What I Wore Real Mom Style: Dreaming of Fashion

At 36 weeks pregnant I am feeling very unfashionable and to be honest not much is fitting and I have no desire to spend more on maternity clothes at this point. My last daughter was born at 36 1/2 weeks, the one before her 37 weeks, the one before her 38 weeks and my first was 5 days early so as you can see buying more clothes at this point seems a huge waste. So this post should be titled what I wish I was wearing because these are all items that do not go well will a big baby bump. As you can see they are either belted around a very not pregnant tummy or are skinny fit that need a non-pregnant waist. So if you are not pregnant please buy these items and wear them thinking of me, better yet buy them and send them to me once the baby is born to remind me to get moving and start shedding the baby weight right away!

wish I was wearing

This post is about real moms who have real style. While we all fall into the jeans and t-shirt rut we are encouraging our fellow moms to take the time to dress their best and rock it like the rock star moms they are! Did you look especially good this week, were the other moms at the playground complimenting your outfit? Share the look that worked for both potty training, the playground and coffee with a friend and let’s inspire each other with some real mom fashion!


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About Ellen Peppercorn

Hi my name is Ellen Peppercorn and I am a 32 year old happily married mom to 5 little girls living in Columbus, Ohio. My husband, my five girls and my faith are the most important things in my life, they are my world! After starting That Chic Mom (formerly Thrifty & Chic Mom) five years ago I am happily blogging daily here about all of the things I love… fashion, beauty, family, cooking and all the products that help me be a better mom or make my life easier as a mom.


  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I think that you have and no doubt always will look stunning in your outfits. You have a keen sense of style and I am very jealous! Especially of the fact that you can wear leggings. I love the ones you have above. I have never been able to wear them, they just never look right. Maybe I am just too old!

  2. Yes, fashion has always been an incentive for losing baby weight. It worked for me.

  3. Julie Wood says:

    These are really nice clothes in the post, and I would not want to buy anymore clothes if I was at the end of my pregnancy. Congrats on your new baby almost arriving.

  4. Well, I think you’ve looked fantastic in your late pregnancy fashions. Once you’re near the end though, you do start to long for your pre-pregnancy body and clothes. Just a few more weeks!

  5. Betty Baez says:

    I love the cardigan and crochet skirt!!

  6. courtney b says:

    I love those camoflauge pants.. I just don’t know if i’m brave enough to wear them!

  7. Vickie Couturier says:

    some nice looks,,you always look nicely put together,I don’t know how you have time to look so good

  8. That skirt and jacket is toooooo cute! I would totally love those pieces in my closet.

  9. From all the pictures you’ve posted lately I sure think you look quite fashionable for being pregnant! I actually wish I could pull of half the looks you do when I am but I do totally feel you when your near the end and ready to be done. :)

  10. Did the link-up! Love the camo skinnies! I totally remember the prego body. That little sweet bump slows down your fashion a bit! Maternity clothes certainly have come a long way in the past few years though! :)

  11. Fun style ideas! And just hang in there, Mama! You look cute in everything- pregnant or not. Prayers and blessings!

  12. Love all the camo skinnies I’m seeing!

  13. You always look so pretty Ellen, but I know how you feel! :)
    I’m adoring those camo pants, I’ve always been a camo girl and been on the lookout for the perfect camo shirt lately. I need one. The leggings/jeggings/skinnies are great, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t wear them all that often. Keep rockin’ the baby bump!!!

  14. The skirt is so pretty. Just think you are in the home stretch and on the route to being able to wear what you want to again. You still look so fashionable in the maternity clothes you do have.

  15. I love the book worn cardigan. You have good taste in finding items that go well together. I have no fashion taste, so I buy outfits that the mannequins are wearing. I do not stress out that way trying to mix and match

  16. Your sense of style is great. Love everything you do.

  17. Rebecca R. says:

    Cute skirt! Don’t worry…you will get to wear things like this again soon enough!

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