Tips & Tricks for Styling Short Hair

This review and giveaway was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management and Aflac. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.”

mialisia october necklace


I have short hair, really short hair and it was a drastic change for me. I always had long hair but honestly I was tired of having bad hair days and with 5 kids I don’t get much time to fix my hair so bad hair days are unavoidable. When I first cut my hair short I was completely lost, all of my products and hair knowledge was for long hair, I had to learn fast. So here are few things I have learned over the past 4 years of short hair.

1. Product matters… A LOT! When you have short hair the products you use are really important especially if you have a very structured hair style like I do. Even if your haircut is more flowy you still need the right products. If you saw my hair product free and not styled you would be shocked and horrified.  For me I like putties and pastes to give me a textured look. This is the only hair cut where I have bought my product at the salon and it has been worth it, drugstore stuff just hasn’t cut it.

2. Healthy Shine. When your hair is short you need to make sure it is healthy and I love using oils like argan or morrocan for that. A short haircut can go wrong super fast and then you can’t just stick it in a ponytail, so keep it moist and healthy.

3. Invest in a Good Stylist. When you have a very specific short hair style one wrong cut and it is ruined (remember no ponytail to hide it in until it grows out). Make sure you have a great stylist. I get compliments on my haircut all the time and it is all my stylist, she went on maternity leave and someone else cut my hair, it was not the same.

4. Play with It. Short hair cuts can be a lot of fun so just get your hands in there and play with it, brushes are not needed beyond your initial brushing. My hair is styled completely by hand and I love it.

5. Have a Backup Plan. If the worst happens like a bad haircut or bad hair day and you just can’t fix it have a back up plan. Mine includes a cute fedora and no one is any wiser!


bad hair day


I had to laugh out loud at this Aflac Duck Salon commercial because well, that is truly bad haircut and bad hair month or two! Aflac is the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site.  Aflac is
different from health insurance; it’s insurance for daily living. New One Day Pay℠ is Aflac’s way of making sure eligible claims get processed and approved the same day they’re submitted, so policyholders can get paid in just a day. Aflac is built to process and pay – not to deny and delay – to help your life stay on track.

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What I Wore Real Mom Style: Coral & Camo #realmomstyle

coral tank camo joggers outfit


This summer I am loving all these loose and flowy tank tops that you can find everywhere. Crepe is a really popular material or the mixed media ones are great too, regardless they are very forgiving and flattering so I love them. I grabbed this Fluid Tank from Ann Taylor Loft when they were having a great sale a few weeks back (it’s still on sale but his color is gone). Today is the first chance I got to wear it, I first put it on with jeans but then I switched to my camo joggers and I love how to two go together, camo and coral make a great color combination! I added my favorite accessory right now these Bali Vacation Wood Bangles from Conversation Pieces, they are light weight and go with everything (and only $12 for the set of 3)!!


bali vacation wood bangles


camo jogger pants


This post is about real moms who have real style. While we all fall into the jeans and t-shirt rut we are encouraging our fellow moms to take the time to dress their best and rock it like the rock star moms they are! Did you look especially good this week, were the other moms at the playground complimenting your outfit? Share the look that worked for both potty training, the playground and coffee with a friend and let’s inspire each other with some real mom fashion! Real Mom Style is a collaboration between Momma in FlipFlops and me That Chic Mom the link up is here this week so join in and share your Real Mom Style.

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5 Steps to Getting Your Pre-Tween Ready for the Day: Navigating Pre-Tweens and Hygiene

johnson tween products


My oldest is getting older and like most kids her first priority is not personal hygiene. In an effort to ease her into being self-sufficient in the hygiene area I have slowly been having her take over each task. First of course it was brushing her teeth, I still oversee now and again but for the most part she is in charge of her daily brushing. Next we added being in charge of her own hair, everything from brushing to washing it herself. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray makes it so there are truly no more tears or battles between the two of us. She is beginning to take ownership of styling her hair and is finding great pride in that.

