Wake Up Your Walls with HP Plus 2 $250 Walmart Gift Card Giveaways

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HP Walmart wall art

Two weeks ago I told you about my challenge to Wake Up My Walls with HP photo art from Walmart. My husband and I decided on a theme of family moments, we originally thought it would be milestone moments and we did include a Baptism picture of each girl, but once we started going through the pictures we found ourselves drawn to those family adventures that really bind us together. Normally I am the one to pick which pictures we use for things but this time I decided to let my husband pick. It’s always so interesting to see which pictures he picks of me and the girls as we never favor the same ones. I left all ordering to him and relished the idea of the surprise once it came to be assembled on the wall. As the pieces came by mail and same day pick up it was so fun to open each one and be reminded of a cherished family moment.




Once all the pieces arrived the real fun began, arranging them! We went through many different arrangements before settling on the final one. We chose a mix of sizes and styles some in black and white and others framed. My husband created some collages and I cherish each and every one of them. We started with this great blank wall in our family room.


blank wall


One picture at a time the wall collage took shape as my husband hung the photos one by one.


wall collage photo 1


We started with the large portrait of me and the kids in our back yard just taken a week ago, the most recent photo of me and my five girls.


wake up your walls HP wall art


HP photos wall


The final look is stunning, I love how I can see it from multiple rooms in my house and that each time I pass by a different photo catches my eye. The whole collection of 14 pieces cost $500 which is amazingly cheap considering the quantity, size and materials used to create this wall collage of photos.


walmart HP wall art


WIN IT: I have 4 great prizes to give away. 2 lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom readers will win a $250 Walmart GC and 2 other lucky Thrifty & Chic Mom readers will win an HP Mounted Photo designed just for you by Genevieve Gorder, design expert and TV personality. Genevieve selected her favorite personal photo and an inspiring quote to brighten your home!

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  1. I would wake up my walls with my Family pictures through the years! I would put up my sons and my pictures with him over the years. And I would put up my daughter’s pictures showing her through the years.

  2. i would do exactly what you did above! do a photo collage with all my kids and hubby !:) and maybe some extending family! the ones i like !:) lol

  3. I would wake up my walls in my office with pictures from artwork that my children drew. They always give me the best drawings.

  4. I commented on the Easy Nutella Pinwheels Kid’s Snack for an extra entry via the rafflecopter form, there was no place to put it in the form so I’m putting it here.

  5. I would love to wake up my walls with family pictures of my kids., vacations, my siblings and parents.

  6. I would love to put up pictures of my family on trips & special events, just fun times all together!

  7. I would hang canvas photos of my kids from Easter in their dress clothes, and a couple of family photos.

  8. I would love to have pictures of all of the years hubby and I have been together and put it in our bedroom.

  9. Oh, wow I have SO many photos that are just sitting on my hard drive. I would love to do something for the master bedroom or for our upstairs hallway.

  10. id would put our family picture that i have on my hard drive and print it out i lost the orginal from jcpenny and i cant find it and i would put that up

  11. I would love to print pictures for our house! We live in military housing and it gets very boring at times, this would help adding color without painting!

  12. I’d love to get some family pictures for our wall… I’ve ordered two in hopes of doing a wall like yours… one from a family Christmas trip with my mom to TN and one of my favorite pictures of my dad with my kids. I’ve had them for about six months and haven’t been able to get them up because I need more! I’d love to use some pictures we took at the beach last summer too.

  13. I would wake up my walls with a gallery wall of photos of my two daughters who are my world and heart. I can look at their pictures for hours.

  14. I would do a family collage of my children, mother, grand mother and other immediate family members at our last family reunion

  15. I love the large family portrait, we need one of those. Those prints are just all gorgeous and I’d love to make a memory wall.

  16. I would finally frame and hang the pictures of my two children. I would love to do a collage going up the stairs also.

  17. I would love a wall with my sister, borthers (who have passed too young) and parents that have passed. Would love to have one of all of us together when we were young and then smaller pics on the bottom of all of our children we now have

  18. I would love to decorate my walls with pictures of my family; especially those of my son while he is growing up!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  19. I would decorate our walls with our wedding pictures. We got married last July and I still haven’t put anything up.

  20. I have so many great pictures that I have in mind if I won a gift card – I would use pictures of my family and pets – separate and together.

  21. I would wake up my walls with lots of pictures of my family – I’d probably go with an all black and white theme and build character with the frames/shapes/sizes of the pictures.

  22. We are In new house with lots of blank walls so I would have some pictures printed to fill the empty spaces.

  23. I would wake up my walls with lots of pictures of my family. I have so many great ones that I have always meant to enlarge and never did.

  24. I have two grandbabies and I don’t have any pictures of them yet. I would love to put them on my walls from birth to now 6 mo.

  25. I commented on this non giveaway post–http://www.thriftyandchicmom.com/2014/05/wore-real-mom-style-sterling-silver-teething-necklace-realmomstyle/comment-page-1/#comment-1167712

  26. Commented on this post: What I Wore Real Mom Style: Sterling Silver Teething Necklace #RealMomStyle

  27. I’d wake up my walls with a combination of some nice looking abstract pictures as well as pictures of my children.

  28. I have a whole blank wall in my living room that I’ve been wanting to decorate with pictures. I’d love to have some canvas pictures on there of the family.

