Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy Comes to Columbus, Ohio Ticket #Giveaway



My kids are so excited they can hardly contain themselves, Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy is coming to Columbus, Ohio in February and we will be going!


D29 Cars email


We have had the privilege of seeing Disney on Ice 2 times before and my kids still talk about how magical it was. Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy has fun characters that we have yet to see on ice so the girls are very excited these include characters from Cars like Lightning McQueen and Woody and the gang from Toy Story. We will also get to see classic characters such as Mickey and Minnie, Tinkerbell and friends, and Ariel and friends.

The special effects and spectacular ice skating make these shows a wonder for children and adults to behold, I highly recommend taking your family. The Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy show comes to Nationwide Arena Feb. 18-22 and they even have day time shows on Saturday and Sunday for the little ones.

WIN IT: Great news I have a family 4 pack of tickets to giveaway for either the Wednesday or Thursday evening show at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Enter in the form below.

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Quick & Easy Essential Oil Lotion

essential oil lotion


Essential Oils are quickly becoming a staple in my house, they have so many great uses and they smell amazing. Recently I realized that I could combine my favorite lotion with my favorite oils to not only soothe my irritated skin but also get the added benefits of essential oils. Nivea is amazing for dry skin and you only need the tiniest amount and it goes a long way, much like essential oils.

I picked up this tiny tin of Nivea Creme for just $1 and was able to make 3 different essential oil lotions out of it because you don’t need a lot and it goes really far.


quick and easy essential oil lotion

Quick & Easy Essential Oil Lotion


Take 1 drop of your favorite essential oil and ad it to a teaspoon size amount of Nivea Creme, really work it together in your hands and then apply.

For a calming lotion I added 1 drop of lavender.

For energy, to soothe my headaches or when my little one has a fever 1 drop of peppermint oil is great.

For muscle relief after an intense workout I add 1 drop of PanAway essential oil


There are many other oils you could mix to give you the perfect scent including Joy Essential Oil or Peace & Calm Essential Oil all of these will give your skin relief as well as your senses with these great smelling oils.

I love that my favorite lotion now comes in my favorite essential oil scents and it just cost $1 for a small tin that goes a long way. Keep the tin and your favorite oil in your purse for instant essential oil lotion on the go.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils and Young Living please email me thriftyandchic at gmail dot com I would love to help you as a distributor.

Momzilla Reared Her Ugly Head… Now What?


Sooooooo we have all been there, the moment we realize we are behaving in a way we are not proud of towards our kids. Whether we are yelling, or criticizing or whatever our particular form of Momzilla is when she shows up it isn’t pretty. Since my Graves Disease diagnosis I have found that my trigger to becoming Momzilla is much lower than it used to be and for me that is not going to fly.

I have 5 kids and I adore them, I want to be the best possible mom to them but reality is when all 5 kids ban together against me it can be hard to be kind, loving and patient like I want. So I have taken steps to stop Momzilla in her tracks whether I heard her footsteps as she comes down the hall or she actually showed up I can turn it around and send Momzilla back to where she came from.

Here are the tricks I use to banish Momzilla and be the mom I want to be, even on the most trying of days.

Stop and Smell the Oils -

Whether you are an essential oil user or not scents can have powerful effects on people. For me Stress Away from Young Living is what works. When I feel the stress creeping in I take a moment to roll on some essential oil, take a few deep breaths and relax. The combination of removing myself from the situation and the soothing smell of the oils can be a huge help for me, I especially love this trick for stopping stress before it takes over.


Shake it Off -

Oh yes I did reference Taylor and this song has done wonders in improving my mood. When things are getting tense especially with my little ones we crank some upbeat tunes and dance and even sing along. You can’t help but smile when you are letting loose, have the kids join in and turn the day around for everyone. I LOVE my Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker
for this as I can have instant room filling tunes wherever I need them!


Connect -

Sometimes we just need to connect to another adult, text your husband, text a friend, if you can even take time for a phone call. This is the perfect way to remove yourself from the stressful situation or get a second opinion on how to handle it.


Put on a Video and Retreat -

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If Momzilla is refusing to be banished then settle your kids safely with a distractor like a video and give yourself a break. Whether you lay on the couch with them and close your eyes or you sit in another room and escape into a book or grab a few moments of quiet prayer and reflection, it is important to acknowledge your limits as a mom.

We all have limits, it is not a flaw or weakness but a fact.


