Puppies Love Tunnels Too


My girls got this awesome tunnel a few weeks ago and it has been in constant use. We have owned many play tunnels over the years (like 4 or 5) and we play with them until they are tatters. I think I finally found one that can withstand all the love my kids throw at it!


This the Under the Sea 4FT Tunnel by Pacific Play Tents is fabulous. Not only is it super cute and really well made but it easily folds down into a thin circle for storage.  My girls love this thing and the fact that the sides are mesh makes it perfect for moms peace of mind (I can always see them).  This tent is super lightweight so my girls have dragged it from room to room and enjoyed everything from playing house to obstacle course with it. And they love to watch the puppy run through it!



Last week this adorable little guy joined our family, his name is Nigel and he is a 10 week old Whoodle. Could he be any cuter? In case you are wondering a Whoodle is part Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (which we have one of those already) and part Standard Poodle. My middle daughter has pet allergies so this breed is perfect as it is 100% hypoallergenic. My girls are thoroughly smitten as am I.


And even he loves the Play Tent Under the Sea Tunnel!


The perfect entertainment for the whole family and a great price, I found it on Amazon for $33.97 would be a great Easter surprise!


Product provided for feature, all opinions are my own.




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