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Circle of Friends Hair Products for Kids

product was provided for feature, all opinions are my own.


curly hair


I have 5 girls and that means hair care is something on my mind, a lot. Ironically none of my girls have the same type of hair so they all need different products and the one I struggle the most with is my curly haired daughter. I do not have curly hair and no one in my family does so trying to figure out her hair has been tough and I pretty much feel like I am failing her. The poor child has had frizzy hair for far too long as I handled it the same as her straight haired sisters.


circle of freinds shampoo


blueberry shampoo circle of friends


When I heard of Circle of Friends products from Loxa Beauty I had to give them a try and see if they worked for my girls. Circle of Friends products from Loxa Beauty are formulated with quality ingredients and are paraben-free and cruelty-free. We have been trying out several of the products and my kids are smitten, they especially love the smells. All the fruity smells make my kids super happy and I have to admit I take extra deep breaths when I am washing the kids hair. We have been using the Raspberry collection the shampoo, conditioner and detangler and really love it. The Rosa’s Raspberry Detangler has made for a lot less tears when I am brushing post bathtime, which is great. And the Janaina’s Mango Mousse Foam has gotten my daughter’s curly tresses under control which is fabulous!

mango mousse

My girls are all swimmers and I feel like I am spending a fortune on swimmer shampoo and conditioner, well no more. Now I not only have a swimmer shampoo but I have Kylie’s Pre-Swim Conditioner. Soak your kids hair in this before swimming and you have protected your kid’s locks saving them from the harsh chemicals in pools. These Pre-Swim Conditioner is a must have for all little swimmers.

swim shampoo


You can order your Circle of Friends® products from and when you purchase any Circle of Friends products from Loxa Beauty you will receive a free sample of Rosa’s Raspberry Shampoo simply use the code: COFSAMPLE.

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Turning Back the Clock on Aging Hair

This post was sponsored by Ulta as part of a Blog Blast Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

How to



As I grow older I worry about the traditional signs of aging and how I will combat them to the best of my ability. I am not overly panicked about aging, not overly excited either though. I have taken steps to deal with my skin using lotions and products to keep my skin hydrated as I best I can, but I never thought to make changes with my hair care until now.



living proof timeless foam



It should have occurred to me earlier to make proactive steps to keep my hair young, but it didn’t. These past few years I have noticed my hair getting drier and drier. Not that long ago I had to wash my hair daily as it was so greasy, now I add oil to my hair to try and keep it healthy and hydrated. And then of course there is the most common sign of aging, gray hairs. With gray hairs there is the obvious option of dying your hair, but then you create a whole host of other problems by maintaining the color and health of your hair.


living proof timeless products


So how do you combat aging hair and keep it healthy and youthful? Here are several hair anti-aging tips to try.

  1. Moisture – Add extra moisture to your hair using moroccan argan oil I like to use it on my wet hair before I dry it and then spritz this spray on argan oil after I style it.
  2. Treat it – Whether you color your hair or do a cellophane treatment with some color, either way you can make your hair shiny and free of grays.
  3. Wash Less – As you age it is less important to wash your hair every day but when you do wash you need to use a product that is made for aging hair and will protect your hair color like Living Proof Timeless Collection. This great collection of products, found only at Ulta offers a pre-shampoo treatment to help your color last longer and a shampoo that is Sulfate-free, silicone-free & color safe to help your aging hair stay young longer. I have been using this collection of shampoo and conditioner and can already tell a difference in my hair after washing.

How do you keep your hair young and youthful?

Have you started noticing signs of age in your hair like I have?

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Tips & Tricks for Avoiding Dry Winter Skin

coconut oil scrub



If you are like me the winter really dries you out. I feel like I am constantly putting on lotion. There are some steps you can take to help keep your skin hydrated and avoid super dry skin.

  • Run a humidifier. If you do not have a humidifier that is part of your heating and cooling system purchase one and run it in your bedroom at night. You want a cool mist humidifier, they are note expensive and come in handy when you are sick as well. We love Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers and have them in every bedroom.


  • Take warm showers instead of hot ones. This one is hard for me because when it is cold out I want a hot shower but that really dries out and damages your skin so switch to warm water instead.


  • Apply lotion immediately after showering while your skin is still damp. This will allow maximum penetration to fully hydrate your skin.


  • Exfoliate your whole body. Make sure you are ridding your skin of dead top layers so the lotion can get to the healthy skin.  I love the to use this homemade coconut oil sugar scrub on my legs, I add peppermint oil to mine as the smell is so refreshing and invigorating.


  • Switch to a body wash with moisture to get extra hydration when you shower. You can even add an extra layer by using Nivea in shower body lotion, I love this stuff! Simply apply in shower after you wash then rinse off and you are already starting to replace the lost moisture.


  • Switch your face wash to a milder soap. I used to have two types of soap one for winter and one for spring although now I just use Meaningful Beauty and add a stronger night cream for extra hydration in winter months.