Momzilla tends to show up more often if I am overtired and not eating well. When I take care of myself by getting sleep, exercising and eating right then I am much less likely to fly off the handle. So I am doing my best just like every other mom out there to be present, loving, encouraging, kind and engaged with my kids. And when I fail I will do these things to get back on track.

To all the other mamas doing battle with Momzilla HANG IN THERE! You are doing better than you think!

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7 Snow Day Boredom Busters for Kids

7 snow day boredom busters for kids


It’s that time of year here is Ohio and we already had our first snow day! While our backyard is perfect for sledding, your kids can only sled or play in the snow so many times before they get bored and if your snow day is due to freezing temperatures then kids must sty indoors. Here are a few ways that I attempt to keep my kids from getting too bored and going stir crazy on snow days.


1. Dance party, we turn up the kids favorite music and dance and sing along. This is a great way to tire the kids out too. Join in yourself and burn a few calories, you can even add a hairbrush  microphone and costumes!


2. Have an indoor picnic. Doing ordinary things in different ways is always fun for kids so lay down a blanket for snack time, lunch time or every meal for a day and enjoy a fun indoor picnic.


3. Edible art, this takes creativity since you can’t go get supplies so far we have built marshmallow and icing towers, painted with frosting (yogurt is healthier but we are out), made pretzel and icing creations and made soft pretzels in all kinds of fun shapes, this soft pretzel recipe is easy and delicious.


4. Bring snow inside in a bucket and make snow creations before it melts. We lay down beach towels and use big bins (think the ones you store clothes in) and let the kids build with the snow before it melts. If you have a water table that is great for indoor snow play too.


5. Bake cookies, who doesn’t love fresh cookies and my kids love to help bake.


6. Arts and crafts ( thankfully I have a stocked arts and crafts bin) we are making valentine’s but you can also create Tear Art Books.


7. Build a fort with chairs, and blankets and pretend play


Those are 7 ways we beat cabin fever and enjoy our snow days, when all else fails mom puts on a video!

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ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter T

gifts t

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is T, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter T.


Sterling Silver Marcasite Teardrop Earrings



Gifts for Her:

Teardrop earrings – Every woman needs  some great statement earrings, these teardrop earrings in sterling silver and marcasite are gorgeous and range inpriec from affordable to luxury! Click on the picture for details on each one.

Tea – For the tea drinker here are some fun tea inspired gifts


Adagio Teas 16 oz. ingenuiTEA Bottom-Dispensing Teapot

tea forte

Tea Forte Tea Chest, Warming Joy


Teavana Tea Sampler Gift Set



OSU and Steelers Team Pride gifts


Gifts for Him

Team Pride – You can get so many items to support his team pride, my husband loves OSU and my brother loves the Steelers here are a few unique gifts to support either team.

Gifts for the Kids

turtle shell

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – If you have a boy you know what I am talking about, here are some great gift ideas for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lovers on your list.

Trampoline – We love our personal trampoline perfect for indoor use and burning energy in restless little ones during the cold winter months. Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline

ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter S

gifts s

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is S, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter S.

For Her:

Spa Day – Everyone needs a spa day that includes a facial for sure and a mani pedi is great too! So either schedule a day for her and buy a gift card, both work just fine!

starbucks mug

For Him:

Starbucks Refillable Mug - Starbucks sells a refillable mug that gets you free coffee every day during the month of January, I buy it for my husband every year! $30


For the Kids:

alex sewing kit

Sewing Kit – My daughter loves learning to sew and this kit is her favorite ALEX Toys – Craft, My First Sewing Kit



Squigz Starter 24 piece set – Squigz are fun little suction toys that you can use to build, bounce and stick to almost any surface – even windows. My kids have lots of fun with this creative toy.


SippiGrip – Does your child constantly throw the sippy cup on the ground and then you are stuck with a dirty cup out somewhere? Booginhead SippiGrip to the rescue keep that sippy cup off the ground even when your child chucks it overboard!

ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter R

gifts r

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is R, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter R.

rice cooker

Gifts for Her:

Rice Cooker: I know who needs another gadget but seriously I use mine all the time and I always get perfectly cooked rice, you can even use it to steam vegetables too. I have an Aroma Professional 20-Cup (Cooked) Cool Touch Rice Cooker, Food Steamer and Slow Cooker.


ryobi drill


Gifts for Him

Ryobi – A trusted brand in power tools grab your man either a Ryobi P882 One+ 18v Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Kit
or a Ryobi One P501G 18V Cordless Circular Saw 5-1/2 inch (Bare Tool Only)


razor twisty

Gifts for the Kids:

Rainbow Loom 2.0 Bands with Metal Hook – my girls love rainbow Loom and now you can get a metal hook so no more worrying about it breaking. We love to go on Youtube and find creative rainbow Loom tutorials.

