Have You Tried LipSense the Lipstick That Stays?


A few weeks ago I was discussing lipstick and my ongoing issues with it. On one hand I love how lipstick looks, a bold lip can really make an outfit pop. On the other hand I hate how messy it can be. Lipstick comes off on everything from my glass to my cheek. That was when Tiffany reached out and asked me if I wanted to try out LipSense. I had heard about LipSense and was very intrigued by the idea of a lipstick that stays all day long. Not only does it stay but it doesn’t come off on anything.

Take a look at my video review of LipSense and the application process.

So how does this work? You pick a color and then you get a gloss and you also need remover.

Start with clean dry lips, try to avoid chapped lips as that can tingle a bit. Mine were slightly chapped and the tingle did occur but it was minimal and not that big of a deal.

Begin applying the color in top corner and move across your top lip and onto your bottom lips.

Wait about 5 seconds and repeat. Repeat up to a third time ( no more than 3 layers).

Once your lips have dried apply the gloss. You can keep reapplying the gloss all day long and your color stays vibrant and in place.



The 3 piece set of LipSense Shade, Glossy Gloss, Ooops! Remover is $55 and everything you need for long lasting color. LipSense is waterproof, smearproof and rub proof. I will no longer be leaving rings on cups, color on my kids cheeks or on my teeth. This was made for moms, because really who has time to reapply lipstick? Not me!

Be sure to reach out to Tiffany as she has way more colors than you can see online and she will get you all the color options and there are so many good ones. I am wearing Napa and i love it for a great bold berry color, it is exactly what I was looking for.





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  1. WOW that is pretty amazing. I have heard of lasting lipsticks but they never ACTUALLY last..this kit sounds amazing. and love how you broke it down for us! Color is so pretty on you too!

  2. LOVE! My husband hates me kissing him with it on. That’s a great color on you too! What happens if you put more than three layers? Love that it isn’t sticky!

  3. I like lipstick but rarely wear it because I don’t like it smudging. I’ve heard a few things about Lipsense but didn’t really know how it worked. Thanks for explaining. May have to check it out.

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