Celebrating Delicious Pairings & Amazing Teachers with Starbucks and Walmart #DeliciousPairings #cbias


Is you mouth watering yet? It should be because this is one delicious pairing, you see before you a piping hot mug of Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and a Cinnamon Roll from The Bakery at Walmart.

Walmart and Starbucks are helping you to find Delicious Pairings this holiday season just look for this signage to get recommendations for yourself!

My daughter goes to an amazing school, it is a small private catholic school that is K-8 with one class per grade. The decision to send my oldest to school was agonizing and I strongly considered homeschooling but when we interviewed this school we knew it was the right one for her and us as a family. We have never once regretted choosing this school for our daughter and a big reason is the teachers. Our school is a lot like a family and everyone knows each other and looks after each other, the level of care is amazing add to that a great education and you have a fantastic school.

I have wanted to treat the teachers at my daughters school for a while now but never could decide what to do and after I heard about the Starbucks and Walmart Bakery Delicious Pairings I knew it was perfect. The teachers love coffee, who doesn’t love Starbucks  coffee  and everyone loves cinnamon rolls. Plus I knew that by shopping at Walmart my money would go farther so I could treat them all not just her particular teacher. So my daughter and I came up with a plan we would buy reusable travel mugs for her teacher and her teachers aid and a package of cinnamon rolls for them to enjoy. Then we would fill a giant carafe with Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee and put it in the teachers lounge for all the teachers to enjoy. So off we went to Walmart to find our supplies to show these great teachers we care.

We easily found what we needed the Delicious Pairings sign was easy to spot and the cinnamon rolls were nearby. Then we headed to the coffee aisle for the Starbucks Holiday Blend coffee, they only had it ground which would prove to be comical, more on that later. So we grabbed our coffee, some Styrofoam cups and went in search of the perfect travel mug. My daughter had complete control over the mug choice and it was cute to see her agonize over what to choose for her beloved teachers. Once at home I  used my Silhouette machine to cut out a cute NOEL card and come ornaments to decorate our gift with.

I felt it was my duty to make sure the Starbucks Holiday blend coffee paired well with the cinnamon rolls from the Walmart bakery before I gave them to the teachers. Now I have a confession to make I do not drink coffee, but my husband does and he loves his Starbucks to brew at home. So as my very willing guinea pig he tried out the coffee and ate a cinnamon roll . The Starbucks Holiday Blend has notes of ginger, pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cloves. My husband said eating the cinnamon roll with the coffee really brought out the cinnamon and cloves flavor and he highly recommends it, I second that recommendation especially with the cinnamon rolls, delicious. Heat the cinnamon roll up for 20 seconds in the microwave and it is even better. So the pairing got two thumbs up!


My daughter and I got everything ready for our big surprise we washed the mugs, and added ornament tags. I wrote a note to my daughters teachers pointing out how the Starbucks Holiday Blend and Walmart Cinnamon Rolls were the perfect pair much like my daughter and her teacher are the perfect pair, they both bring out the best in each other. I remembered to add plates forks and napkins so they could eat the cinnamon rolls and decorated my coffee carafe. The next morning came the comedy my husband only uses a french press and while we own a coffee maker we have never used it. I have never made coffee, it took several cups of too strong and then too weak to get it perfect, my husband was my tester. The next morning we arrived at school early to surprise the teachers. My daughters two teachers were overjoyed and then we added the coffee to the teachers lounge. Word spread like wildfire and the coffee disappeared.

I loved letting my daughters teacher and all the teachers know how much we appreciate them and I left school that day full of the Christmas spirit. I received an email from my daughter’s teacher later that day

Thank you beyond words for the wonderful treats today. It was ALL so delicious! Your note made my day!

Thanks for teaching Mia the true meaning of Christmas…..giving.

And that made my day! Consider surprising a teacher with a Delicious Pairing of Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee and Cinnamon Rolls from the Bakery at Walmart and keep the spirit of giving alive!

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  1. I was just getting a good chuckle reading about how you tried to make coffee. 🙂 What an awesome way to give back to hard working teachers. That would make my day too!

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