In an effort to make taking all these new tasks on herself less stressful I am turning to brands and products we both know and trust.  From the time my daughter was a baby we used JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® wash so it seemed like the perfect product to introduce for her daily face washing. The product is ideal since it doesn’t cause tears if she accidentally gets it in her eyes and it is not overly drying, perfect for her young skin. We spent a morning in front of the mirror discussing how to properly wash her face. Having children has reminded me of how many things we do each day without thinking yet we had to be taught them at some point. Here is our 5 step process to getting ready for the day that my daughter follows (keep in mind she showers at night so this may reverse for you if your kids shower in the morning).

5 Steps to Getting Your Pre-Tween Ready for the Day


  • Brush teeth: We implement the sing “Happy Birthday” in your head rule to ensure she brushes long enough. To ensure no cavities and extra clean teeth we also floss and rinse with mouth wash.


johnsons wash


  • Wash Face: Squirt a dime size amount of JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® wash on a wash cloth then scrub in gentle circles. Rinse the wash cloth thoroughly and squeeze the water out, then wipe the soap of your face moving from left to right and top to bottom to ensure you get all the soap off.


johnson no more tangles


  • Brush Hair: Brush hair starting in one section and slowly moving through the whole head, if tangles are encountered use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray  to rid of unwanted knots.


  • Fix hair: Either place in a headband or fix hair using  a rubber band, whatever is best for the day.


johnson baby powder



  • Deodorant: Most kids in the pre-tween space don’t quite need deodorant yet but to help transition them into the idea of being aware of body odor, I like the idea of using JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with calming lavender in lieu of deodorant. Dab a bit in the armpits (and even stinky shoes) to keep them dry and smelling fresh in this summer heat.


  • Bonus Travel Tip: Grab a pack of JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes for easy on the go face washing.


These simple steps have given my daughter the confidence she needs in being independent and taking over her personal hygiene routine and having brands I know and trust have made the transition easy for both of us!

GIVEAWAY: I want to help you have less stress and drama with your tween in the morning so we are giving away a prize pack of Johnson’s products, all those mentioned in this post, enter in the form below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Day I Doubted My Ability As a Mother

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
Mia baby



I always wanted to be a mother, it was just who I was and who I knew I was meant to be. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was overjoyed and confident I could do this. After all I had been babysitting from the time I could hold a baby. I was the one who always asked to hold and care for the little ones at family gatherings and parties. I loved babies and I still do, everything about them is so sweet and pure and wonderful!

After my daughter was born life was going well, I felt relatively confident I could keep her happy with all of my experience and knowledge and we were both great. Then when she was about a week old it happened, she started crying and just wouldn’t stop. I still remember reaching the end of my rope and taking all of her clothes off thinking there must be a tag or something bothering her because nothing is working. Well it was not the case and I will never forget calling my husband in tears saying “how on earth can we have more kids like we want when I can’t handle this one?!?! I can’t even make this one baby happy, what is wrong with me?”

Later we figured out she has a very sensitive stomach and was suffering from gas and discomfort. As I had more children who also suffered from this to varying degrees I always wished there was something to help my kids with their discomfort. I hated having my little ones wriggle about in pain while I stood by helpless. On top of all that I really hated being woken constantly at night when they could not sleep due to discomfort.


little remedies



Recently I was introduced to Little Remedies Gripe Water and Little Remedies Gas Drops and I wish I had known about them before. I am sure that Little Remedies Gas Drops would have been my best friend, good news though I still have one child who will be benefiting from them I am sure.




Do you have little one’s who suffer from tummy discomfort? Have you tried Little Remedies on them?

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5 Sun Safety Tips For Kids with Eczema

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Neutrogena. I received samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
5 sun safety tips for kids with eczema


Sun safety is really important to me, too many people I know have dealt with skin cancer and I have no intention of leading my children down that road. All of my kids suffer from some level of eczema and it can make summer a bit tricky. The summer heat causes sweating and heat irritation and then there is sunscreen to think about. All of these things are not friends of eczema and can cause frequent flare ups and generally make summer uncomfortable for eczema sufferers. Over the years we have tried many different products and tips to help ease eczema. Here are the eczema tips that work for us.