Razor Jr. Twisti Lil’ Buzz Scooter – The perfect little scooter that allows your little one to twist and turn for a  fun ride.Recommended for ages 18 months and older and will support a rider up to 55 pounds


ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter Q

gifts q

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is Q, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter Q.

Gifts for Her

quilted vest

Quilted vest – I love this quilted vest from PrAna so stylish and functional plus it comes in lots of colors.


Gifts for Him:

ipad keyboard
Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Air  – Perfect for the techie who uses the iPad a lot this wireless keyboard makes working on an iPad way more convenient.


Gifts for the Kids:

Qwirkle Board Game – We love playing this board game with the kids. Qwirkle is as simple as matching colors and shapes, but this game also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. 2-4 players ages 6 and up


Homemade Christmas: DIY Tear Art Books

DIY tear art books


This year we did a homemade Christmas for the girls, they were not allowed to buy gifts for each other only make them. My 8 year old has been really into making tear art pictures and it has been neat to see all the scenes she has created. Tear art is when you take construction paper and tear it into shapes to make pictures, no scissors are used.


DIY tear art book


My daughter came up with the idea to create books for her sisters full of tear art. Once the books were done we took them to Staples and had them laminated and spiral bound. The books came out great and we were able to buy everything we needed to make them at Staples it only took construction paper, rubber cement and dropping them off at the Staples copy center.


This post brought to you by Staples, all opinions are my own.

The Perfect Little Gift: Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea Under $5

perfect little gift


If you need a small last minute Christmas gift then I have you covered! While checking out at Staples the other day I noticed the cutest little notepads, I am a sucker for a great notepad and pen. These notepads were not only cute but just $1 plus if you bought a second it was $.50, practically free! My daughter begged and begged for the Kitty one and I have to admit I wanted to pretty one that said NOTES all for myself. Staples also had a set of 36 gel pens for $10 on special.


notepads and gel pens


I paired one notepad with 2 colored gel pens, added  bow and had an adorable little gift. These re perfect for all those people you want to thank or wish a Merry Christmas but you need to stay on a small budget! or these gel pens and notepads make great stocking stuffers for kids young and old and those young at heart. My kids spent hours this afternoon drawing on the pads with the new gel pens.


This post is sponsored by Staples, all opinions are my own.

DIY Jewelry Holder


DIY jewelry holder tutorial


Have you ever wished you had the perfect jewelry holder for all of your necklaces both long and short? I have been on the hunt for the perfect jewelry holder and decided instead to make my own. I had an old cupboard door that was the perfect size for what I needed and had visions of cute little knobs to hang necklaces from. After searching all over I found the perfect knobs at Staples of all places. I found these Kaisercraft Treasures Metal Door Knobs and they are perfect. I love how this turned out and it is perfect for my vast jewelry collection. By using a sturdy coat rack for the bigger pieces I can layer it up and hold a bunch without fear of being too heavy for the hook.

diy hanging jewely holder



How to Make a Hanging Jewelry Holder


Supplies Needed:

Lay out your knobs on the board how you want them and mark the spots with pencil.

Using an electric drill, drill holes in your board for the knobs and coat rack. Be sure to add a hole in the center back for a nail to hang on the wall.

Insert your knobs and screw them in. If you have a thicker board you may need to purchase longer screws than the knobs come with.

Using an electric screw driver insert the screw for the coat rack hooks.

Add decals as desired.

Hang on wall and add jewelry!


jewelry holder knobs


jewelry holder hooks


full jewelry holder


Thanks to Staples for providing supplies, all opinions are my own.



ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter P

gifts p

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is P, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter P.

Gifts for Her:

Plaid: I love plaid and it is super trendy right now here are a few of my favorite plaid items that every woman would love. I love this green and white plaid scarf I found on ShopBop

plaid coat kohls

Apt. 9® Wool-Blend Peacoat

plaid shirt dress

SONOMA life + style® Plaid Shirt Dress

plaid scarf

GAP Cozy plaid scarf in navy

plaid pants

GAP Tailored crop plaid wool pants


Gifts for Him

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13- For the photography loving person on your list Photoshop is an excellent program to take photo editing to the next level.


