Road Trip with the Toyota Sienna #SiennaDiaries

I was provided a Toyota Sienna to document my life driving it, all opinions are my own.
toyota sienna road trip

My sister-in-law is getting married and her fiancee is from a small town about 2 1/2 hours away so what happens when her future in-laws throw her a bridal shower out of town… road trip! This road trip was extra special as we had 2 nursing babies to bring with us so of course I offered to drive in the spacious 2014 Toyota Sienna!

So that means 3 adult women and 2 babies in car seats packed into the Toyota Sienna, good thing it is roomy!


toyota sienna interior


While we packed some DVD’s ( Monk and Psych of course) for our adult in car entertainment we just talked most of the time. The Toyota Sienna was ideal for this road trip for many reasons. My sister-in-law sat on the back bench with her little boy and was able to entertain him the whole way. He is 9 months old and was getting tired of the car seat so when we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch she got him out. We opted to eat in the car and the center aisle was spacious enough for him to get down on the ground and stretch out, really he just stood holding the seat as he loves to stand now, but it was perfect. I was able to nurse my baby comfortably and we even did some diaper changes on the seats, the elevated footrest comes in handy for that, instant changing table!


toyota sienna cup holder


The extendable center cup holder meant that my other sister-in-law (the bride to be) could recline her captains chair and relax and still have her coffee within arms reach, a definite plus. The ride both ways was comfortable and easy on the wallet with this eco-friendly car and the deep trunk space meant all of the shower gifts easily fit in. Once again the Toyota Sienna was the perfect ride for our family adventure!

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  1. Talk about spacious! That is pretty amazing. I’ve driven a small car for so long, I can’t imagine being able to stretch my legs 🙂

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