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jabra wireless sport+

I am the first person to admit that I HATE working out, I am constantly starting workout plans only to quit before I am done. I never seem to quite make it far enough to create a permanent habit. After all of my trials and failures I have learned a few things that will hopefully make working out a life long habit and more than that I have a live in inspiration, my husband.


jabra sport wireless plus workout earbuds

A few years ago my husband was put on blood pressure medication… he was 27 years old! That’s insanity! He is tall and thin and looked healthy but apparently was not. We had noticed his extreme level of fatigue, but he worked long hours and hardly slept so we chalked it up to that. He didn’t have an amazing diet but budget and self control kept his junk food to a minimum, he was thin after all, but it just wasn’t enough. Then my husband did something I thought he would never succeed at, he started running or working out daily. Now it was not that I thought he couldn’t do it but my husband did not come from an athletic background, he played sports but casually unlike me who swam 4-6 hours every day for 4 years.

jabra sport wireless plus bluetooth


Now flash forward 4 years he has been off blood pressure medication and the picture of health for several years now. He still runs daily or works out if he can’t run. I have watched his body, his health and his mind transform and I am so impressed. Then there is me with my yo-yo start and stop working out. One thing my husband and I can both agree on is exercise must be accompanied by music and headphones are an integral part of that. Good music makes the time fly while working out.


jabra wireless sport

jabra sport wireless plus

Jabra SPORT+ Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones is the ultimate workout companion, these bluetooth ear bud style headphones provide excellent music quality with comfort and style. The ear piece wraps around the outside of the ear and then you have 7 different options for making the ear bud fit in your ear perfectly! There is a single adjustable strap connecting the two ear pieces and it even comes with a  built in fm radio.

The quality of sound on these is amazing and makes it easy to shut out the world and just focus on your workout. My husband and I both love to pair the earphones with our phone to listen to our favorite tunes (note wear your phone on your right arm as the right ear piece has the antenna, if you wear it on your left you may get static). Jabra has teamed up with Edomondo to offer a 3 month premium membership to encourage you in your fitness goals with the purchase of Jabra Sport Wireless+ headsets. Plus this headset is durable it has been tested and is rated with US Military grade rain, shock and dust protection.

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset has all of the controls on the ear piece and you can even answer your calls, although personally I suggest skipping the calls while working out! This is the ultimate workout accessory, trust me you will love it! I am jumping back into working out and I suggest you do too, here’s to a healthier year! Purchase your Jabra Sport Wireless+ headset at Apple or Verizon!

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  1. These headphones are very nice and I would love to get a pair while I am out exercising. That it good about your husband taking control of his health and getting his blood pressure down. He was too young to take blood pressure medicine. It is good that he is running.

  2. This look like great earphones! I would love to have a pair like this for when I go for walks. I like that they curve around your ear. That way they wouldn’t fall out of my ears.

  3. That looks like it stays on the ear so much better than ear buds! My son in law is constantly complaining how his ear buds fall out when he’s jogging. I’m going to pass this along to him!

  4. I didn’t know that about your husband. I knew he ran but I thought he was probably a runner all his life. Inspirational for sure.

    My hubby just bought us a treadmill, so I will check them out. I love bluetooth.


  5. I’m infamous for making workout plans and not following through on them! I do believe having something like this would encourage me to get started. These look really cool!

  6. This look like great earphones! I would love to have a pair like this for when I go for walks. They look super comfortable.

  7. I have been making a point to go out in the mornings with the dog for a walk and would enjoy having something like this

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