5 Sun Safety Tips for Those with Eczema

  1. Cover Up: In order to avoid excessive sun exposure and skin irritation cover up. My kids they wear rashguards when out in the sun, that means one less place I have to put sunscreen, it also means they are less likely to get burned and suffer more skin irritation. We also wear hats to protect the face when we are outside for long periods of time.
  2. Choose the Right Product: Sunscreen is a must when you are outside whether for 15 minutes or for 5 hours you must not only wear sunscreen but reapply it frequently. Those that suffer from eczema should look for a product that has received the National Eczema Association (NEA)Seal of Acceptance. We love NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby Faces Ultra Gentle Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45+, NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60+, NEUTORGENA® Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 60+ and NEUTROGENA® Pure & Free™ Liquid Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. All of these products have received the National Eczema Association (NEA)Seal of Acceptance.
  3. Wash It Off: After spending a day in the sun, and coating yourself in sunscreen repeatedly, be sure to wash off as soon as you get home and then apply whatever lotion works best for your particular form of eczema.
  4. Find the Shade: Sometimes you can’t avoid the sun but if you can try really hard to find the shade.
  5. Cool Off: Sweat can irritate the skin of eczema sufferers so do your best to keep cool. Try fans or misters or good old fashion sprinklers and pools. Do what you can to keep the sweat from pooling on your skin.



neutrogena sensitive skin


These tips help my kids to enjoy summer and really love the outdoors despite having eczema and I hope they help your little eczema sufferer too! And as for Neutrogena Purescreen I really do love this brand that uses naturally sourced ingredients and helps keep my kids safe from the sun without major eczema flare ups!


neutrogena sunscreen purescreen

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Lashes For Miles From Younique

younique lashes bottles

Ever since my health made me give up contacts I felt like my eyes disappeared behind my glasses. Call it vanity, but I always loved my eyes, kind of felt like they were my feature, you know the one you like best about yourself. Well getting used to glasses was tough but one thing that helped was finding a way to make my eyes pop even behind the glasses and that secret is Younique.

Before you roll your eyes let me just say don’t knock it before you try it. I have been searching in vain for a drugstore mascara that really made my eyes popped and nothing. Sure I found some that are better than others but on the whole nothing can hold a candle to Younique.



So how does Younique work?

Well first you apply your regular mascara, any drugstore stuff will do you just need a base coat of black. Then apply a coat of the Younique transplanting gel to your lashes. Next apply the Younique natural fibers. These tiny fibers are made of tea leaves and they don’t irritate even my super sensitive eyes. Finally apply another coat of the Yuonique Transplanting Gel to lock on the fibers and give yourself stunning lashes!


To order Younique for yourself, and yes I highly recommend it, visit Younique by Ky and order yours!



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Timeless Beauty Advice I Learned From My Mom

Beauty trends come and go, but there is some beauty advice that is timeless, ageless and needed by every woman. These tips are the ones your mother told you, her mother told her and you will share with your daughter.




Trends follow the pendulum as they go from one extreme to another until they reverse and head back the other way, and beauty is no different from fashion in that way. When I was in high school my mom passed down her great beauty wisdom to me and I still use these tips on myself and my girls.

Before my first high school dance, my mom took me to the mall and got me a makeover at the department store makeup counter. I remember her telling them we wanted a natural, everyday look and then some special lipstick. I felt amazing having someone do my makeup and did I ever feel fancy and beautiful when I left. The woman doing my makeup explained it as she applied, and we left with my first complete look in a bag for me to start using myself. I am so grateful that my mom took the time to make sure I learned how to use and not abuse makeup.

I learned how to pick my foundation and concealer to make sure I never look like I am wearing a mask. The proper color should blend in seamlessly and you always blend back into your hair and down your neck.

