Homemade Christmas: DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Card Holder

ribbon christmas tree card holder


Do you struggle with finding a cute and creative way to display all those Christmas cards you receive? My fridge fills up fast and there are only so many open spots to put them! This year I made my own Christmas card holder, it was super easy and perfect for a basic crafter like me. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for a simple yet pretty Christmas card holder.

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree Christmas Card Holder

What you will need:

Cut your thicker ribbon to 8 feet, fold in half and at the folded end make a knot leaving a small loop on top for hanging, this will serve as your trunk.  Cut your thinner ribbon into 7 strips starting at 10 inches and slowly getting longer with each one, these will be your branches. The final ribbon should be no more than 2 feet wide. Cut one extra strip of the thinner ribbon about 6 inches to wrap at the bottom of the branches  on the trunk of your tree. Lift the top layer of the thicker ribbon and lay out your ribbon strips in order to create the pine tree affect. Hot glue each ribbon one by one between the two layers on the trunk ribbon. Once all the ribbons are hot glued between the two trunk ribbons wrap the extra ribbon piece around the trunk ribbons to finish off the base. Hot glue your NOEL letters down the center of the tree near the top. Use the mini clothes pins to pin on your Christmas cards.


DIY christmas card holder


You can find the supplies for this craft at Staples, thanks to Staples for helping me to have a homemade Christmas, all opinions are my own.

Homemade Christmas: Thumb Print Christmas Tea Lights

thumb print christmas tealights


This year we are having a homemade Christmas and that means the kids are making all of the gifts they give to every one on their list that means sisters, teachers and grandparents. This year teachers are getting Thumb Print Christmas Tea Lights and grandparents are too!

This simple craft is very easy to do and since the kids can do almost all the steps without help it is extra special for them to create it all by themselves. To make these cute candle holders you will only need a few things and most of it can be found at Staples ( yes I said Staples who knew right?)

Thumb Print Christmas Tealights


  1. Using washable poster paint have your child, using the thumb, place thumb prints all over the jar. The idea is you are making a string of Christmas lights, I find it helps the kids to be more strategic about placement if they understand the end result. Use several colors and make sure the pattern can easily be connected to look like a string of lights.
  2. Let dry at least an hour or overnight.
  3. Have child, using green paint and a brush, connect the thumbprints so it looks like a strand of Christmas lights.
  4. Let dry overnight then spray with clear coat and let dry another 24 hours.
  5. Use a permanent marker to date the bottom and if you do these again next year you can see how your kids have grown as the thumb print bulbs get bigger each year. Due to the spray paint clear coat I would not use real candles in these instead use LED candles.


thumbprint vase homemade


For a fun variation you can do this on a vase or first spray paint glitter on the jar and then do the thumbprints on top of the glitter coating. My girls are giving each grandmother a thumbprint case full of flowers on Christmas Day, the perfect festive holiday centerpiece.


thumbprint christmas vase


This post was sponsored by Staples, all opinions are my own.


Easy Thanksgiving Craft: Turkey Handprint Vase

turkey handprint vase


My kids are growing way too fast and before I know it I am going to be lamenting the day they were little. Today I decided to commemorate just how little they still are by doing a handprint craft. I found a clear glass vase in my basement, the kind that you get when someone sends you flowers and it was just big enough for 5 little turkey hands. This is super easy to do and even the crafting challenged can do this in about 10-15 minutes tops.


thanksgiving turkey handprint vase


Step 1: Paint your child’s hand the palm and thumb are brown and the other fingers are a mix of red, orange and green. I used washable poster paint so I didn’t have to worry about mess with the kids.

Step 2: Carefully help your child place a handprint on the vase, be sure they lift straight off to avoid smudging.

Step 3: Let dry then add a beak, feet and your child’s name with a sharpie, I also put the year on the bottom.

Step 4: Spray with a clear coat spray paint to sell your handprints on forever.


This is going to make an adorable centerpiece on Thanksgiving Day!

