SwaddleDesigns SMART Swaddling Blanket




I am a swaddler, all my babies get swaddled from birth and it is a great thing. My babies sleep better and longer when swaddled and it is a great way to help them figure out day from night. But swaddling can be really intimidating, I never swaddled my oldest because I just couldn’t do it. I remember watching the nurses in awe and then failing miserably when I attempted.

SwaddleDesigns, a made in the USA brand, has recently launched the new SMART swaddling blanket. The brand has teamed up with renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp to offer a new product called “SwaddleClub,” which offers a unique QR code label sewn to the edge of the swaddling blanket making it easy for parents to access swaddling instructions, baby care videos, safe sleep information, and white noise in the palm of their hands. SwaddleDesigns’ patent pending design is the first to permanently attach a QR label to a swaddling blanket to access educational information and stream white noise to a mobile phone.



Even if you never actually swaddle your baby but rather use it a a regular blanket streaming white noise sounds like a dream come true to me! SwaddleDesigns include the 4 easy steps to swaddling on your blanket in an easy to follow way and it really is easy to swaddle.

Are you a swaddling mom? Are you intimidated by swaddling?

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  1. I’ve gotten the hang of it but at first it was scary, I thought i was going to break the kids’ arm or dislocate its shoulder or something.

  2. My daughter tried to show me how to swaddle my grandsons, but I just could never learn the steps! She made it look so easy and my end result always turned out awful!

  3. Swaddling blankets give so much comfort to a baby that it makes them feel secure and there is less crying. My sister uses one, and she loves it. This is a great product, and it is made in the USA!

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