5 Summer Playdates for Preschoolers


popsicle playdate


It’s Summertime and that means it’s the perfect time for play dates, my friends and I get together once a week to have a play date with a large group  and I often get together mid-week with just a few friends for smaller more intimate play dates. Here are some of the play dates I have found work best for preschool age kids.


park playdate


1. Park Play Date: A really easy and great thing to do is pick a local park and meet up at a specified time. In the summer most parks have open restrooms as well as seating for lunch. Have everyone pack their own lunch and then it is not a burden on anyone to host or provide food. This is what my group of friends does every Friday we each sign up and pick our favorite park so we all experience new parks.


zoo playdate


2. Zoo Play Date: Here in Columbus we have an amazing zoo and most of my friends have passes or guests on their passes so they can bring friends. We pick a time and meet up exploring the zoo together with our kids. Then we grab a table and eat the lunch we packed. These types of play dates are best with smaller groups like 4-5 moms max.



water playdate


3. Water Play Date: When it is hot out and the pool seems too crowded and stressful have a water play date in your back yard. Pull out the sprinkler and the slip n slide. Fill up the water table and let the kids enjoy water in a safe environment without deep water to stress mom.


musical playdate


4. Themed Play Date: It is always fun to have a theme for your play date. Most of my friends have all girls like I do so we often have dress up play dates with princess costumes and jeweled crowns. Or you can do a musical theme or an outdoor toys get out and get active theme like I did a few weeks ago.


5. Pot Luck Play Date: If your days are too busy how about a family pot luck in the evening. Have each person bring a dish for dinner and let the kids play while the parents socialize, it’s a play date for the whole family.

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  1. Great ideas for playdates! The water playdate is awesome for summer fun! I would also do a crafting play date. That would be a lot of fun for the kids also to get together and do a few DIY’s.

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