nursing mom essentials



1. RELAX: Put on a video. Listen to music or if you can read a book. Do something to take your mind off of what you are doing. When you relax your milk flows easier and baby relaxes too.

2. LANSINOH LANOLIN: Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers is your friend use it constantly and hopefully you will avoid not fun irritations that can occur in new nursing moms.

3. CABBAGE: When your milk comes in your chest will feel like a burning hot rock and stuffing your bra full of cabbage leaves makes no sense but really helps. That and ice packs. You may smell like coleslaw but it’s worth the relief.

4. POSITION IS EVERYTHING: From the way you hold your baby to the way baby latches it all matters and can make nursing a bonding experience or one that leaves you sore with an achy back. Try nursing pillows so you don’t hunch over and try multiple nursing holds and methods to find the best for you and baby. I personally love my Boppy Pillow with Slipcover.

5. IT’S NOT EASY, ASK FOR HELP: Contrary to the fairytale we are fed nursing can be very hard at first for some mothers and babies. ASK FOR HELP. There are amazing trained professionals who want to help and are free so use them, you will never ever regret it. I suggest getting at least one consult before you even leave the hospital then have them on speed dial at home.

And Just One More…

6. Quality Nursing Bra: You must invest in a quality nursing bra. I have learned this the hard way. I love Bravado the best personally and remember no underwire at first so you don’t get clogged ducts!


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  1. These are all great tips. I am due in the next few weeks with my second little one. I’ve never heard of the cabbage idea, thanks for sharing.

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