I learned that we all have colors that are better for us so knowing if you are a warm tone or cool tone person will change your life.

I learned that less is more. I never fell into the teenage trap of caking on my makeup as I knew that used the right way makeup enhances your natural beauty it is not meant to cover or change who you are.

I learned that moist skin always looks better and that includes under your eyes. I am religious about my morning and night application under my eyes.

I learned that your hair needs a rinse-out to get all that build of product once a month so rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to get deep down clean. Bonus: the vinegar will bring out any red highlights and the lemon juice any blond highlights.

As I mentioned, my mom taught me to respect beauty products for what they can do… highlight and enhance the natural beauty you have. They are not a disguise or a mask but a magnifier for the beautiful person you are. But the even bigger lesson my mom taught me is that beauty comes from within, the most beautiful woman in the world will appear ugly if she is an unkind and mean person.

It’s no surprise that I learned so much from my mom as beauty habits and advice are often passed down from mother to daughter.  In fact, a recent Dove survey found that most women actually trust the women in their lives more than celebrities for beauty tips and advice. I couldn’t agree more.

Please see below for the new Dove Beauty Stories film that shows one family’s beauty story and the beautiful lessons they have passed down.

So tell me … what’s your #BeautyStory?
Disclosure: I participated in and was compensated in a Dove campaign with The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

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How to Achieve the Perfect At Home Spa Pedicure

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone #AmopeLovesMoms #CollectiveBias

perfect spa pedicure


I feel like I never sit down, probably because I never do. I am a mom on the go, I am always doing and going never just sitting and being and for Mother’s Day I want to just be still. I want to not only be still I want to relax too.

For me the ideal way to relax is with some pampering, a nice spa day would hit the spot, but with the price of spa services it doesn’t happen often enough. So that leaves me with the dilemma how do I relax and get pampered without spending a bunch of money? DIY at home spa treatments of course!

My feet take a beating each and every day and you can tell just by looking at them. What I need is a good at home spa pedicure, fortunately I have perfected the at home spa pedicure with a few simple beauty tips and tricks like my DIY Lavender Massaging Foot Soak. Not only can you do this for yourself but it would make a great Mother’s Day Gift for another mom and here is how you achieve the perfect at home spa pedicure.


pedicure kit


How to Achieve the Perfect At Home Spa Pedicure – DIY Lavender Massaging Foot Soak


lavender foot soak



  1. Start with clean feet and an Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File. This brilliant foot care gadget will help you get soft beautiful feet effortlessly and buffs away hard skin from your feet, pay particular attention to your heels and the balls of your feet.
  2. Next fill a tub with hot water. Then add enough marbles to have one layer completely covering the bottom of the tub.
  3. Mix in 2 cups of Epsom Salt and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
  4. Place your feet in the tub and gently roll them back and forth over the marbles giving yourself an instant massage. I recommend small movements for the ideal foot massage.
  5. Let your feet soak for at least 10 minutes and just relax and enjoy the pampering and breathe in the relaxing scent of lavender.
  6. Remove your feet and pat them dry, once dry apply Amopé™ Foot Cream.
  7. Once the lotion has dried apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and clean off your toe nails. Allow to dry and you are ready to paint.
  8. Choose your favorite nail polish and paint your toes!




Now that you know how to pamper yourself, pay it forward and give a mom in your life an at Home Spa Pedicure Kit. My mom is super active and on the go constantly, age has got nothing on her. My mom is a also a great grandma helping me out with my 5 kids and traveling out of town to help with my niece and nephew. All this go go go can really leave her sore and aching so I know she would appreciate a great at home pedicure. Sometimes you are just too tired to go out, plus this at home pedicure is massaging, so even though my dad travels a lot she can still get a foot rub to ease her aching feet!


diy pedicure kit


This kit is super easy to put together, simply pick up a cute bin or tub ideal for foot soaking, Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File, Amopé™ Foot Cream, marbles, lavender essential oil, Epsom salt, and nail polish. Arrange them all in the tub in a pretty way and drop it off to her just in time for a Mother’s Day at home spa pedicure!

