What I Wore… Real Mom Style Vol.3 #RealMomStyle

WIWMOMST Here we are week 3 of What I Wore Real Mom Style and I have some fun outfits to share this week!

This post is about real moms who have real style. While we all fall into the jeans and t-shirt rut we are encouraging our fellow moms to take the time to dress their best and rock it like the rock star moms they are! Did you look especially good this week, were the other moms at the playground complimenting your outfit? Share the look that worked for both potty training, the playground and coffee with a friend and let’s inspire each other with some real mom fashion!

This week I have two options for you to check out, bot h of these outfits are comfortable and practical for being a mom and doing the hundreds of things we moms do each day!


what I wore 3

Outfit 1:

  • NY & Co tank top
  • Target Merona cardigan
  • PR Ana faux fur vest
  • GAP long and lean jeans
  • Sears booties
  • Necklace street artist

This outfit is a bit unconventional with the vest over a cardigan but I like the way it turned out! And the glass beads give a sort of faux pearl look that is slightly dressy.

what I wore vol 3 mom style

Outfit 2:

NY & Co tank top

GAP favorite tee

Shade cardigan

GAP forever skinny jeans

KEEN boots

This outfit is super comfortable and since KEEN make an incredibly supportive footbed I could stand or walk for days in these fabulous boost and as you have probably figured out by now I LOVE LAYERING!!!

MOM TIP: I love leaving my cardigan by the door to grab as I walk out the door. It easily covers any snot or food that was transferred onto my shoulders and shirt throughout the day. I also do this with my necklaces so I look polished when out but don’t have to worry about a kid breaking my jewelry at home. The key is to start the day with a fully dressed outfit!

Link up your Real Mom Style so we can all be inspired!

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About Ellen Peppercorn

Hi my name is Ellen Peppercorn and I am a 32 year old happily married mom to 5 little girls living in Columbus, Ohio. My husband, my five girls and my faith are the most important things in my life, they are my world! After starting That Chic Mom (formerly Thrifty & Chic Mom) five years ago I am happily blogging daily here about all of the things I love… fashion, beauty, family, cooking and all the products that help me be a better mom or make my life easier as a mom.


  1. Love them both, and quite frankly I’ve never once seen you when you didn’t look amazing.

  2. Can I just say you are amazing! You are always looking so smokin’ hot….great job Momma!!!

  3. You are great at layering & they look great together. :) I wore those same Keen boots today. 😉

  4. Both great outfits, and cardigans and vests can look great with anything! Thank you for hosting this link-up. A huge goal of my blog is to show moms how easy it can be to be stylish in a way that will fit in with their lifestyle (and budget!). I think it is much needed!

  5. Heck yeah! Layers are where it is at – especially this time of year! :) Vests are a big hit in my closet right now too.

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