Cell Phone Alternative for Kids, the Gizmo Gadget Watch from Verizon


When it comes to my kids and tech I am very conservative so it should come as no surprise that I do not want my kids to have their own cell phones. My kids all have Kindles or access to them and they are very tech savvy, but I severely limit how much time they spend and what they see and do.  We have a big family and we have a very involved and active family so that means I can not be with all my kids all the time. My oldest who is in 5th grade often gets rides with other people or stays after school for practices. Because she is now spending more and more time away from us relying on other adults we felt the need to have a way for her to get a hold of us in an emergency. I always double check with other adults to make sure she won’t get left somewhere by accident but things happen and I don’t ever want her to feel stuck with no way to communicate.

The problem I have with giving a kid a cell phone at too young an age is the temptation to do all the other things smart phones do besides make calls. We do not allow texting, my daughter can email or Facetime but not text. I have seen way too many miscommunications via text that could and should have been avoided so we are leaving that for an older age. So we began searching for an alternative and came across the LG Gizmo Gadget and the LG Pal both from Verizon.



The two watch phones look very similar but are quite different. They work off of the same parent app that you download for free but hte Gizmo Gadget has a lot more functions and options.

The Gizmo Gadget $149.99 can:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Send and receive text messages (to those designated caregivers with the app)
  • Store up to 10 contacts
  • Use GPS locating and set boundaries with alerts for your child.
  • Fitness goals as well as a few games

The Gizmo Pal2 $79.99 can:

  • make and receive calls
  • Store up to 5 contacts
  • Use GPS locating and set boundaries with alerts for your child.

When you activate your Gizmo it will get a dedicated phone number and is just $5 per month.

While both are great options we used the texting a lot and ended up buying our own Gizmo Gadget to use with all the girls, we just end it with whoever has an activity without us. We could not be happier with this product and it gives both the parents and kids peace of mind! Sometimes my girls just want to say good night and I love you from a sleepover but don’t want to borrow the parents phone to do it and that is ok because now they can!

We love our Gizmo Gadget for so many reasons, check out my video to hear all of them!

Thank you to Verizon for providing me loaners to try out, all opinions are my own and yes we bought the Gizmo Gadget!


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