You can pick up your Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File at Target and they even have a limited edition pink version, so cute! Target sells the Amopé™  for $39.99 and they have a great Cartwheel offer of buy 1 gadget get a FREE $5 Target gift card 5/3-5/9 so you can buy your Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File and use the gift card for the Amopé™ Foot Cream! Amopé™ Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File and Foot Cream can be found in the foot care aisle at Target and in special side caps.

2015-04-16 08.43.54

Have you ever done an at home spa pedicure? Well now is the time!

Be sure to like Amopé™ on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Amopé™.

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Tips To Help Wake Up Those Tired Eyes

younique mascara


No one wants to look as exhausted as they feel, we all long to wake up rested refreshed and looking like a million bucks. In reality I wake up looking like I got punched in both eyes during the night. In honor of the fact that I never get enough sleep (thanks kids) I thought I would share some tips on brightening up/masking tired eyes.

These tips will help you look more awake but as for feeling more awake, caffeine! Exercise and peppermint oil help too.


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Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion – It Will Change Your Life #giveaway

nivea image


You guys I have been sitting on this for awhile now since I got advanced product to test but I can finally share

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion is a GAME CHANGER


Busy moms everywhere rejoice, seriously give a little woohoo! Nivea has created a lotion you slather on in the shower, rinse off and voila you are set with moisture for the day. No more applying lotion post shower then waiting while it dries since trying to get dressed before the lotion has absorbed is a joke.

When I first heard about this I thought it would be just an extra layer of lotion but would not replace my daily lotion especially during these dry Ohio winter months. WRONG! I haven’t used lotion on anything but my hands since starting to use Nivea in-shower lotion daily.

Last week I went to New York City for a few days and didn’t take any with me due to liquid restrictions with flying. I forgot how annoying it is to wait while your lotion dries!

I am excited to be featured on the Nivea Facebook page today but even more excited that I get to share his amazing new product with you via a giveaway.


nivea in shower lotion

WIN IT: One lucky That Chic Mom reader will win 3 full sized bottles of Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion, enter in the form below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Nivea for providing samples, all opinions are my own.

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Mom Confessions: I’m Taking the Listerine 21 Day Challenge with my family, Join Me!

“I received LISTERINE® Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.” LISTERINE® Brand products and a Walgreens gift card from Johnson & Johnson


Your pulse is racing, anxiety through the roof and you would do anything to be anywhere but where you are….. that’s me at the dentist.




I have an over the top issue with dentists, I hate going and really, really, really try to avoid the dentist at all costs. While I realize that my phobia is a bit irrational, the rational side of me does understand that the better my oral healthcare routine at home is the less often I will have to go (as in no cavities ect).  I am generally pretty good about rinsing and flossing daily, but I admit when I am in a rush those are the first things to go, I tend to view them as extras not important basics.

As a mom I pretty much was the worst ever about oral health until a few years ago, nothing like a bunch of cavities and doing the mom walk of shame out of the dentists to bring you around.  Did you know your kids should be rinsing and flossing? Yes even from a very young age? I was totally negligent in this area with my oldest two and while my oldest escaped just fine we have found out my other daughter has extremely weak teeth and we need to be extra diligent with her. I worried about my kids swallowing the rinse so we didn’t even own any for kids, but the dentist told me it was a necessary part of my kids oral health routine. Thank goodness for great products like Frozen themed Listerine mouth wash for kids, I don’t have to even ask my kids love using it. Now we just need to work on swishing for 60 seconds ( I had no idea that was the amount of time for kids until I started the 21 Day Listerine Challenge).


listerine frozen


When I found out about the Listerine 21 Day Challenge I was excited to try it out not just for me but for my whole family. The perfect way to make us accountable for every day twice daily rinsing and flossing.

