Pregnancy and Graves Disease, Making it Work!

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I have written in spurts about my Graves Disease in the past and you all have been with me as I got the diagnosis, made the treatment decision, underwent a total thyroidectomy and learned how to live without my thyroid so it only seems fitting I share about pregnancy and Graves Disease.

Pregnancy and Graves Disease are not normally associated together, in fact when I was seeking treatment for my Graves Disease I ended up leaving several doctors after they told me having more kids was silly and too complicated, I had 3 that was enough. Now notice they said complicated, not risky, not dangerous just complicated. Well when I finally found the doctor who led me down the path to my thyroidectomy she said more kids, ok we just need a plan, so much for too complicated.

Now not to make light of it there are some complications when you do not have a thyroid and are pregnant. During pregnancy the thyroid changes how much it produces, a lot, and without a thyroid you need to replicate those changes with your  medicine. How? Lots and lots of blood draws. My last pregnancy was a trial run for figuring out my needed Synthroid dosages. I had my blood drawn almost every 2 weeks as we made lots of adjustments figuring out what my body needed. It was annoying, but not dangerous or risky for the baby.

This pregnancy we have a bit of a road map to follow and so far so good. I have been getting my blood drawn every 4 weeks although this last time it should have been 3. My husband and I have gotten very good at spotting the signs that say I have too much or too little Synthroid. For about a week I could not get enough sleep. I mean bed at 8 up at 6 mid day nap then 2 hour afternoon nap and back to bed at 8 and still I was tired all the time. After having my blood drawn it was no surprise to find I needed to increase my Synthroid dosage. Only a day into my new dosage I felt so much better. While in the throws of the exhaustion it was hard for me to distinguish if it was pregnancy tired or more, thankfully my observant husband saw it as more, he was right.

All this to say there will need to be adjustments and monitoring but I am so happy with how smooth it has been being pregnant post total thyroidectomy with Graves Disease and I wish all doctors told the possibilities and were not so negative about pregnancy.

Now many of you know my pregnancies get complicated but my other complications have nothing to do with my Graves Disease I am just one of the lucky ones who gets pregnancy induced hypertension, yay me!

Right now I am a little over 15 weeks an counting down until we found out if our girls streak continues or if a boy will join our family, can’t wait 5 weeks to go!

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  1. Glad to know you are feeling better an are informed about your diease,,it complicated even when not pregnant,,so you an your husband know what to watch for an are doing what you need to do,,

  2. Somehow I did not know about your Graves disease, but thank you for sharing about it. I’m glad that you are doing well and have learned how to control and manage it, through routine daily life as well as pregnancy. Best wishes for everything!

  3. thanks for your story! never really knew about graves disease but I cant wait to read more about it on your blog…

  4. I have to take synthroid too I still have my thyroid but my it doesn’t make enough of the hormone. Good for you that you didn’t just take one doctor’s word that you shouldn’t have more kids. I am looking forward to finding out what you are having, that is of course if you plan to share with all your readers.

  5. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve been looking everywhere for first-hand experiences on this topic. I’m 33 and was diagnosed with Graves two months after getting married. I don’t have any kids and the thought that I might not ever have them was devastating. So now I’m on the same path as you, scheduled for thyroidectomy next month. If I can ask, how long after thyroidectomy did you wait to start trying and did it seem more difficult at all to get pregnant?

    1. Danielle, I waited 8 months they recommend you are on a stable constant dosage for 4-5 months before trying. I had absolutely no trouble at all, but I have never had any problems getting pregnant. Good luck with everything. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have feel free to email me thriftyandchic @

  6. We have thyroid issues in my family and I had a “complicated” time with one. It all was very doable! So happy for you and a new little blessing coming…have not been on blogs much so am late finding out. How exciting!!!!!

  7. I wish you all the best and I am sure all will be well! My family, including myself, has thyroid disease and my one sister has Graves disease, too. I wish she would take it more serious but she waited way too long and has too many complications now. As for me, I take my Synthroid faithfully and get my blood tested every 3 months. Sometimes, I wish they could just take out my thyroid so I could just stay on a level dose of my meds. Again, I wish you all the best and Thank You so very much for sharing your experience! Best to your health you your children’s!

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