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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Zarbee’s Naturals. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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When little one’s have a cough it can break a mother’s heart especially when we are left without options to help them. When my oldest daughter was little I remember her having a cold and giving her cold medicine, then by the time my second daughter arrived all medicines had been pulled from the market and I felt so helpless watching her suffer. Dr. Zak, pediatrician and founder of Zarbee’s, felt the same way when his little boys got sick so he did something about it, he created Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup. Zarbee’s All Natural Cough Syrup is made with dark honey and is drug free making it safe for little one’s. Zarbee’s Naturals products are drug-free, dye-free and gluten-free and safe for babies from 2 months and up.



When the horrible RSV virus with it’s nasty cough ripped through my house the week of Christmas I discovered Zarbee’s for the first time. My kid’s were coughing horribly and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Zarbee’s helped soothe the cough in my little one’s and for that I am so grateful. I wish I had seen Dr. Zak’s Kid Cough ABC’s before today, while I did the saline and the Zarbee’s my kids did not have fever so I didn’t think to do ibuprofen.


zarbees naturals


When my kids come down with a cold I become the hand washing crazy lady to try and keep it from spreading. I also use  humidifiers in the kids rooms, saline in the nose and we use lots of boogey wipes so noses don’t get irritated. Coughs and colds are inevitable but they don’t have to be miserable thanks to Zarbee’s Naturals. Sometimes it can be hard to tell how serious your child’s cough is, Dr.Zak has come up with an excellent guide to help you decide if your child should be kept home or not, I know I will be referring to this often!




Zarbee’s can be found at most drug stores or online and here is a coupon to be used at for $1.50 off plus free shipping!


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  1. nikki mather says:

    My Lil 2yr old has had a cough for about a month. Finally had enough and took him to the Ped. Just a cough, not much more I can do for him. Already running the humidifier & putting the vapor rub on the chest & feet. This product looks interesting, might be worth buying. Safe for a 2.5yr old?

  2. I have used the cough syrup for my son before and it definitely helped him. I would definitely recommend their products.

  3. I am definitely going to find this brand. When my girls are sick with colds the coughing nearly drives me insane. No one sleeps! And I feel so hopeless because there’s not been much to do for them. Thank you!

  4. My grandson would use some of this cough syrup right now. He’s had a cough for the past two weeks that he just can’t seem to get rid of!

  5. Julie Wood says:

    My sister uses these products and my nephew had a terrible cough that was really helped by this cough syrup. I like it because it is a safe way to treat children’s coughs and colds without all the chemicals.

  6. My sister uses their cough syrup and swears by it. I wish I had known about them when my kids were little. I like that it is so much safer then most kids cough products.

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