Why I Tell My Daughter She Is Beautiful Every Day

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This article has been swimming around in my head for several days now as I contemplated how to convey just how important it is to tell your daughter she is beautiful EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I know this idea has many self-proclaimed feminists seeing red already, but really I have no idea why it would offend you. As a society we have become so invested in making sure women are appreciated for all of their talents that we have made it a crime to call someone beautiful. Do not mistake my words though, I also tell my daughters they are smart, kind, compassionate, creative and a host of other things daily but I include beautiful and let me tell you why.

My parents told me I was beautiful and I believed it.

When kids were mean, and let’s face it kids are mean, how many super models report being told they were ugly as a kid? I knew they were wrong. Did it hurt to get called ugly by a snarling little boy or “popular” girl? Of course, but after the sting wore off I knew deep down they were just being mean.

When I was bombarded by advertisements telling me what pretty looks like and that only a very specific type of person is beautiful I knew deep down they were wrong.

And when my friends failed to see the beauty in the mirror I helped them because I knew they were beautiful and I told them so.

Everyone applauds Dove for the great campaign about loving all types of beauty and I am right there with them, this campaign is awesome, but are we living it out? Are we telling our beautiful, beautiful little girls just how beautiful they are? Are we saying it enough, every single day, not just on special occasions?

I love fashion and makeup and jewelry but I always stress to my girls that those things are fun accessories but they are not what make me or anyone beautiful.

It’s the person you are, the way you treat people, the way you treat yourself that makes you beautiful.

It’s the story of you, your dad’s eyes, your mom’s smile, that make you beautiful.


kissing my beautiful girl


So I tell my girls each and every day that they are beautiful and smart and kind and loving and caring. I commend them on their character and praise their good choices. But I also tell them they are beautiful inside and out so when that freckle faced little boy or that gum chewing popular girl tells them otherwise it will sting but not pierce, and they will always remember my voice and their father’s voice telling them they are truly beautiful.



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  1. I love this Ellen! God made you the perfect mother for five girls. I also know that they know what beauty is by seeing their mother. You are stunning but after meeting you it was who you were as a person that made you beautiful. Your actions show real beauty to your daughters. I look up to you and I know your daughters and husband are proud of you.

  2. That is so nice that you are reminding your girls how beautiful they are inside and out. So important, especially these days when things seem so negative lately.

  3. I Agree! Imagine if you never heard that? I think praising our children, like you mentioned, is so important. Reminding them they are beautiful, kind, compassionate etc. My daughter is only 1, but I’ve noticed with my son, praising my son for all the good things I see him do, makes him WANT to do them more.

  4. I made sure that I told my daughter all the time when she was growing up that I loved her and that I think she is such is my beautiful daughter. I also have a son and told him every day that I loved him and showed him love with affection. Both of my children today are very loving and affectionate towards me and our bond is strong! The bond between us and our children can never be broken! Your daughters are truly beautiful!

  5. she is such a mini me! i tell my daughter i love her everyday because MY mom never did and i really think it effected me..

  6. That was such a nice post to read. I love to tell my daughter how beautiful she is! She’s not quite 3 but it makes her smile and that’s enough for me. 🙂

  7. I always told my girls that and my son how handsome he was and still tell them that now that they are grown. It really is important

  8. This is so incredibly important and its definitely something we all need to be reminded of! I wish more people appreciated their self worth, its sad others in society feel the need to chip away at a person but its definitely something that can be combated.

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