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About 5 years ago I planted my first garden and to my surprise and delight it did really well. Prior to my first garden I considered myself to be a plant killer and my track record confirmed my lack of a green thumb.With a  lot of questions and the help of others and the internet I figured out the basics and was able to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables when I cooked. Since then my gardens have been growing and I have experimented with several different vegetables and while I always have success with tomatoes and peppers other things have been hit or miss.


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Finding out that I only had a partially green thumb was not that surprising, gardening is a lot harder than it looks and each plant is different and has different needs. A few weeks ago a local company called Sprout It gave away 40,000 MiracleGro Groables to help and encourage Columbus, Ohio to grow their own vegetables and herbs. My little girls and I headed to a nearby fire station to pick ours out and it turned into a fun adventure. I got a bag full of seeds and they saw a firetruck up close and personal. Every year I grow herbs in pots on my deck and this year I am growing them with the Groables I received instead of buying starter plants, I am anxious to see how I do.




Sprout It App: So what is this Sprout It App. The Sprout It app is the perfect gardening tool for Columbus, Ohio residents (and others) looking to grow their own food this year. Whether you are just dabbling with 1 or 2 plants or have acres and acres this app can help you. Using the app is simple, you start by setting up your virtual garden. You can choose your plant, then choose seed or starter and choose planting date. From there you can watch your plants virtually grow and be given care advice to maximize your garden potential.




The Sprout It App is available for iPhone, iPad and online making it available for every gardener who wants it. This year I did a lot of seeds which is new for me, I typically just do starter plants. In the past I have never successfully done seeds but with the help of Sprout It I am feeling confident things will go well, I have already learned several things that I know I never did before which probably caused my plants to die. The Sprout It app gives you care tips as well as estimates when you will harvest. If you are truly starting from scratch they give suggestions of what to plant based on what type of things you are looking to do with your harvest, I love that! Wherever you are Sprout It can help you achieve gardening success they even support the UK now!

Be sure to download your free Sprout It app to help you on your growing adventure and follow Sprout It on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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  1. I love how it gives you useful information and advice as you virtually grow your plants. Very cool app & useful app.

  2. OH i love this!!! Next week we are finally going shopping for plants for our garden this will come in handy!

  3. I am intimidated with trying to grow anything in a garden because I think that I might kill the plants accidently. But, this is a great gardening app that I would love to try and see how it can help me grow tomatoes and other things. I will have to check this app out.

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