 am to prepare a special breakfast. I had the idea to make shamrock’s out of refrigerated cinnamon rolls and they turned out perfectly. I mean how cute are these St.Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls. And they were so easy to make even the kids could have made them.

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Easy Wholesome Snacks for Kids

 “This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schreiber Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.”




Given the choice, my kids will snack all day on junk food. Chips, candy, cookies, if it is low on nutritional value then my kids love it. Let’s be honest all kids love junk food, I love junk food, but my body does not. Now as an adult I am battling my own food cravings as I work to replace my snacks with more wholesome options, and it is hard. I can go days at a time making all healthy choices and then one day I give in and it’s like starting all over again. I don’t want my kids to immediately turn to junk when they are looking for a snack. I am hoping that by making healthy snacks for my kids and cutting out the junk they will naturally turn towards the healthier options when both junk food and wholesome snacks are offered. A mom can hope, right?

Making snacks fun is a great way to engage your kids and encourage them to try things they may not otherwise try. Here are a few fun options that are healthy and delicious.




Cheese is a great item to start with since it offers both calcium and protein, good things our kid’s growing bodies need. These days cheese is also convenient, just look at string cheese, it comes prepackaged making it easy to grab as you run out the door and even easier to toss into a lunch box. If your kid wants their food to be visually appealing the good news is, you can now get Disney® Frozen String Cheese. I purchased it at Walmart. So instead of a pack of sugary fruit snacks with a character on the package you can have string cheese packed with calcium and protein and still in a fun character themed package.




Now that you have cheese, choose some great things to pair it with. Crackers are always good and you can find a wide variety to choose from, I like all the different flatbread flavors available right now.  Cheese also pairs well with fruit, particularly apples. This time of year in Ohio we have so many delicious varieties of local apples to choose from in our grocery stores you can get sweet, tart or tangy apples to enjoy.

To make your snack a bit heartier add some deli meat. Wrap your Disney® Frozen String Cheese in turkey or even pepperoni. It’s an easy finger food that is healthy and kids will enjoy it, much like a deconstructed sandwich and we all know kids just pull everything apart we make anyway.




If you are not taking your healthy snack to go, then let your kids have fun with their Disney® Frozen String Cheese and play with it. Give them some pretzel sticks and a package of string cheese and watch them create as they eat. I have seen witches broom sticks, animals, spiders and many other creative things made of string cheese and pretzel sticks.

Heating up your cheese is always a delicious option. Add your string cheese wrapped in ham to a crescent roll and create a ham and cheese mini calzone. If ham is not your child’s preference switch to pepperoni or turkey, whatever they like. This is something they can even make themselves since there is no cutting involved only assembly and then baking.


Now that you have some great ideas for easy and healthy kids snacks head on over to for more tips and ideas plus a $1 off coupon for Disney® Frozen String Cheese  (expires 1/15/2017).









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Veggie Topped Hummus Crackers – Holiday Appetizer

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MerryMeals #CollectiveBias



Appetizers are always hard for me especially around the holidays. All my favorite appetizers are either summer themed or they are hot which gets complicated if you have too many. When you have too many hot appetizers some will inevitably get cold while waiting for the others to be heated up. This year I knew I needed to find an easy appetizer that could be made ahead of time and served cold, while still looking great. A tall order, yes, but I did it and I am loving the result. Continue Reading

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