Pregnancy Update 37 1/2 weeks and Counting

pregnancy thankful


I realized that I haven’t really said a whole lot about my pregnancy this time and it is almost over, hooray! The reason is until last weekend my pregnancy was going really well, almost too well given my history. I get pregnancy induced hypertension EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY and each time it starts earlier and is more severe. With  my last pregnancy it was so bad I was hospitalized multiple times, my fluid got too low in the placenta and we barely made it to 36 1/2 weeks at which point we thought my 7 pound baby would be fine. Ultimately she was but she did need 20 hours in NICU for her lungs and that was awful. That pregnancy was very stressful and very scary and it led my husband and I to have some very serious talks about if we should be done having kids. If my current trend had continued my next child would have been at least a week earlier and that meant a for sure stay in NICU and for more than 20 hours, I was not sure I could handle that.

Obviously we chose to have more kids and I have been waiting for things to go haywire this pregnancy and so far nothing too crazy. I am currently 37 weeks and a few days and I have not gone this far since my second pregnancy so it seems a bit surreal and honestly I feel like I am overdue. My blood pressure has been up for awhile now but not so high I needed medicine or to cause panic or extra hospital stays. Last weekend I did end up checking into the hospital on Saturday night and stayed until Monday morning. I started experiencing some swelling last week, mild but noticeable in my legs and hands. Then on Friday my right ankle swelled to five times the normal size and had what looked like a sack of fluid on it, my left ankle was barely more swollen than normal, my blood pressure also spiked pretty high. Long story short I monitored it and on Saturday it began hurting a lot so I called the OB on call and they said go to the hospital. Everything calmed down after some observation and they determined I was fine and baby looked good, then my blood results came back super low for potassium. This led to an EKG, everything is fine, and admittance to get my potassium level back to a safe range. It took more than anticipated but we got my potassium to normal by Monday morning and I was released.


37 weeks


I am happy to say that I have had no swelling since being released and have felt much better. Baby is getting huge, the measured her in the ultrasound Saturday at 8 pounds which scares me, my biggest baby was 7 pounds 9 ounces. So I am just chugging away and hoping to go into labor before 39 weeks at which point they will induce me. I have never gone into labor on my own so am slightly apprehensive that I will not recognize it and be that lady who had her baby in a car! So I would appreciate prayers for a safe and quick delivery of a baby who is not massively huge, ok healthy is all I really want! I will keep you updated as D day approaches. And yes remember I have Graves Disease so all of you who were told pregnancy and Graves Disease does not work this is baby number 2 post total thyroidectomy and it’s going great!


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  1. You look so cute with your baby bump! I am glad that you are not having so many complications like your last pregnancy. It is good you went to the hospital and got your potassium levels up because that can be scary. I am praying for you tons!! I will pray every day, and pray for your precious baby! Thanks for sharing with your fans!

  2. So thankful that everything was ok! I have not had a child who was under 8 lbs. so I’m sitting here in a different world saying to myself, “Wow, how tiny a 7 lb. baby must be!” hahaha. We’ll keep you in our prayers and can’t wait to meet your sweet little one when he/she makes an appearance! 🙂

  3. I also had Graves Disease, but my thyroid was radiated in 1999,. None-the-less, I have had zero thyroid function since about 6 months after the radiation therapy. I also was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), one of the leading causes of infertility in women, in 2002. I am sharing this, because like you, I have gone on to have several babies and want women to know that neither diagnosis means that you will definitely never have children. My first 2 were born after the radiation therapy, but before the PCOS diagnosis. I had 3 more after the PCOS diagnosis and am currently expecting #6. I also have struggled with pregnancy induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia, through my last 3 pregnancies, resulting in births at 37 weeks, 34 weeks (severe pre-eclampsia with HELPP syndrome), and 38 weeks, respectively. It is great that you have made it this far. The NICU is a tough place to have a little one, especially when you have other little ones needing you at home. Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

  4. It sounds like you are doing great! My two daughters were 8 lbs 8oz and 9lbs 1 oz. I delivered both naturally without issues. I went into labor with both of them on my own. Don’t worry, you’ll know if you go into labor. You’ll start feeling those twingey feelings, and they’ll become regular, or your water will break, which is pretty unmistakeable. I actually heard and felt mine, which was freaky but very cool in a way. I’m glad you are doing so well and I wish you and baby and family the best!

  5. I keep logging on expecting to see a post that she has arrived! I’m so glad things are going well. Both my babies were on the small side (6 lbs. 5 oz and 6 lbs 11 oz) but that’s just how we grow ’em in my family. Hope all continues smoothly for you through delivery!

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