5 Things To Do NOW in Preparation for Summer


I know, I know it is only February but summer will be here before you know it and if you don’t plan now you will be caught off guard. You will be that frazzled mom who feels behind all summer and that is the worst feeling. Summer is for fun and sun! Start planning now and you can have a great summer and save money!

  • Join A Pool – The prices for pool memberships typically go up the closer you get to summer. Decide now if  a pool membership is right for you and look for deals. We don’t have a public pool near us so we belong to a private one, we get a price break if we pay before the end of February. Are water parks more your thing? Look into memberships and see if they are running early bird specials. Our zoo runs a special for members who also join the water park.
  • Swim Lessons – Now is the time to start swim lessons, don’t wait until summer when you are already at the pool and feeling overwhelmed. We love Goldfish Swim School not only because my kids have really blossomed in this great environment but the flexible times and levels mean your child can move up at their own pace. I have had 2 kids start at beginner level and one who already swims and is learning more in depth stroke technique. I spend my days poolside all summer and I need my kids to be good swimmers, that is why we do summer swim team. Thanks to Goldfish Swim School my 5 year old will be able to join our COSA swim team this summer, I am so excited for her!

  • Plan a Amusement Park Trip – If you plan on hitting your local amusement parks start looking now for deals. Did you know that Cedar Point is significantly cheaper before Memorial Day? You can stay at Breakers Hotel for less too. Last spring we went for 3 days and the cost was half what it would have been had we gone a week later.
  • Summer Wardrobe – Now is the time to start assessing your summer wardrobe needs. Why? Stores typically offer a cruise line this time of year and then it will go on deep discounts. That means if you know what you and the kids need you can grab it at great prices before summer hits.
  • Summer Camps – I know you are signing up for spring sports right now but it is also time to start looking at summer camps. Most places have already released dates and prices and signs ups are beginning. If you don’t want to get locked out sign up now.

What other ways are you preparing for summer now?

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