Laundry Hacks for Large Families (and everyone else)

laundry hacks for large families


Laundry….it’s every moms nightmare, for some reason kids just keep wearing and dirtying clothes every single day and there is no end in site. It really is a never ending, vicious cycle this laundry thing, but since it isn’t going away any time soon I have compiled some laundry hacks that are working for my family and I hope will work for yours too. Even though I sought out these laundry hacks because I have a large family, which means extra laundry, they work great for any family that needs to tackle the laundry mountain.


color coded laundry baskets


Individual Laundry Baskets – I went out and bought individual laundry baskets for each kid, then we personalized each one with colored duct tape. When I sort the laundry each kid gets their own basket which they are then responsible for. This has been a huge game changer for us. I used to sort by room since my kids are all in shared bedrooms, but that meant 3 kids putting away one overflowing basket which always led to arguing and a miserable fight to get clothes put away. Now each child has one basket they are completely responsible for and it is working beautifully!


central uniform location


Central Uniform Location – My kids wear uniforms every day  and they are in similar sizes which means sometimes they swap jumpers or polos depending on what is clean. My kids also share a room and get up at different times which makes getting clothes out of the closet to dress hard. So we created a central uniform location where all the clothes are hanging in size order for me to grab for each f them each morning. For us this location is a bar above the washer and dryer but it can be a hall closet or wherever works for you. If you are short on space I discovered these awesome space saving hangars, they doubled my closet capacity!


community sock drawer


Community Sock Drawer – Socks are my nemesis. No matter how many I match the kids can never find a pair of socks. One thing that has made socks much less awful is having a community sock drawer in an easily accessible location. That’s right I have a mini dresser in the hallway that has all 5 girls socks in one place so they can each go and find a pair easily. It is a beautiful thing, I also keep kids hats in one of the drawers. This is the 3 drawer storage bin I have and love!


These 3 changes in our laundry routine have really saved my sanity, the only thing better would be if someone else took care of all the laundry for me!




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  1. Doing laundry is definitely a vicious cycle, that most do not enjoy. You have some really great ideas, I especially love the color coded baskets.

  2. I’m so lucky in that my sweetie “loves” to do the laundry. That’s a bit of an overstatement, of course, but the fact is he was taught to do his own growing up and has never stopped. So I’ll sort everything into piles based on water temp and light/dark and he’ll make sure they all get done. We fold our own stuff and both make the bed. Fortunately, not much needs ironing, because that he WON’T do!

  3. I love the colour coded laundry basket idea!!! This past summer I enlisted my 5 year old and 3 year old to help with sorting the dirty laundry since I was just too pregnant to reach down into the hampers. They now help all the time 🙂 the 3yo sorts and matches all the clean socks, the 5 year old loves to help fold, and they both put away all their own clothes. Things don’t always stay perfectly folded in their drawers, but I have learned to let that go.

  4. I love the idea of the community sock drawers! Oh we so need that. I dislike laundry with a passion. This could help save some time

  5. Individual Laundry Baskets color coded is such a good idea so the clothes from others does not get all mixed up! I will have to do this! I do not like doing laundry!

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