Magna Color 3D Art Taking Your Childs Creations to the Next Level!

My oldest daughter loves art, she is really quite gifted and no not just in my opinion but her art teacher says so too. So I am constantly looking for new and creative art products for her and yes I prefer ones that are not messy. Having 4 kids of varying ages can make it hard to do more complicated projects. Inevitably the 3 year old gets the one marker that is not washable and writes on the wall, or she grabs the scissors and narrowly misses cutting herself, you get the picture.

I have found a new art product that my oldest two girls are really enjoying, everyday they get it out while there sister has rest time and create together, it is really quite cute. Allow me to introduce you to Magna Color. Magna Color is a 3D art kit that uses unique magnetic dot pens. You simply fill in the design with the corresponding dot to create beautiful works of art. Then put on your 3D glasses and admire as your art work comes to life. The Magna color board also stores and reloads the pens quite easily. Don’t be alarmed if it looks overwhelming at first, my first thought was is this a joke? But it  really is simple. The colored dots will sort in the  back of the box easily by size and then you insert the pens and reload. And if you are still confused just watch this easy instructional video.


As I mentioned my girls really like this and I love the no mess factor. The price point is $24.99 and recommended for ages 4 and up. I agree with the age although at 4 an adult will need to help them load the pens. You can find Magna Color at both Amazon and

I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

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