How is the College Fund Looking?

The following post was sponsored by Upromise, all opinions are my own.

college fund

My oldest child will be applying to colleges in 7 years, only 7 years!!!! I can feel my blood pressure rising. With 5 kids and me staying home we are on a very strict budget that does not include a big nest egg for college. If nothing changes my kids will be graduating with hefty loans and I really don’t want that for them. I was fortunate and had academic scholarships to ease my debt burden but those are never a guarantee. As my kids keep growing I am always on the lookout for ways to save that don’t impact my budget and I just found one to try. The best part about this new option is it will help with my college issues and not hurt my budget.

Introducing the Upromise MasterCard®. Now before you panic and think “no not another credit card” hear me out. Most people choose a credit card based on the extra benefits it comes with. To choose a credit card that has no additional benefits makes no sense. Instead of earning miles or points how about money for college. Yes I said earn money for college using a credit card to make your every day purchases. The Upromise MasterCard® offers up to 10% cashback towards college, college books or any other college related expenses. The up to 10% cash back can be earned at over 850 online partners and over 10,000 restaurants plus many travel sites. So how does it work? When you make an eligible purchase your get up to 5% back from and 5% from using the Upromise MasterCard®. There are many more retailers where you can still earn either 2% (movie theatres!) and then 1% cash back on everything else, so you are always earning something.

Right now there is a deal for new Upromise MasterCard® card members. You will get a one time $50 cashback bonus with the first use of your card within the first 90 days. There is no time like the present to start saving for college and this method means your monthly budget doesn’t take a hit.

For more information on the college saving benefits of the Upromise MasterCard® visit HERE.

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