Spreading Happiness One Balloon At A Time #HappinessFloats

happiness floats project


Spreading happiness can be pretty addicting, in a really good sort of way. It can also be as easy as handing someone a balloon.

Balloon Time, a local Columbus company that produces the world’s best selling portable helium tank, is starting a movement to spread happiness all over the place by simply brightening a day with a balloon and a message. My girl’s and I jumped at the chance to spread a little cheer and began plotting and planning our cheer spreading.


happiness floats comgratulations balloons


Our first happiness victims were newlyweds, just a few days post-wedding we surprised the new Mr & Mrs with some balloons to celebrate the new marriage.


happinness floats delivery


Next we made balloons for several families in the neighborhood whom we love. The girls helped me write sweet notes to their friends like ” your smile lights up the room” or “thank you for your friendship”. We attached a little not to our bundles acknowledging it was from us and had every intention of hooking them to the front door and leaving.  Our surprise was foiled as both times we were spotted walking to the door but it was worth it to witness the big smiles. It’s amazing the power of a simple helium filled balloon.




You too can join the movement and spread happiness to those around you, one balloon at a time.  Pick up a Balloon Time portable helium tank and start filling balloons and delivering them leaving a wake of happiness behind you everywhere you go. Share your happiness spreading adventures using hashtag #HappinessFloats so everyone can enjoy the good cheer.

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    What a wonderful idea! To cheer someone up with a balloon when they do not expect it. I think your girls did a great job, and I like the writing on the balloon. This is a fun summertime activity!

  2. My son absolutely loves balloons he will play with the longer than any of his toys.

  3. Tammy S says:

    Balloons are such a great choice. Everyone loves balloons. We have bought these tanks before and they work great.

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