What I Wore Real Mom Style: What I Wore to Meet a Supermodel #RealMomStyle

supermodel emme and me


Over the weekend I got the chance to meet and interview Supermodel Emme and it was amazing, she is amazing. I still remember when she came on the scene as a “plus sized” model and I remember thinking how dumb it was they called her plus sized. Emme is just as beautiful a person on the inside as she is on the outside, her passion for women and loving who we are, where we are, is contagious. I love that she is empowering women to take fashion back for themselves and make it about what makes them feel good and she is really making a difference. Her dream is to one day have in stores a women’s department no separation by size and I think that is FANTASTIC! I have so much more to share and will in my recap of the fashion show later, but for now let’s talk what I wore!


fashion show fashion


So what does one wear to meet and interview Supermodel Emme? Well here is what I went with:


I loved this outfit and got stopped by several people who complimented it, it is chic and fun yet super comfy! So that what I wore to meet a supermodel yay!


This post is about real moms who have real style. While we all fall into the jeans and t-shirt rut we are encouraging our fellow moms to take the time to dress their best and rock it like the rock star moms they are! Did you look especially good this week, were the other moms at the playground complimenting your outfit? Share the look that worked for both potty training, the playground and coffee with a friend and let’s inspire each other with some real mom fashion! Real Mom Style is a collaboration between Momma in FlipFlops and me That Chic Mom the link up is here so join in and share your Real Mom Style.

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  1. What a great opportunity! That coral faux leather moto jacket from ShopBop really gives a bright dash of color – perfect for spring. Coral is definitely one of my favorite colors this season.

  2. What a fun opportunity Ellen. I loved seeing your posts on FB while you were there.
    I love the coral with the blue cobalt. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to read more about the vent. 🙂

  3. Looking good, I really like that jacket. Wish I could say I would pick that color out but I know I would go with black or gray, my safe colors.

  4. How exciting that you got to meet her! you look wonderful as always, I am loving the Coral faux leather moto jacket.

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