Dental procedures are EXPENSIVE people even with insurance and I have 5 kids. I know one is going to have braces for sure so I am determined to keep cavities at bay. Now if anyone has tips for a 3 year old who HATES to brush her teeth I am all ears, the nightly battle is exhausting!

Won’t you join me on the Listerine 21 Day Challenge? Not only is it the perfect way to start a new and healthier oral care routine but there are daily opportunities to instantly win exciting prizes, including a Fitbit®, a $100 Container Store® Gift Card or an Amazon Fire TV! For every seven consecutive days you swish, you’ll be entered into one of the sweepstakes drawings for a grand prize. Plus when you sign up yo pick a coach, either fitness, organization or nutrition, and they will provide you daily tips throughout the challenge.

My house is well stocked with Listerine products for now but that will go fast, thank goodness I have a Walgreens right around the corner, 5 little girls using one bottle of Listerine Frozen will go fast.

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Quick & Easy Essential Oil Lotion

essential oil lotion


Essential Oils are quickly becoming a staple in my house, they have so many great uses and they smell amazing. Recently I realized that I could combine my favorite lotion with my favorite oils to not only soothe my irritated skin but also get the added benefits of essential oils. Nivea is amazing for dry skin and you only need the tiniest amount and it goes a long way, much like essential oils.

I picked up this tiny tin of Nivea Creme for just $1 and was able to make 3 different essential oil lotions out of it because you don’t need a lot and it goes really far.


quick and easy essential oil lotion

Quick & Easy Essential Oil Lotion


Take 1 drop of your favorite essential oil and ad it to a teaspoon size amount of Nivea Creme, really work it together in your hands and then apply.

For a calming lotion I added 1 drop of lavender oil.

For energy, to soothe my headaches or when my little one has a fever 1 drop of peppermint oil is great.

For muscle relief after an intense workout I add 1 drop of pan-away oil


There are many other oils you could mix to give you the perfect scent including Joy Essential Oil or Peace & Calm Essential Oil all of these will give your skin relief as well as your senses with these great smelling oils.

I love that my favorite lotion now comes in my favorite essential oil scents and it just cost $1 for a small tin that goes a long way. Keep the tin and your favorite oil in your purse for instant essential oil lotion on the go.

If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils and Young Living please email me thriftyandchic at gmail dot com I would love to help you as a distributor.

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Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler – Perfect Christmas Gift

Product was provided for feature, all opinions are my own.

kiss automatic curler

Everyone loves great curls, what if I can tell you that you can have instant curls, even those who are curling iron challenged. The new Kiss Instawave Automatic Curler does just that it instantly curls your hair. This innovative curling iron turns and grabs hair pulling it into a perfect curl around the barrel at the touch of a button. And don’t worry it doesn’t pull or pinch, even my kids with sensitive hair happily let me curl their hair with it.


kiss curler kids


kiss curls


The Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler is really  a super cool and very innovative new tool for hair, it let’s anyone and everyone have glamorous curls easily. The curler uses Diamond-Ceramic Ionic Technology that reaches professional temps of 420 degrees so it works on all hair types. This curler automatically shuts off after 90 minutes and heats up in just 30 seconds.

This would make a great gift for anyone who loves to do hair or just wants great curls!


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Thankful for My Beautiful Flaws #BeautyAsIAM

bridesmaid photo


When ModlyChic mentioned hosting a series of posts having women write about how they are beautiful just as they are I was really excited, I wish more women could truly see just how beautiful they are. I gladly accepted the challenge but then when it came time to write all I could think of was all the things I loved about  my beauty pre-children and pre-Graves Disease. But that is exactly the point right? Finding the beauty where I am right now. So here goes….

