Amazing Hair Products from Jonathan

green rootine Jonathan

My hair has never smelled so good or felt so soft!


Maybe it’s the fact that is it 100% natural or maybe it is the amazing blend of Coconut Oil,  Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Orange Oil. Or maybe it is all of the above but whatever the reason I am in love with the Green Rootine hair care collection from Jonathan Products.  Every shower is like stepping into a high end spa, it actually takes me back to my visit to Calloway Gardens for Reviewers Retreat, my room was right near the spa entrance and the smells were amazing! Even if these products did nothing special for my hair I would still want them for the smell alone!


jonathan pure paste


But in all honesty beyond the smell they really work. My hair has never felt so healthy and soft, makes me wish I still had long hair to take advantage of these products. I have been using the  Green Rootine™ Nourishing Shampoo followed by the Green Rootine™ Nourishing Conditioner. I am also using the Green Rootine™ Styling Creme and Green Rootine™ Pure Paste™ to style my hair. I am really loving the light weight styling products and again the smell, oh my! I honestly would use the styling creme just to have the smell linger even if it did nothing, but it styles my hair great so I am happy! The paste offers the right amount of shine and texture for my short hair do and I love it!


jonathan dry dirt


Another great Jonathan product to check out is new Dry Dirt Texture Spray. The texture spray is 100% Vegan and contains NO mineral oil, synthetic color, DEA or MEA. This spray is perfect for that tossled look and like the other Jonathan products it is light weight and works well. This product adds great shine and is perfect when I want to take my look to the next level kind of a day to night thing! After trying this I really want to try the Dirt Texturizing Paste it says it gives you the day after wash look and that is when my hair is best! I love my showers too much to give up a daily shower but achieving the look of not washed everyday would be perfect! Be sure to check out all the great natural hair care products from Jonathan Products!


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  1. this looks like it would make hair very soft. I bet it would smell natural and fresh too

  2. These products sound amazing! I like that they have a lot of different healthy oils in it to help keep my hair soft and silky. I would love to try these hair care products.

  3. I’m not very familiar with Jonathan products. They sounds fantastic. There is nothing better than having soft hair. I’d love to try the Dry Dirt Texture Spray/

  4. I had never heard of Jonathan before! It looks like a great product though. I love when good looking hair also smells amazing.

  5. I’ve used a few styling products from this line and have enjoyed them (you’re right they smell fabulous!) but not the shampoo and conditioner. I love that they are earth and animal friendly.

  6. I love finding new natural products and brands to try. Everything looks and sounds great but I would especially like to try that nourishing shampoo with coconut and jojoba oils. Sounds wonderful!

  7. I have never heard of this brand. It sounds like something I should try for my daughter. I think the first one I would try is the Dry Dirt Texture Spray. Thanks!

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