Our Community Service Project with Toyota Sienna #SiennaDiaries


decorating tissue boxes


As part of my adventures with the Toyota Sienna I was given the task of completing a community service project that utilized my 2014 Toyota Sienna. As a leader of the Little Flowers group at my daughter’s school I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get them involved in some community service. One of our field trips for the year was to go visit a nursing home but we really were stuck on what else to do as part of this trip, then one of the other leaders had a great idea. She suggested we have the girl’s decorate tissue boxes to then distribute to the residents. This idea served two purposes, one it gave the residents something bright and cheery to decorate their room and two it was practical during this long winter.


toyota sienna full trunk


With the help of Toyota I purchased 40 boxes of tissues as well as all the supplies to decorate them. The girls each decorated 2 boxes and had a wonderful time really making the boxes special. This past Saturday I loaded up the Toyota Sienna trunk with the boxes and my stroller (the trunk is that big), filled the car with kids and headed to a nearby nursing home.


bingo at nursing home


bingo at nursing home 1


The residents played BINGO with the kids and were thrilled to see some young and lively faces. After playing BINGO for an hour the girls handed out the decorated tissue boxes, one to each resident. The look of sheer joy at receiving such a simple gift was heartwarming and it really touched the kids. I was so proud of each of the girls who came as the elderly can sometimes be a bit intimidating for kids, but these girls were full of compassion and kindness. I know I walked away with a full heart grateful for a day spent with some lovely people and I love thinking of all those boxes decorated with such tenderness now bringing joy to others!


tissue boxes


Thank you Toyota for funding this wonderful community service experience for these girls.

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  1. I remember visiting a nursing home when I was in school. All the residents were so excited, and happy to have all of us there. It was such a great experience. I still remember it after all these years!!!

  2. what a great way to give back,,,we used to do that when my daughter was little and in girl scouts,,they had such a good time going to the nursing home,,usually left in tears but they learned so much from it

  3. These tissue boxes are so cute, and what a nice gift to give the elderly at the Nursing home. I bet they all loved receiving them. It is so good to teach children at an early age to give back. Thanks to you and Toyota for such a good job.

  4. Aw, that was such a nice idea. I love that everyone benefited. The kids got to do crafts and socialize with each other and elders and the adults got to visit with children and got a lovely gift. Everyone could use tissues! Very inspiring, I would love to do something like this.

  5. I love your idea, this is wonderful and things we need to really do with our children when they are young

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