  • At night apply lotion to your hands and feet and then sleep with cotton socks on both your feet and hands. You can buy special gloves but cotton socks work fine. These help to really lock in the moisture on your hands and feet. My favorite lotion that pack s a strong punch is Eucerin.


  • Stay hydrated, make sure you are drinking enough water to keep your self hydrated. I carry my Camelbak water bottle with me everywhere to make sure I drink enough and if you must know yes I am a water snob and only like to drink water from my ZeroWater filter.
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How to Create a Holiday Glam Look with Bronze Eyes

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FacetheHoliday #CollectiveBias
neutrogen makeup holiday closeup


It’s holiday time and that means we get to add a little extra sparkle and glam to everything and yes that includes our clothes and our makeup.


bronze eye look


As you put together your perfect look for Christmas parties or New Years Eve consider doing a bronze eye. Yes I said a bronze eye, kind a glamorous spin on a smoky eye but not so dark and heavy. It really is simple to create and you can find what you need at Walmart in the NEUTROGENA section.


neutrogena holiday glam




holiday glam makeup tutorial


neutrogena nourishing longwear eyeshadow

Step 1:

  • Using your eye shadow brush coat the whole eyelid with the light pink color of eye shadow.

Step 2:

  • Then coat the whole eyelid from the crease up in the light taupe color, paying special attention to under the eyebrows. By adding this light color right at the eyebrow line you will make your eyes appear bigger and more awake (we can all use that right?)

Step 3:

  • Using an angled eye shadow brush coat the lid in the plum color starting below the crease and going to the lash line. Do not go all the way towards your nose leave a gap by only going halfway past the mid-line.

Step 4:

  • Using the angled brush generously apply the bronze color only from the mid-line out to the outer edge.  Do not go all the way up to the brows. Depending on how dramatic you want keep going darker with the bronze.

Step 5:

  • Line your eyes with black eye liner.

Step 6:

  • Generously apply black mascara.

Step 7:

  • Apply lipstick to lips.


neutrogena moisture smooth color stick


Now pair your flawless makeup with a great holiday outfit and you will be the talk of the party!


holiday style head to toe


Shirt / Skirt / Necklace / Earrings / Ankle Boots


You can easily find all the makeup products you need at your local Walmart int he makeup section labeled NEUTROGENA.


neutrogena at walmart


So what do you think? Will you be wearing a bronze eye look this holiday season?

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Tweens, Listerine and Bad Breath #Listerine

listerine toothpaste

This is a sponsored post. I received LISTERINE® Brand products from Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. as part of my participation in this project. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Tweens and hygiene, it’s murky water and can be hard to navigate. Until they start to take personal responsibility for things like bathing and brushing teeth it falls on me to ensure my kids are taken care of. My oldest is 9 and we are well on our way to independence in lots of areas, she can shower by herself and while she almost always does a great job I still occasionally have to send her back in to finish rinsing out the conditioner. So now we have turned to her teeth and mouth.

Did you know that a recent national survey revealed the health of one’s mouth has a surprising and significant impact on how others perceive many aspects of one’s life – from opinions about success in relationships and career, to assumptions about overall health and hygiene.

Being a kid can be hard, kids are mean and will find any excuse to tease including bad breath. I want to help eliminate any extra issues or reasons kids can tease my daughter and that means tackling and eliminating bad breath now setting her up for life with god habits. The other night we had a nice long discussion about bad breath and how to avoid it. She is great about brushing her teeth but when I mentioned brushing her tongue and the roof of her mouth she seemed to be surprised by this information ( and this is not the first time we have discussed this). After a demonstration on proper brushing and a discussion on bad breath I am confident that my days of sniffing her breath are over (hurray)!

Most people would prefer having sweat stains or toilet paper stuck on their foot over bad breath when meeting someone new .

While romantic relationships are way off in the future, friendships can be ruined by bad breath too. It’s my job to help my girls succeed in life and that means taking care of their mouths too.

Brushing your teeth alone misses 75% of your mouth, leaving millions of germs behind. Left untreated, these germs can lead to oral care issues such as plaque and gingivitis.


listerine rinse frozen



So our next step was discussing mouthwash, she has been using mouthwash for awhile now but I am not sure that she is doing it effectively. After practicing  swishing and spitting she is now a pro and I am confident she can take over her oral health care for herself.



All of these lessons in taking care of your mouth and teeth apply to all ages. Are you rinsing every day with mouthwash? Even if you have great teeth you should be rinsing and flossing daily. I love using LISTERINE® Antiseptic to keep my mouth healthy and my teeth and gums strong well into old age.

The Motherhood will be hosting a Twitter party Twitter party  Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 12 p.m. ET on behalf of LISTERINE® Brand so please join in and use #LISTERINE which will trigger a $10 donation, up to $40,000, to support Oral Health America’s Fall for Smiles campaign (October 1 – December 1, 2015) to educate communities about the importance of proper oral care.

To learn more about the LISTERINE® Brand survey, click here

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