Easy Thanksgiving Snack Turkey Jello

turkey jello


It’s no secret I am not super crafty but I do try to make the holidays a little more fun with themed kids snacks. For our Thanksgiving snack this year I decided to make turkey jello or more accurately jello cups decorated like a turkey. This Thanksgiving craft is super easy to execute so that any one can make it whether you are crafty or not and you can even set out the supplies and let the kids do it.

Step 1: Make orange jello according to the directions and pour into clear plastic cups, the 8 ounce work best. Let sit until firm.

Step 2: Cut feathers out of orange, yellow and brown construction  paper as well as an orange beak. I did two of each color feather.

Step 3. Hot glue the tail feathers on the back of the cup. Hot glue two googly eyes and the beak on to the front of the cup.

Serve and enjoy your Thanksgiving Turkey Jello.


turkey jello craft

Handprint Pumpkin Patch Craft with Poppy Cat and the Halloween Woods #PoppyCatUS #ad

The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
handprint pumpkin patch


Halloween is a holiday that always makes me a bit nervous now that I am a mom. My girls are really sensitive to spooky and scary things, putting it mildly they do not like it. As a mom I want to protect my kids and help them to feel comfortable and so far we have been able to avoid the gruesome and spooky and stick to the fun parts of Halloween. To my girls Halloween is an excuse to wear your princess dress up clothes outside and bonus people give you candy for playing dress up, I want to keep it that way as long as possible.

Poppy Cat is a preschool show that we recently discovered and I always love when I can find Halloween episodes on preschool shows to keep the holiday fun for my little ones. October 25th Poppy Cat and the Halloween Woods will premier and it is super cute. My almost 3 year old and I watched it already and she loved it, I loved that it addressed that Halloween is scary for some but that doesn’t have to ruin it. As we speak my daughter is watching a Poppy Cat marathon on Netflix as we just realized it is available there too, she is a big fan!

After watching the Poppy Cat and the Halloween Woods episode my daughter and I made this adorable Handprint Pumpkin Patch craft, super cute and not scary at all! This craft is a bit messy since it involves paint, but fun.

Handprint Pumpkin Patch Preschool Craft:

  • Have your child make a fist then have them dip the side into orange paint, use the side of the fist like a stamp to make orange pumpkins. For a less messy version you can paint the child’s fist for them.
  • Dip the thumb in green paint for the stem.
  • For the smaller pumpkins use the child’s thumb print for the pumpkin and paint a stem with a a thin brush.

These were super easy to make and lots of fun for a preschool craft. So tonight as your child talks about the new Poppy Cat Halloween show premiering tomorrow you can make fun not spooky Handprint Pumpkin Patches.


Poppy Group
The second season of Poppy Cat will premiere with a mini-marathon airing from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 25 and then begins its regular schedule on the network that same evening, with episodes slated to air seven days a week at 7:00 pm. The series also airs Saturday mornings on the NBC Kids block, which is programmed by Sprout.

LEGO Movie Jello Cups

lego movie jello cups



Do you have a LEGO Movie fanatic in your house? With the recent release of the LEGO Movie on DVD it’s all I am hearing about from the kids, my nephew is even having a LEGO Movie birthday party this week. With all this LEGO Movie excitement I decided to come up with a fun LEGO Movie themed snack. These LEGO jello cups are not only easy to make but your kids will love them, you can even let the kids help by having them create the face. These would also be adorable to serve at  LEGO themed birthday party.


lego jello cup


LEGO Jello Cups

  • 2 small boxes of lemon jello mix
  • water
  • Clear plastic cups size 9 oz.
  • Black construction paper
  • Rubber cement

Make jello according to the package then poor into cups, I was able to fill 5 of them with 2 packages.  Place cups in refrigerator to set up. Using black construction paper cut out eyes, mouth and eyebrows, I used a hole punch for the eyes. Glue the pieces onto the cup with rubber cement. Voila LEGO jello cups!

Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift #FathersDay

fathers day photo gifts diy


Need a quick and easy Father’s Day gift from your kids, it literally takes just a few moments and your husband is sure to cherish it.

fathers day picture


Easy Father’s Day DIY Photo Gift #1

This one is super easy especially if you already have a photo of your husband and kids. Using Picmonkey add a sweet quote like

“We may outgrow your lap, but we will never outgrow your love”

I printed mine at Walgreens same day for just a couple dollars, add a cute frame and it’s perfect for his desk at home or work.


fathers day collage


Easy Father’s Day DIY Photo Gift #2

For this photo idea I had each girl tell me something they love doing with their dad and printed it out for them to hold up. I then created a collage in Picmonkey and added Daddy I love at the top. I had this one printed same day at Walgreens too.

I found some frames at Kohl’s for a great price and voila sweet Father’s Day photo gifts any dad would love!

How to Make a Glitter Mason Jar Vase DIY

diy glitter mason jar vases tutorial


Recently I have hosted 4 major events at my house and helped plan and put on another one at my daughter’s school! As I was looking for inspired decor I came across many mason jar vases and I fell in loves. As a canner who has tons of these in my basement they were the perfect inspiration for easy DIY decor. My events were a bridal shower, a baby shower, a Father-Daughter Dance, Easter and a First Communion party and what better way to decorate my tables than a glittery mason jar vase. Creating these vases was super easy, even the most non crafty person can do it in just a few simple steps.




How to Make a Glitter Mason Jar Vase

  • Pint Sized Glass Mason Jar
  • Krylon Glitter Blast in Silver Flash

Make sure your mason jar is clean and dry. Place the jar upside down on a large piece of cardboard and spray the entire jar with a thin coat. Let dry for 2 hours then turn over and apply a second coat. Be careful not to spray too close or too thick, this will cause dripping. If you want a slightly see through finish stop now, if you want a more solid glitter finish add one to two more coats. Let dry overnight.

Fill with water and add flowers. I find that mums, carnations and daisies look best in these vases cut short and close to the rim.


glitter mason jar vase


Wake Up Your Walls for Spring with HP – Creating a Wall Collage

The following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
hp photo wall


We have several large wall areas that are blank and I have been trying to figure out how best to fill them. I love displaying family photos but the girl’s  are constantly growing and changing so do I buy big frames and change them out or what?

HP has teamed up with Genevieve Gorder to help everyone wake up their walls for spring with HP Photo Wall Decor. After watching the magic Genevieve created at the winner of the Wake Up Your Walls Sweepstakes home I am so excited to get working on our wall. My husband and I have decided to pick photos of important occasions or milestones of our girls to put on the wall, timeless events that will not need updated or replaced. One major event we will be printing out is Baptism pictures of all 5 girls. I had a canvas made of my 4 girls in the same Baptism gown which is the one I also wore and I love it but now we have 5 girls and it needs to be updated, if each girl gets a separate canvas in a wall collage then we can just add to it if our family grows again!

Dance is another big deal at our house and I think a photo of the first dance recital would be sweet to have and fitting for this year as one of my girl’s is having her first dance recital this spring. My oldest daughter is also making her First Communion, so many things to choose from. Regardless I have enlisted the help of my husband and am really excited to see what we come up with. With printing available at Walmart, sometimes even same day and the affordable prices anyone and everyone can update their walls!

If you need some tips on how to get started or how to design a great wall then be sure to check out the tips and information Genevieve Gorder is sharing on the HP page.

If you were creating a Photo Wall what would yours be? I am so excited to create my “Milestone Wall” stay tuned for the finished product!

Easter Basket Ideas from Kroger for Your Significant Other

Th following is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
chocolate and coffee easter basket from Kroge


This year look no further than Kroger for your Easter Basket supplies, they have everythign you need from organic chocolate to non-traditional ideas like coffee. I was tasked with creating an Easter basket for my significant other (aka my husband) by shopping only at Kroger and I knew exactly what to get.

