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I am well educated on RSV, after all 2 of my babies have had it before.

I have shared my story about early detection and even blogged about it the past two years to educate other moms.

I have been vigilant and watched for the signs of RSV…. yet my baby still ended up in the hospital!

My older 4 girls have had the never ending cold this Christmas break, no fevers just lots of congestion and coughing. I have been vigilant about not letting them touch the baby, ect. Then on Thursday in the middle of the night my 6 week old started making weird coughing noises, almost a cough and sneeze mixed together. On Friday she seemed a bit congested but was not eating any less and no fever. Saturday morning I took her to the doctor as a precaution, we were going into the weekend and I wanted reassurance.

The doctor was concerned at her age with a cold but her breathing was unrestricted and she was still eating well. I left being told to watch her like a hawk. I went about my day feeling relived, then I realized I was in pain due to her not eating enough each time she nursed, that never happens. So I woke her to make her eat and that was when it all went south. I noticed as I changed her diaper she felt a bit warm. I stripped her down and she cooled so I though she was just over dressed. Then when changing her diaper the red flag went up, her skin was pulling in under the ribs as she took each breath, that means she is using extra muscles to breath she shouldn’t.


vivian rsv


From there it was a whirlwind of a panicked phone call to my mom to come watch the girls so I could go to the hospital. Then another call to my dad and brother (a paramedic and fireman). By the time they arrived my brother said to call 911 her breathing was too labored. During all this my husband was on a stage playing music so I could not reach him.

I want to STRESS if your baby or child is labored in breathing call 911, it never occurred to me. My brother told me they have the breathing treatment equipment on the ambulance so she would get help quicker. I am so grateful for this insight! We rode in the ambulance to Children’s Hospital and she was improving as we rode with the oxygen they had and we bypassed a waiting room full of sick kids, I am so grateful for this!


vivian rsv hospital


My baby girl was admitted Saturday night and finally released Monday afternoon. Time stops when you are sleeping on a couch in a hospital room worrying about your baby. Thankfully her oxygen saturation never dropped due to our early intervention so even though she ended up in the hospital my vigilance was crucial.

So what did I learn?

  • RSV looks different in different kids depending on the age.
  • Any baby under 6 months you need to be concerned about all colds and under 4 months go straight to the doctor!
  • Almost every cold has RSV in it, adults are just not affected like babies!
  • Trust your instinct!

My baby is home and healthy but she is still coughing and on breathing treatments. Hug your little ones and keep them close as RSV is really bad this year!

And now I am wearing my baby no-stop as I NEED to feel her breath, thank goodness for babywearing.

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  1. I have never heard of RSV before, but it sounds like a very scary thing to deal with a young one. So glad that your baby is safe at home with you.

  2. I am so glad you knew what to look,for unexperienced mothers it could have been tragic,,as a former nurse ive seen sick babies go south very quickly,,mine included,,,,when my daughter was 9months old she became terribly sick an I took her to the hospital in the middle of the night,,the er doctor didn’t know I was a Nurse an talked to me like I was 16yrs old instead of 30 an a Nurse! I told the other nurses not to tell him after the way he talked to me,,an treated us,,I took her home an called her Doctor an he met us at the emergency room himself later that morning,,the other doctor had left,,my dr. was livid, an she was admitted,,,I had a 10 yr old son who had always had bad asthma,so I knew what sick babies look like even if I wasn’t a nurse,,,,I reported him an flied a complaint with the hospital an he was fired,, he came to our hospital room an said he was sorry an that I should have told him I was a nurse,,, I let him have it then,,,you don’t treat Moms of sick children that way no matter what their education,,he almost let my baby die because he was a arrogant butt hole,,,,,glad he was fired an didn’t feel one bit guilty about it either

  3. Wow! Its great that you’re sharing this story its important to keep an eye out for these things. Hope she feels better soon!

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