Gifts for the Kids:


Pish Posh Baby Skip Hop Zoo Hug & Hide Activity Toys – This adorable toy is perfect for your little one to cuddle and even has a teether for chewing on.


pipSquigz- These are a much loved toy by my little one perfect for playing, shaking, chewing and more.

play doh cake

Play Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset – If you child loves play-doh and birthdays how about  this cute play do cake play set!

hoot owl hoot game

Peaceable Kingdom / Hoot Owl Hoot! Award Winning Cooperative Board Game- We love peaceable kingdom at our house for the cooperative learning games they offer. With these fun board games you must work together to win, if 1 loses you all loose. We own several games from them but our newest is Hoot Owl Hoot and we love it, work together to get all the owls into the nest before the sun comes up!


Pacigrip – Does your little one love their paci? Do you have to carry around a million back ups since they throw them on the floor? You need a BooginHead PaciGrip they come in adorable prints and babies paci will never hit the floor again.

Homemade Christmas: DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Card Holder

ribbon christmas tree card holder


Do you struggle with finding a cute and creative way to display all those Christmas cards you receive? My fridge fills up fast and there are only so many open spots to put them! This year I made my own Christmas card holder, it was super easy and perfect for a basic crafter like me. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for a simple yet pretty Christmas card holder.

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

What you will need:

Cut your thicker ribbon to 8 feet, fold in half and at the folded end make a knot leaving a small loop on top for hanging, this will serve as your trunk.  Cut your thinner ribbon into 7 strips starting at 10 inches and slowly getting longer with each one, these will be your branches. The final ribbon should be no more than 2 feet wide. Cut one extra strip of the thinner ribbon about 6 inches to wrap at the bottom of the branches  on the trunk of your tree. Lift the top layer of the thicker ribbon and lay out your ribbon strips in order to create the pine tree affect. Hot glue each ribbon one by one between the two layers on the trunk ribbon. Once all the ribbons are hot glued between the two trunk ribbons wrap the extra ribbon piece around the trunk ribbons to finish off the base. Hot glue your NOEL letters down the center of the tree near the top. Use the mini clothes pins to pin on your Christmas cards.


DIY christmas card holder


You can find the supplies for this craft at Staples, thanks to Staples for helping me to have a homemade Christmas, all opinions are my own.

ABC’s of Gift Giving: The Perfect Gifts that Start with Letter O

gifts o

Today as we continue working our way though the ABC’s of Gift Giving  the letter is O, here are some great gifts for those on your list that start with the letter O.


Gifts for Her:

OPI: I love OPI nail polish not only do they have great colors but the nail polish goes on well and lasts, every woman knows how great OPI is. OPI Trend on Ten Mini Kit. Holiday 2014 Collection is the perfect gift for the woman who loves to have a great manicure with 10 trendy colors in one collection.


olf nintendo DS

Gifts for the Kids:

Olaf , Olaf and more Olaf. Here are some of my favorite olaf products on the market right now!
Disney Frozen Pull Apart and Talkin’ Olaf

Pillow Pets OLAF Pillow, 18-Inch

Funko POP Disney: Frozen Olaf Action Figure

Olaf’s Summer Tea Set

Olaf’s Summer Tea Set

Join the #RedThumb Movement and Save Lives #Giveaway

The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
redthumb movement


Too many people are dying over words and it is just ridiculous.

Texting while Driving.

This is not the first time you have heard people warn of the dangers of texting while driving and sadly it will not be the last. texting while driving is dangerous and happens far too often. In a world where technology is king we need to put down our phones and focus on the road because that will literally save lives.


redthumb logo


A man named Steve Babcock painted his thumbnail red to remind himself to put down the phone and not text while driving and a movement was born. I will admit the text message alert callsme tome like a siren song while I am driving, begging me to pick  up my phone and look. But no words or messages are worth dying over or killing another person. So join Nissan, me and all the other supporters of the #RedThumb movement and paint your thumbnail red, or wear a red bandaid or draw a red X on your thumb. Do whatever works for you to remind yourself to put down the phone and focus on the road. Life is much to short and way to valuable to be lost over a text message.

To learn more about the #RedThumb movement (and to see a video of Adam Levine) check out http://www.nissanusa.com/redthumb/ Then take a picture of your red thumb and share it using hashtag #RedThumb and join the movement!

WIN IT: One lucky That Chic Mom reader will win a Red Thumb kit from Nissan that includes a Red Thumb Band, Red Thumb Stickers, Dashboard Grip Pad, a T-shirt and a $25 cash card. Enter in the form below.

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