Vivian, Brynlee and the Gift of Sleep


I realize I never told you the story of Vivian’s birth, my sweet baby girl who arrived on November 13. The reason is her birth was really rough, she was born with a hole in her lung and it threw everything into instant turmoil. Thankfully my sweet baby girl is fine, the hole healed and we were able to take her home after only 4 days in the NICU. I say only like it was no big deal but it was a huge deal. If you have ever had a NICU baby then you know the emptiness that comes from sitting in a hospital room all alone without your baby. You know the pain of seeing your baby hooked up to tubes and not being able to hold them or even nurse them. I wouldn’t wish a NICU experience on any mother, we have done it twice and thankfully both times were short stays with no recurrences, for many others that is not the case.

Vivian 24 hours old


When Vivian was born we had no idea she had a hole in her heart. The doctors handed her to me and then things got crazy. My beautiful baby girl cried once then curled up very still on my chest and my heart sank because I knew something wasn’t right. The nurse knew too and grabbed her right away, from there things got crazy as lots of people surrounded her trying to figure out was wrong and the decision was made to take her to NICU for a C-PAP. My husband left with her never having even touched his baby girl, it would remain that way for over 24 hours as she had x-rays and tests to figure out why she couldn’t breath right. Thankfully the hole was an easy fix with a  chest tube and she has no lasting issues.

As a blogger I have experienced more loss and devastation through those around me than I normally would. I know and interact with more people so I hear about more instances of loss and hardship, which can be really hard. Every time I hear of something my heart breaks a little and I always want to help, but often there is not much I can do, we are only virtual friends and sometimes only even acquaintances. But twice there have times I have gotten to help like  like today when I get to help Whitney and her beautiful baby girl Brynlee.


Whitney and I do not really know each other, we are virtual co-workers, but there are some things that instantly connect us to others and this FB post took my breath away and forever connected me to Brynlee. When Whitney posted this on Facebook on December 7 my heart dropped “Brynlee is here but she is having trouble breathing. Please pray.” It looked eerily like my post on November 13. I went right back to that delivery room and the awful gut wrenching panic when your baby can’t breath and you can’t do anything but watch as medical professionals swarm your baby. It turns out Brynlee has PRS or Pierre Robins Syndrome which they were not aware of before she was born. Pierre Robin Sequence has three main features- a cleft palate, a receding lower jaw, and a posterior tongue, all of these things combined make it difficult for children with PRS to eat and breathe. To help her with these things Brynlee has a tracheostomy and a g-tube.


pampers gift


All of these medical needs for Brynlee were unexpected to say the least and come with a whole new set of needs. Her parents have endured NICU at a hospital not close to home while caring for 2 other children, they have had to endure surgery on their infant baby girl and they had no time to prepare for all of this. When I realized how much extra medical equipment and supplies as well as different baby supplies they would need for Brynlee I turned to my favorite brand for help, Pampers. I knew that if any brand would be able to help ease this new financial strain that Pampers would. The generous people at Pampers sent me a $500 AMEX card to gift Brynlee and her family so that they can just enjoy this beautiful little girl and not worry about all the new things they needed to buy for her! I am s grateful to Pampers for helping and to Whitney for sharing her journey with her beautiful baby girl with me. You can follow Brynlee and her families journey at It’s Gravy Baby. She is home with her siblings and family and is cute as can be!

Thanks so much to Pampers for being a brand that truly cares and for allowing me to give this gift, the gift of peaceful sleep knowing they have what they need to care for Brynlee!

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  1. I’ve never met Whitney either but have known her online for quite some time. She is the most
    Beautiful person inside and out. I’m so so happy that you and Pampers were able to do this for her family and Brynlee. What an amazing gift!!

  2. We’re huge fans of Pampers! Late last year they gave us the opportunity to shop for a local family and I ended up shopping for my local BirthRite that helps many mothers. It’s so nice to be able to help and I know all about sweet baby Brynlee! I’m so glad that you were able to give them this wonderful gift on behalf of Pampers! So incredible!!

  3. How wonderful that Pamper’s gave such a generous gift card to help out Brynlee. I am glad that Vivian is doing good, and she is home. I will pray for Brynlee and Vivian. They are such cute babies.

  4. I can’t imagine what turmoil you were in. Glad she’s doing well now. How heartwarming, so generous of pampers to help!

  5. What a wonderful thing to do for a family in need! Sometimes certain situations connect people even if those people have never met before; I’ve made countless connections with friends over the internet I’ve never met before and they’re some of the most amazing friends I could ever ask for.

    That was so nice of you to do Ellen 🙂

  6. Hi Ellen! Oh my! I did not realize you had gone through all of this and I am so happy you were able to help Whitney. Being able to help others in need is one of the things I so enjoy doing and blogging has opened doors to do just that. So grateful to Pampers for this!


  7. I cant imagine having my baby be put in the nicu after birth. She is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing the story.

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