Upon heading into Kroger I went straight to the candy section and found some of my husbands favorite gourmet candies like Lancaster caramels and Lindt Lindor Truffles. Then of course I had to go to the extensive Easter section for some seasonal favorites like Cadbury Creme Eggs and of course a Dove milk chocolate bunny! To make my basket extra special I added in a Theo organic chocolate bar and then what goes great with chocolate? Why coffee of course so I added a box of Peet’s K-cups for my husband! This whole basket cost $25 with the great sales going on at Kroger and is going to make my husband very happy come Easter morning!


kroger easter basket


What would you put in an Easter basket for your significant other? I bet you can find it at Kroger then no special trip needed just grab your supplies on your weekly grocery run! Be sure to check out the Kroger Easter DIY Pinterest Board for more tips and tricks on Easter related projects


Transforming my Step2 Wagon Into Merida’s Horse

princess merida and her horse step2 wagon
I am Step2 Test Drive mom, all opinions are my own.


We absolutely love our Step2 Ohio State wagon and it gets tons of use, so when my daughter stated she needed a horse for with her Merida costume we knew just how to make that happen. With some cardboard, paint and pipe cleaners our OSU wagon was magically transformed into a black stallion for the Princess Merida to ride. We chose to only put the horse on one side since the OSU Wagon has a door on the other side. That way she still has access to the door while out trick or treating and won’t trip on her long dress as she climbs in and out.

How to turn your Step2 Wagon into a Horse!

Start with your Step2 Wagon

step2 OSU wagon

  1. Cut the outline of a horse out of cardboard, we made the head and body from one piece then each leg and the tail are all separate pieces which we then taped on with duct tape.
  2. Paint the horse black and let dry over night.
  3. Take 2 handfuls of black pipe cleaners and tape them to the back in 2 spots for the mane. Then curl the pipe cleaners around your finger to create a wild racing mane.
  4. Tape the horse silhouette to the side of your Step2 wagon, add Merida and trick or treat all night long!


princess meridas horse



Rainy Day Fun with BENDASTIX!

bendastix logo


With all 4 kids home for the summer we have been spending lots of time out of doors, but those rainy days keep coming so I have been looking for some new creative toys and crafts for my girls. BENDASTIX sent us the new Big Box Kit to try out for some summer crafting fun. The BENDASTIX Big Box Kit came full of BENDASTIX in all different shapes, sizes and patterns plus an instruction booklet to give us some ideas of what to make. What are BENDASTIX? They are a new creation that’s ½ arts & crafts and ½ construction toy, but 100% fun. BENDASTIX™  are soft and squishy craft pieces that can bend, mold and shape but never ever break allowing for all kinds of creative creations.




BENDASTIX are recommended for ages 6 and up and the Big Box Kit retails for $19.99. My kids are ages 7, 5, and 3 and all of them really enjoyed this toy. We started out by making the bracelets shown in the booklet. My 7 year old did it herself and the 5 year old only needed minimal help. Then we moved onto making the BENDASTIX glasses and the BENDASTIX people.


Bendastix jewelry


bendastix glasses


Bendastix monster


The great thing about this particular craft is it is not a disposable craft but one you can keep reusing. The only thing that limits you are the stickers, other than that you can just unbend, untwist and then start all over again. My girls started getting creative too even wrapping flip flops with BENDASTIX. This is a great toy that you can bring out over and over again to create new things all the time, be sure to check out BENDASTIX for more information and to learn about all the different kits they offer.


Bendastix sandals

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


Ballerina Birthday Party

Some of the products featured were provided for review.

birthday girl


For my daughter’s 7th birthday party she wanted a dance themed birthday party, as an avid dancer who lives for dance this came as no surprise. All of my girl’s dance at a fabulous studio here in Columbus K Studio and they offer birthday parties. We did this last year for my 2 oldest girls and it was fabulous so I was thrilled to once again have her birthday party at K Studio! The first hour of the party the girls are taught a dance lesson and this year my daughter wanted everyone to learn jazz since she is taking jazz this year and loves it.

ballet party collage


party 1




Even though the girls wear dancing jazz having ballerina tutus for everyone to dance in was a must! This awesome company called The Hair Bow Company provided adorable tutus for all of the girls they even made a special one for the birthday girl to wear! They also sent an adorable assortment of hair bows one for each girl to wear. Instead of a goody bag at the end each girl picked a ballet tutu and hair bow at the beginning to wear the whole time then take home with them, the girls loved it!


ballerina party supplies As I mentioned before we had ballet themed birthday parties last year and I searched high and low and could not find really cute ballet themed party products. Well Birthday Express has come out with the cutest ballerina themed stuff. My daughter literally squealed when she saw the collection of goodies Birthday Express sent us. They even sent us a custom banner made of vinyl, if I had been smarter I would have had them leave her age of off it so I could use it every year! Just take a look at how adorable this stuff is!