As a teen I felt awkward and often uncomfortable in my own skin. In college I discovered a love of fashion and self. Then I had kids and my body changed a lot., but I was ok with that as it mostly went back to the same as before. Then I developed Grave’s Disease and my body changed even more. My skin changed, may hair changed and my moods changed. I no longer felt like me or that I knew my body at all. Products that once worked so well no longer did and things I knew about myself no longer held true. It was a long process of acceptance, surgery and medicines but I have gotten to know this new body and this new me, not that I don’t miss the old, but mourning the past is wasting the now so I choose to move on. Having an amazing man by my side has helped tremendously as has my faith.


younique mascara


I am thankful for my eyes and my long lashes. My eyes have always been my favorite feature and the thing I accented on my face. Then I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and started having all kinds of eye health issues. I could no longer wear contacts and  my eyes often appeared very irritated making me want to no longer draw attention to them. I have since made peace with my eyes and am back to loving them again, flaws and all. Some days it easier than others but finding peace with my appearance is what matters most.

I am thankful for my height. I am tall for a girl, I have been this tall since 6th grade where I towered over all the girls and most of the boys. I made peace with this years ago and it is still one of my favorite things, I love being tall and I even love wearing high heels. I just married a tall man who has no issue with my height even it I can be a smidge taller than him in really high heels.


lilly jade diaper bag


I am thankful for my body in all it’s flaws. I have given birth to 5 little miracles and it has taken a toll on my body. Number 5 was not my friend and I started to gain the lasting physical marks of pregnancy. At first I really stressed about this especially the varicose veins, but I have come to accept them (embrace is a bit much). They are a reminder of the sacrifices I made to enrich my life so deeply with my amazing kids. I will never love them but I also don’t need to be ashamed of them. Just as I never give veins on legs a second glance on other women I trust they feel the same way about me. So I’ll keep wearing skirts veins and all and not give it a second thought.

Embracing your beauty exactly where you are can be a real challenge but I challenge you to do it anyway. Write your own post or just share in the comments what is beautiful about you? What beauty are you thankful for? I would love to hear so get sharing!

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Younique Mascara for Sky High Lashes

younique lashes


I am sure you have heard of Younique Mascara by now, it’s the hot new beauty product that everyone is raving about so of course I had to try it. Younique Moodstruck 3D fiber Lashes are sold through independent sales reps like Kristen Youmans, who sent me a set to test out. I opened my package of Younique 3D Fiber mascara with no idea what to expect. I honestly thought it would be a tube of mascara that somehow magically lengthened even more than any other mascara before. I have seen the pictures everyone is posting and the results look amazing so I was excited to try.


younique lashes bottles


First of all I was shocked when I opened the package to find 2 tubes one of Transplanting Gel and one of Natural Fibers. I admit I was totally intimidated at first but once I read the directions and tried it they were super simple, the same as putting an extra coat of mascara on. You start by applying a layer of your own mascara and let it dry while you fix your hair. Then apply a coat of transplanting gel and before it dries apply some of the fibers. The key to applying the fibers is don’t go overboard and you will get a great natural look. Then add another layer of the transplanting gel to seal the fibers on. If you want to go even bigger you can repeat the process and get some very dramatic results.

BEFORE: This is mascara only

mascara only


AFTER: This is the same day after applying one thin layer of Younique 3D Fiber Mascara


younique mascara after


I have really sensitive eyes and have been impressed that I did not have to change my eye makeup removal routine at all, I still use Almay oil free makeup remover pads. Not only that but my mascara seems to come off easier and there is no mess of itty bitty fibers like I worried about.


younique mascara


I do not ever wear fake eyelashes but for those that do you can achieve the same look with out the discomfort and annoyance of false lashes. I often wear glasses and I find that I feel like you can truly see my eyes better now that my eyelashes pop even behind the glasses and that is huge for me. I have honestly become a bit addicted to Younique mascara, the other day I did not put it on and I looked in the mirror halfway through the day and thought my eyes look so small today. So if you are looking for a way to boost your eyelashes then check out Younique, the fibers are all natural made of green tea leaves and look really great. The only word of caution I have is you need to be careful of clumps if you have issues with regular mascara clumping be sure to have an eyelash brush on hand so you don’t create unnatural clumps with the fibers.

To order Younique simply go here and let me know your experience once yours arrives.

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