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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Idea

teacher gift supplies


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6 and as hard as our kid’s teachers work they deserve a bit of appreciation!

I know that this time of year teachers start running low on supplies and many of them end up dipping into their own pocket to keep the classroom well stocked. A simple yet thoughtful gift would be a basket full of supplies to restock the classroom. I put together a simple basket that is practical and thoughtful and sure to bring a smile to any teachers face.


teacher gift idea


I chose to fill one of those collapsible baskets with items like paper towels, Clorox wipes, glue, tape, hand sanitizer, pencils and some cute notepads. I added a fun little printable that says “Thanks for Supplying Me With all the Knowledge I Need”

Tiny Prints put together a list of 12 Teacher Appreciation Gifts so be sure to check them on, all super cute DIY ideas.


The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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How to Make DIY Photo Waterless Snowglobes

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

waterless snowglobes


My kids are snowglobe obsessed so I thought it would be fun to make some custom snowglobes with photos for them to enjoy. These Waterless Snowglobes are so easy even the crafting impaired can make them and they take hardly any time at all.

I used my HP Envy 5660 Wireless Printer and HP Social Media Snapshots Sticky Photo Sheets
to print my pictures. Printing a lot for the holidays can really zap your ink fast so be sure to sign up for HP Instant ink, your ink will arrive right when you need it. Right now you can get 6 months free of HP Instant Ink, sign up HERE.



DIY Photo Waterless Snowglobes


Choose your favorite photo, I recommend a seasonal one. I used photos from cutting down our Christmas tree but a Santa visit would work great too. Using the HP Snapshots app quickly and easily print your photo from your phone. Then trim your photo to fit in your jar and give it more interest. Next peel of the back so it is sticky and add some hot glue to make sure it really sticks well on the curves. Hot glue your figurines to the base and once cool pour fake snow into the mason jar. Screw on the lid and voila an adorable waterless snowglobe!


diy photo waterless snowglobes



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Creepy Hands Halloween Treat

creepy hands halloween treat


Growing up we lived in a neighborhood that was known for it’s haunted houses and great Halloween parties, my mom threw one of those parties. One treat that she made has always stuck with me and this year I recreated it for my kids. These fun creepy hands Halloween treats are filled with candy corn, Twizzler Pull-n-Peel and popcorn, all in a food safe glove.


halloween treat creepy hands


Creepy Hands Halloween Treat

  • popcorn
  • candy corns ( the autumn kind with brown tips)
  • food safe gloves
  • Twizzler Pull-n-Peel in cherry

Pop the popcorn and pull apart the Twizzlers so they are in individual strips. Drop a candy corn into each finger to act as the fingernail. Then fill the gloves with popcorn, be sure to push down into each finger. Slide individual Twizzler strips into the glove, down the fingers to recreate the veins. Tie off the glove.


Be sure to check out my other Halloween Treats and Halloween Costume Ideas.

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Bringing Stuffed Animals to Life with Duct Tape – Kid’s Crafts

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Coolabi. All opinions are my own

duct tape dog bowls



This summer my kids have really been enjoying creative play with stuffed animals. They have bringing to life a world of creative play using shoe boxes, duct tape, tulle, beads and really anything they can get their hands on. Duct tape has been a favorite way to cover and decorate anything they can find from shoe boxes to lids. My oldest daughter took the lid of a shoe box and covered it in colored duct tape. Then she covered jar lids in duct tape. Afterwards she cut holes and set the jar lids in small holes in the box creating a dog dish for her puppy dog, so cute and so creative.


duct tape dog collar


Another one of my daughters took duct tape, beads and string and made a dog collar. She folded over the duct tape so it isn’t sticky at all and used extra pieces to hook the beaded accents onto the dog collar. I love watching my girls tackle a new idea as they create this whole imaginative world for their stuffed animals.


Poppy Group


Nurturing creative play in kids is so important and what better time to embrace boredom and the creativity it inspires than summer! Sometimes our kids need down time after all the business of summer outdoor play so check out Poppy Cat a fun and creative and adventure-filled preschool series on Sprout that encourages imaginative play. If your kids need more inspiration the Poppy Cat Facebook and Pinterest page have games, coloring sheet, art activities so be sure to follow them both.

Poppy Cat episodes air 7 days a week at 7:00 pm on Sprout. The series also airs Saturday mornings on the NBC Kids block, which is programmed by Sprout.

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Banish Boredom with a Boredom Buster Punch Board

boredom punch board

I’m bored….

Those dreaded words that make every parent cringe. This summer when my kids utter the dreaded B word I will present them with 2 options. That’s right I will hold back my sigh and announce “you may clean or you may go to the punch board”.

Allow me to explain…..

My kids and I came up with a list of fun and creative activities to do this summer. Then we took each one and wrote it on a piece of paper and we created a punch board. Our punch board was super easy to make and much like on the Price is Right each punch hole has a surprise inside, in our case an activity idea or a boredom buster! I decided to make it refillable so we could do it all summer long, as I am sure you can imagine the all wanted to punch out a spot right away. This punch board is super easy to make and even the crafting challenged like me can do it, here’s how.


summer boredom punch board


How to make a punch board


  • trifold cardboard display board
  • red solo cups
  • tissue paper cut into 16 squares
  • rubber bands
  • paint and stickers for decorations
  1. Trace the red solo cups on the trifold board.
  2. Cut out the circles just inside the line
  3. Place your boredom buster ideas inside the cup
  4. place one sheet of tissue paper over cup and secure with rubber band
  5. Decorate your board
  6. Insert cups in slots


summerbordeom buster punchout board



Need ideas for inside your punch board cups? Here are our summer boredom buster ideas!


I hope this helps squelch all those cries of I’m Bored!



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