Ballerina cake



ballet party cake


Finally there was the cake which was a huge hit thanks to Baby Loving Mama. I originally saw this cake on her blog when she made it for her niece. It was actually quite simple to make I used marshmallow fondant which the kids love to eat and is easy to work with. I used one of the tutus from The Hair Bow company and placed it around the base of the cake and put it all on a glass cake stand. My daughter was thrilled with the result!

All the girls had a blast and I was so happy with how it all turned out! I have a feeling I have many more ballet birthday parties in my future as all of my girls love to dance!

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.


Easy St.Patrick’s Day Craft and Snack

Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats ecipe via @ThriftyChicMom

If you tend be be slightly craft challenged, like me, then even you can rock these two St.Patrick’s Day Ideas, I promise!

Shamrock Rice Krispie Treats

This is so easy simply add green food coloring to your Rice Krispie treats. Then refrigerate to make them nice and hard. Remove from the fridge and use a shamrock shaped cookie cutter to cut them. Voila Shamrock Shaped Rice Krispie treats. And in case you need the recipe

  • 5 cups Rice Krispie Cereal
  • 1 bag large marshmallows
  • 1 stick of butter

Melt the butter and marshmallows together in a microwave safe bowl, I go 1-2 minutes at at time stopping to stir in between until ready. If you are adding food coloring you add it before the Rice Krispie cereal. Then mix in the Rice Krispie Cereal. Scoop into a greased glass bottom baking dish, I like a 9×13. I use the butter stick wrapper to grease my dish. Let cool and harden, or put in the refrigerator or perfect cutting!

St Patrick's Day Rainbow Windsock Craft via @ThriftyChicMom

St.Patrick’s Day Rainbow Windsocks

My kids loved this craft and it could not be any easier! All you need are:

  • Tissue paper in the colors of the rainbow
  • Paper Plate
  • Green construction paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors

I used my Silhouette SD to cut out the Shamrocks but you can free hand or find a template online easily. Have you child glue the shamrock onto the paper plate. Cut the tissue paper into long streamer type strips. Hand the strips to your child one color at a time and use it as an opportunity to learn colors and talk about the colors in the rainbow. Have your child use a glue stick to hook the streamer on the back side of the plate. We could not find orange tissue paper and of course my girls had to have pink and purple, you can do the colors how you want. My kids loved running through the house listening to the streamers blow or hang them up for a fun St.Patrick’s Day decoration.


B sure to also check out my Easy St.Patrick’s Day Craft for preschoolers and my Irish Soda Bread Recipe!

St.Patrick’s Day Craft for Preschoolers! Practicing Colors with a Snack!


St.Patrick’s Day is coming up and as a proud Irish – woman (my mother is an O’Leary after all) I have been trying to come up with some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts and St. Patrick’s Day snacks for my kids. If you saw my Pinterest fail yesterday on Facebook you know it needs to be simple and easy to execute! I have seen the idea to do a rainbow with Fruit Loops before but I decided instead of making it just a craft we would make it a lesson in learning your colors and a snack all in one!

rainbow snack


St.Patrick’s Day Rainbow Snack!

A St.Patrick’s Dy Craft for preschoolers

You will need:

  • white paper plates
  • Fruit Loops cereal
  • mini marshmallows
  1. Poor a bunch of Fruit Loops out on a plate and give each child an empty paper plate.
  2. Call out a color and a number and have your child pick that many Fruit Loops of the color for example ” Find  15 red Fruit Loops”
  3. Once your child has all the colors have them arrange in a rainbow shape on the plate.
  4. Add marshmallow clouds
  5. Enjoy our treat!

st patricks day craft for preschool