4 Eco-friendly Car Tips to Get You Back on the Road from WaterSavers #Giveaway

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I am working with the International Carwash Association to share these tips. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

Summer is finally here and I don’t know about your car, but winter is always hard on my car. There is no washing to be done when the temps re below freezing and our cars get coated with salt and grime ewwww. Then there is all the dirt and grime my kids dragged inside, I try to vacuum inside the garage but let’s be honest I just want to be in house when it is cold. WaterSavers has some great eco-friendly tips to get your car back on ths road ready for summer, all shiny and clean!


1.       Wash your car at a professional car wash. Winter months can be especially hard on your vehicle and washing your car is an easy first step to making your car feel new again. Using a professional car wash is a great way to protect the environment. According to the International Carwash Association, WaterSavers professional car washes use an average of 40 gallons of water or less per car while recycling and filtering their water to prevent harmful chemicals from going into our rivers and streams. Professional car washes also remove salt from the undercarriage of your vehicle, which is a must after a long winter.  By comparison, the average home washing machine uses 41 gallons per cycle, and a garden hose uses 63 gallons of water in just five minutes. You can learn more, and find a WaterSavers wash at Washwithwatersavers.com.


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2.       Give the inside a deep clean. Winter’s elements are hard on the outside of your car, but many people forget the abuse the vehicle’s interior takes as well. Think of how many times you’ve crawled into your vehicle with dirty, snowy feet and you can begin to understand why cleaning the inside is necessary. Apply some baking soda and a rubber sponge to your floor mats for an environmentally friendly and efficient clean. Then, wipe down interior surfaces with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the fabric and floor to remove dirt, sand, salt and dust.


3.       Don’t forget the maintenance check. Winter is finally over, but that doesn’t mean your vehicle can skip an overall maintenance check, especially if you want to save energy. Make sure to have your oil changed and give your vehicle an once-over. Check the fluid levels as well. The more efficiently your vehicle runs, the more gas you’ll save. 


4.       How’s your tire pressure and alignment? Low tire pressure will cause your vehicle to overexert itself and waste gas so make sure your tires are up to the task. Your tires list their recommended pressure on the side. If you can’t find it, you can find the recommended tire pressure in your owner’s manual. It is also a good idea to have a certified technician conduct an alignment test since it could have been thrown off by driving over pot holes during the winter months.


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  1. To Get My Car Ready For Summer I Change The Oil, Change Filters, Check Tires, And Give It A Good Wash And Detail Cleaning Inside And Out.

  2. I get my car ready by checking the air in my tires and making sure to have my car aligned. I also get a good car wash and clean out the inside of the car.

  3. I check the tire pressue, get the inside and outside of the car cleaned, make sure I have a working spare tire and tools in my trunk, and change the oil.

  4. I get a car wash and clean out the inside of my car. I also make sure to check my tire pressure and get my tires rotated.

  5. My car has been getting regular oil changes and maintenance checks. Tires have been rotated and we definitely had those wheels checked afterr the unbelievable potholes we drove usually around last winter

  6. We don’t really have to do anything different from winter to summer… other than washing weekly in the spring to clean all the lovebugs off lol

  7. My son does a complete car maintenance check for me, like having the car cleaned, tires and oil checked.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. to get the car back on the road for summer – check oil, check wiper wash, check tire pressure, wash & vaccum

  9. We always take it to the dealer to get it serviced and to make sure all the fluids are at the correct level.

  10. Clean it in and out, take out blankets and winter clothes and bring in summer change of clothes, etc.

  11. I have my tire pressure and alignment check done, and I have an oil change.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  12. We don’t really have a winter here so we don’t do anything to get it ready for summer. We just follow our maintenance schedule such as oil change, etc.

  13. I live in California and there’s really no winter weather here to recover from — or seasons at all, for that matter — but I will probably go get an oil change before we do any road trips this summer.

  14. My inspection is due at the end of June so usually wait until then but I like to give it a good cleaning inside.

  15. We get a carwash, vacuum the car out and give it a nice wipedown inside! I like to take the carseats out and wash them as well!

  16. My husband is an auto technician and he does a full car inspection to make sure it’s ready for summer weather. He also changes the oil and cleans the entire inside and outside of the vehicle. Thanks.

  17. i take it to the shop and get the tires checked, the ac and rest of the fluids checked, and get an oil change.

  18. Deep cleaning the inside of my car is a MUST come the start of summer… there is nothing more freeing than being able to be outside to clean my car. It’s always WAY too cold during the winter to do that here in Michigan. 🙂

  19. I always do a good thorough cleaning at least once a month all winter long, and then even more often in the summer. Here in MN, we have two seasons – winter, and road construction. So keeping all the road grime off is very necessary!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  20. We always make sure we have an oil change, new windshield wiper fluid and wipers, and brakes if needed. We make tires have good tread and the correct amount of pressure.

  21. Here in California getting ready for summer means getting the AC checked out and making sure you have a stash of water. (I don’t miss changing out snow tires!)

  22. My husband takes the car in for a checkup and I make sure the trunk is stocked up with water and other essentials.

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