Toyota Sienna Safety Features I Wish All Cars Had! #Sienna Diaries



Toyota provided me with a Toyota Sienna for 3 months to document  my thoughts using it daily as a mom to 5, follow me to catch up on my adventures #SiennaDiaries #sponsored

Every time I climb behind the wheel of the Toyota Sienna and I buckle my kids in the back I have a peaceful feeling of safety. While I never feel unsafe in other cars the Toyota Sienna (2014 LE) has some extra safety features that increase my feeling of safety while driving. As a mom I go to great lengths to keep my kids safe and we spend a  lot of time in the car so extra safety while driving is of utmost importance to me. So what are these great safety features that the Toyota Sienna has? I am so glad you asked!


blind spot alert


1.Blindside Alert: When there is a car in your blindside a little image of a car in another cars blindside appears in the side mirror of the corresponding side. This is an amazing safety feature, I always check my blind spot but knowing I have that little light in case I missed something is huge in giving me piece of mind. I love that this helps me to have a safety net for human error, it’s called a blind spot for a reason.

2. Side Curtain Airbags: The Toyota Sienna offers side curtain air bags in the front. This safety feature creates a curtain across the side window on impact adding another layer of protection should an accident occur.

3. Rear Motion Alert: When you are backing out of a spot in the parking lot it is always stressful trying to anticipate cars and people walking by as you pull out. The Toyota Sienna has a senor to alert you if a car is coming, I have even had it go off to alert me of people!

4. Automatic Windshield Wipers: This feature is as much fun as it is safe. Automatic windshield wipers mean that they sense moisture and turn on as needed, it’s like magic 😉

5. Four Corner Parking Sensors: Not only does the Toyota Sienna offer parking assistance it has sensors on all four corners to guide you safely in and out of your parking spot. Yes that means no more inching in and out guessing, opening your door to look or asking for a spotter the car helps you.


And on top of all those things the Toyota Sienna handles really well and responds quickly, yes I feel very safe driving my precious cargo around in my 2014 Toyota Sienna!



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  1. Wow these are some great features, I love the blindspot alert, the four corner parking, and the rear motion alert. I didn’t realize such features existed.

  2. I need a blindside alert on my car! What a very important safety feature because it is hard to see a car in my blind spot. I love the Toyota Sienna because it is so roomy and a great car that would keep me comfortable on a long trip!

  3. I would love that blindside alert. I’m good about checking, but cars still sometimes sneak up on me! The parking sensors would also be awesome. So many people drive larger vehicles now it’s becoming more necessary to have those to avoid whoopses in the parking lot!

  4. I’m so glad that you are driving this… we just looked at another one this past weekend… I’m sure we won’t get one with all the bells and whistles, but I love hearing the different options.

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