Meet the Tortle to Combat Flat Head Syndrome

It seems like everyone knows someone who has a baby who suffered from flat head syndrome and according to doctors the numbers are only going to increase, currently affecting 1 in 3 babies. As a parent we are told to put our babies to sleep on there back yet if you do not actively reposition your child’s head from side to side they are at an increased risk of developing positional plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome. The cost of physical therapy and corrective head gear can exceed $5000. This is where the Tortle comes in handy.

Developed by a physician and neonatalogist Dr.Jane Scott the Tortle is a beanie style hat that when worn by the infant encourages them to turn their head and not lay completely flat. The Tortle is an FDA cleared patented class 1 medical device that can save parents costly medical issues in the future. The beanie is available starting December 2012 with more adorable styles to come in spring of 2013. The Spring line is going to be extra special since it will be designed by Ginny Hilfiger sister to Tommy Hilfiger, yes the Tommy Hilfiger! I was introduced to the Tortle at the ABC Kids Expo and while none of my kids suffered from flat head syndrome I hope this hat can help reduce the number of babies who do.

Stay tuned for a fabulous baby giveaway that will include 2 Tortle hats among other items! Be sure to follow Tortle on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review of Tortle! We are dedicated to spreading awareness about flat head syndrome in infants and so appreciate your support!

    Please note that the Tortle beanie does not “force” baby to turn their head or lay completely flat. In fact, the great thing about the Tortle is that it allows baby to move freely about while gently deflecting baby’s head when she’s sitting or lying on the back of her head, to gently move her head from side to side. Tortle encourages a healthy range of head motion while keeping baby’s head from flattening!

    Thank you again for the post, and please stay in touch with us and continue supporting our mission!

  2. hi my name is millie and i just had my first grandson june 11,his head is flat ,can this hat help my grand baby now that he almost three months old?

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