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Hi my name is Ellen, I am a Target addict….

I love Target, if I need to run to the store my first thought is always do they have it at Target? If the answer is yes to Target I go, even if I drive past a place that carries the item too, yes I have a problem.

Target Pharmacy is working to create a better pharmacy and I must say being able to pick up my prescriptions at my local Target is a great thing. I will happily browse while my prescription is filled, no need to come back later. Target is doing a few things that really stand out as making Target a better pharmacy. If like me you have a lifetime prescription then you will benefit from the Pharmacy Rewards. So how does it work? Well after filling only 5 prescriptions (vaccinations count too) guests receive 5% off a whole day of shopping both in-store and online. This is also very beneficial to big families who have strep throat in 4 kids at once like we did last Fall. April is the perfect time to fill your scripts at your favorite store because it’s Double Credit Days! During Double Credit Days, fill once and earn twice. During Double Credit Days (entire month of April), you can earn rewards twice as fast and get 5% off the entire store—for a whole day!

Another great perk of the Target Pharmacy are the vaccination options. I hardly ever find the time to go to the doctor for myself, it is so difficult to find a time that works with my babysitter (grandma) and doesn’t conflict with the kids activities. Being able to get a vaccination at my local Target is huge for me especially since no appointment is needed.

And last but certainly not least $4 generics…. need I say more!

Be sure to check out your local Target Pharmacy and see how they are creating a better pharmacy experience.


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  1. Love that after 5 prescriptions they will give you 5% off for the day. It is so close to us and we go to Target often so this is all great news to me

  2. What appeals to me the most is that I can get my other shopping done while I wait for my prescription! It’s very convenient!

  3. I love all of the items when you walk in the store (the One Spot) – I always find fun stuff there for very little $.

  4. I love that if I get to Target before my prescription is filled, I have plenty to look at and ways to keep my children occupied while I wait!

  5. I like that if I fill 5 prescriptions, I will get a 5% off discount to spend in the store. That is a great deal for getting prescriptions filled at Target. I also like that they have a huge selection of $4 generic drugs.

  6. I like that they are there. I go shopping at Target and there is a pharmacy there. Can do more things at one time.

  7. my favorite thing about target pharamcy is the color-coded ID ring for each family member this comes in handy when you have 3 kids taking medicine at the same time

  8. The simple fact that Target is the store that our family visits most often. The convenience alone adds tremendous value to this service.

  9. I love how there is no appointment needed for shots & the low cost prescriptions! I love that I can shop & grab my rx’s all in one stop!

  10. We used Target when our dog had cancer (before she passed) to get her chemo medicine, they were awesome! After issues with our regular pharmacy and them messing up multiple times with my daughters epilepsy meds, I recently switched all of our scripts to Target … I love the pharmacy rewards!

  11. I like the price of their generics. I’ve had a few generic scripts filled there before and the price wasn’t too bad compared to the price of the name brand. Glad my insurance paid for it though

  12. I love that they use different colored caps for different family members!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  13. I didn’t know they did flu shots. I like filling our prescriptions there because it gives me time to shop and not make a second trip somewhere.

  14. I like the rewards program I already like to shop there so filling prescriptions there also would be nice.

  15. i love the one stop shop idea, and now you wont have to fight the people of walmart to get your prescriptions.

  16. I am so impressed that generics are only $4. With my insurance it’s usually about that anyway, but for someone who doesn’t have very good insurance that really be a big break.

  17. with new meds all the time, I’d like to hope that some might be offered at the generic $4 price! That would be so much cheaper than our new deductibles with insurance changes.

  18. I like the convenience of being able to have a prescription filled while I do other shopping and not having to return to the store

  19. I like that I have to go there anyway, so it isn’t an extra stop. I like earning the rewards too. I didn’t know you could do vaccinations!

  20. I think the app would be great. I would love to be able to reorder scripts from my phone. I always forget to reorder until I am out and about.

  21. The convenience of having a pharmacy where I also shop for household supplies, groceries, and things or my children

  22. I was the first user of their “text when ready” option! He used me as a test and the first one didnt work, but then it did. What a GREAT idea, you can shop and wander around until you get the text that your script is ready!

  23. I love the Target’s Pharmacy Rewards – after 5 scripts are filled, you get 5% off everything in the store or online. I love to shop there. It has everything I need in one place.

  24. Oops, realized it had to be about the pharmacy! Well it sounds like a convenient system! I like how clean and organized their aisles of personal care products are in the area by the pharmacy.

  25. What appeals to me most about the target pharmacy are the convenient locations. Target is everywhere and their stores are always clean.

  26. The great prices and the fact that I can also do my other shopping done. As a mom you gotta love a one stop shopping trip 🙂

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