  29. I have a whole bunch of pictures I have saved so I can blow them up and put them on our giant empty wall. So I’d probably be able to get them all printed and hung up finally!

  30. I’d love to blow up some pictures of our Hawaii vacation and use them to spice up my boriing brown living room.

  31. We have no pictures on our walls yet of my youngest so those would be added to join the pictures of our other two. Our new bedroom would also need a few images of our city that we’ve captured.

  32. I would wake up my walls with a beautiful canvas print of my entire family at the Grand Canyon this past summer! Or, the hot air balloon ride we all went on in Napa Valley 2 summers ago, the colors in the balloon are popping!

  33. I would wake up my walls by making a collage of my son’s pictures. Mount pictures through al the school years and place them on the wall leading upstairs into his bedroom. He would love it! Thank-you for a great #giveaway!

  34. I LOVE what you have done, I would use the same concept with framed and canvas photo. LOVE IT!!!!

  35. We recently moved into a new place and have a whole lot of blank walls, and nothing to put on them. I’d love to spruce up the walls with some personal photos to make the place feel more like home.

  36. Id finally get my wedding pictures printed! Weve been married almost 5 years now, and I dont have any photos on the wall

  37. I’ve always wanted some really nice-sized framed canvas prints of some of my favorite photos. I would love to create a nice scene with those on my living room wall.

  38. I need to get help with designing a wall with all 4 of my kids pictures instead of just the two oldest–LOL. I have not updated in years so this would be perfect. Thanks!

  39. We have a blank wall in the living room that I would cover canvas artwork with of my children and family.

  40. We are actually having some family pics taken soon AND remodeling our living room. I would love to spruce up our walls with some sweet new photos!!

  41. We just relocated to a new area, so the kids are feeling homesick(of their old hometown). IO would like to add some pictures to remind them of their old town and also amplify the new town.

  42. I would make a 3 pic series of my family….I already have two of the pics I would use and they are fantastic!

  43. I would blow up a few of the pictures I had taken with my Nana. She is my entire world. This would be so amazing!

  44. We have some blank walls in our house! I’ve been wanting to blow up a recent picture I took of a sunset and then also do a gallery wall of my kids!

  45. I’d love to hang up family photo’s of every one in my family and also add in some colorful vacation photo’s.

  46. Our family and relatives are scattered across the USA now so I would put up a bunch of family pictures to remember everyone and the good times that we had since we don’t get to see them very often.

  47. I would get a picture made of a photo we took at Lake George while on vacation to use as wall art in our family room

  48. We have some great photos of our trip to Europe. I would get some canvases made and do a collage like you did.

  49. I have some pictures of our wedding and of my sons first trip to the beach that id love to blow up… plus Walmart has some of the cutest wall decor for the best prices!!!

  50. Our walls have been empty as we just moved into our house a few months ago and haven’t had time to decorate! So this would be great. I love to do collage of family on the walls!

  51. I have some really cool pics from when my hubs took my son on his first hunting trip. I’d love to make something for my son’s wall so he can always remember that special time in his life!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  52. I’d love to make collages of precious (and candid) family photos to spruce up the entryway and living room walls!

  53. Your wall looks amazing! Love it! We have lots of bare walls around that could use some sprucing up! Would love to get canvases of my 3 boys to put up in the hallway.

  54. I would totally make a border out of photos. I did this in my other home and it turned out so fantastic in the family room and would love to do it here. Love your photos!

  55. I would wake up my walls with pictures of all 4 (soon to be 5) of my grand children. I also want to do a family portrait also…this would so make my day!!

  56. We have so many photos stored away on our PC and it would be great to have a collage for our currently blank walls.

  57. I’m in the midst of redoing our gallery wall with new family photos so I’d definitely order some canvas prints!

  58. I would use it to make collages of my 4 kids.I would also make something with my father and my husband’s grandfather that have both passed away.

  59. I would take pictures of a cabin in the woods & the surrounding (gorgeous) areas and decorate my apartment with them.

  60. I would use it to decorate each of our bedrooms with collages of each child’s special moment photo.

  61. I would do a wall of my kids and their pets. My son has a heart transplant and my daughter had cancer at 7 so to walk past a wall of happy smiling faces would make me feel joyful that they are still with us.

  62. All of my walls are white. I like it because it’s simple and clean. They don’t have anything on them though and need ro be woken up. I think the HP Photo Services could definitely help liven them up.

  63. I would love to add family photos to our walls I have so many pictures that I would love to display. Would love some canvas prints, love those

  64. i would get some awesome pictures of my nieces for my sister’s new house. they need some decorations.

  65. I have soooo many pictures of my three boys that I need to get hung up=/ I would definitely do some wall decorations in the play room their room as well as get some of our wedding photos put up in our room!

  66. I would do a family photo and then individual photos of each of my three kids as baby’s and current photos.

  67. i would add photos of the family as well as parents and vacations we have been on to spruce up the walls.

  68. Our walls have outdated photos with very mismatched frames. I would love to put recent photos of our travels and our children in great frames up on our wall

  69. I like to buy old vintage prints on Etsy and have them put on Canvas! They make beautiful art work for the home!

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