Choosing the Right Booster Seat: A Booster Seat Comparison of Britax Frontier 85, Kiddy World Plus and High Back Booster Seat

choosing the right booster seatWhen your child out grows the convertible car seat most people automatically go to a high back booster seat or regular booster seat. What many parents do now know is that is not the only option for kids when they grow out of the convertible car seat. So how do you choose the right booster seat? I created this video to help you choose the right booster seat for your child and your situation. I chose to compare the three different styles of booster seat that I have seen available, the traditional high back booster seat, the Britax Frontier 85 and the Kiddy World Plus. Each option is drastically different from the others one is a 5 point harness, one only  utilizes the car seat belt and one uses latch and the original Kiddy protection shield. Take a look at the video and see how all three booster seats compare to each other.

Kiddy World Plus: RV $279

  • secured with latch and top tether anchor
  • side impact protection
  • original Kiddy protection shield for front impact protection
  • accommodates 22-110 pounds, can be used without the protection shield with older child

Britax Frontier 85: RV $299.99

  • highest 5 point harness capacity ( up to 85 pounds) plus latch and top tether
  • side impact protection
  • accommodates 25-85 pounds with 5 point harness and up to 120 as a booster when harness is removed

Evenflo High Back Booster Seat: RV $39.99

  • energy absorbing foam
  • uses car seat belt
  • with back accommodates child 30-110 pounds without back rest 40-110 pounds

I prefer the Britax Frontier 85 and the Kiddy World Plus as they do not rely solely on the car seat belt and I think a 5 point harness or the protection shield will keep my kids safer in the event of an accident.

The number one question I get asked by parents when they find out I review kids and baby products is what car seat do you recommend and how do I know when to move my child to a booster seat. I hope this video comparison helps to make that choice easier and clearer for you!

This video review was not compensated, all opinions are my own. Thrifty & Chic Mom is not held liable for your car seat decision please consult state laws when making your choice. Please note the car is not moving and did not ever move, this is not meant to be a how to use a car seat just to show you the differences so critics yes she is wearing a coat it was a freezing day and the car was not turned on.

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  1. When my kids were younger, I was up on that knowledge. They are in a booster now, but I can’t even think what brand! It’s one that uses the seatbelt, though.

  2. We love the Britax Frontier. Both my girls have one, and they are very tall for their age. I think I may keep them in until they are middleschoolers 😉 or until they hit the height/weight restrictions 😉 whichever comes first.

  3. thanks for your review! i have been going back and forth on the britax frontier and kiddie world plus. do you think the kiddy is well secured when installed without latch, and using the shield with a seatbelt? or is the britax better secured only with a seatbelt? we live in nyc, and often are taking car seats in and out of random cars, so i prefer an easy, safe, installation with a seatbelt. i would love to hear your thoughts! (i am also concerned that the weight limit for the shield is 40 lbs, my 3 yr old is 33 lbs or so already, and no where near ready to use a seatbelt with a highback booster alone).

    1. My daughter is 41 pounds and I use the shield on her, she is tall and thin and it fits safely on, I do not plan on removing it until it is not a good fit ( me thoughts not the manufacturers). The Kiddy is quite secure with the seat belt we use it that way in my husbands car just make sure you use the top tether and it is easier to move from car to car that being said the Britax is the most secure in my opinion but a pain to move.

      1. thank you! that is helpful. considering at the moment i will need to move a seat from one car to another, i think the kiddy would be better. i know they are working on getting the weight limit raised higher on the shield, but it hasnt happened yet.
        again, thanks for the great review and feedback.

  4. I’m sorry, but your review is completely flawed and is lacking in information. #1, safety in an accident, cannot be measured by how much a child can move when sitting in the car. The movement, when sitting in the car does pertain to the child’s maturity to sit in a booster seat, but not how well the seat will protect in an accident, provided the seat is being used correctly. #2. There are latch limits for your vehicle and for the car seat. Some vehicles have latch limits of 40 pounds of child, 48 pounds of child, or 65 pounds combined child and car seat. If you have a vehicle with a 40 pound latch limit, you can’t use latch for a 41 pound child! #3 Since your child is 41 pounds, she cannot safely use the shield on the kiddy seat. #4 The evenflo booster has a minimum age as well as weight- it is age 4. 4 year olds are NOT toddlers. Toddlers should never be in booster seats.

    1. Christine if you read the post you would notice I never said this is a review I simply was showing people the differences in the seats since most people are unable to buy all 3 and take them home before deciding which to keep. This was simply to show the same child in all 3 options. I clearly stated to consult state laws and this is not meant to be a how to use piece.

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  8. Hi Ellen! I came across your blog because I was doing my research on booster seat so I want to take you for this post 🙂 I have heard so much about Britax and I think it’s a good choice, but have you heard about Custodian II from ? It is also a booster seat and a little less cheaper than the Britax one… so I don’t know what to choose. I hope you can help me about this! Thank you!

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