Britax Frontier 85 – Why I Put My Child BACK in a 5 Point Harness!

I have always trusted the safety of my Britax car seats and they have never let me down and now thanks to the new designs Britax features Safety You Can See. Now all the great features that keep your little one safe are visible for you to see, no longer hidden under the plastic frame you can now see all the features at first glance. Just another reason to love Britax!

My oldest daughter is 6 1/2 years old, plenty old to legally be in a booster seat, BUT I don’t want her out of a 5 point harness yet. Last Spring we had some health complications with family members and I was taking another child to and from school each day which meant with 4 kids already I needed to fit a fifth  in the back seat. With all of my kids in car seats there was no room for another child so I moved my oldest to a booster seat. We needed the extra seat for about 4 months and once we didn’t any more I had no idea how I would convince my daughter to go back into a 5 point harness, she felt like such a big girl in her booster seat but I hated it! I worried about her safety a 5 point is so much safer than a seat belt!

Well there is nothing like a mom on a mission to keep her baby safe and I decided she was going back in a 5 point harness and the Britax Frontier was the perfect choice. The Britax Frontier looks enough different from her old Britax Marathon that her sister uses that I was confident we could convince her of how great her new “booster” seat is. When the Britax Frontier arrived we talked about how exciting and comfy her new seat is and how it has special seat belts to keep her safe but it is not a baby car seat. Mia jumped in the seat in our foyer and immediately liked it, I think her sisters jealous stares helped. So it has been a huge success. My oldest is back in a 5 point harness and I feel so much better about it. I think Britax states it best on the website section Booster Seat Basics:

Requirements for car seat use vary depending on the state in which you reside. BRITAX recommends that you follow the laws of your state as the minimum requirements for restraining your child while traveling. Additionally, BRITAX recommends that you continue to use the child seat system – convertible car seat, youth seat, or booster seat – to the upper limits of its recommended use, or until your child can fit properly in the adult seat belt.  Also, please keep in mind that state law does not always represent best practice. We recommend that you follow the laws of your state as the minimum requirements for restraining your child while traveling.

If you have an older child who is tired of being in a baby car seat but you are not ready for a booster seat I highly recommend the Britax Frontier. Yes a booster seat is considerably cheaper but can you really put a price tag on your child’s safety? I think not!

This is in my house not in a car so the straps are not properly adjusted! Please properly fit your child before installing in the car and using.

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I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love that seat. I finally took out the 5 pt. harness (my son is a large 7 year old – 60lbs) and use it as a booster. I still have it latched in and he uses the seatbelt. He cried when we took out the harness. He was at the height limit, so it had to be done. I just took the bottom boosters away from my 10 year olds. They are even tall for their age. I always do what is safer.

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