My Total Thyroidectomy Scar from Graves Disease

When I made the decision to completely remove my thryoid via total thyroidectomy I was really worried about the scar. I jokingly told people I would say the scar was from a knife fight, but really my vain side was terrified of having an ugly red line across my throat. I even Googled total thyroidectomy scar and that was no help as the pictures others posted were not reassuring. I scheduled family photos thinking it would be my last without an ugly scar and then prepared for a life of covering my neck.

Well I am happy to report almost 2 years later I do not have a big ugly red scar, I have a very thin hard to see line that blends easily and is not noticed by hardly anyone. I had an excellent surgeon who made the incision in a fold on my neck and then I was crazy about my scar. I kept it covered for the first year with absolutely no sun exposure as in turtlenecks, scarfs and hats always plus thick sunblock from a stick. I also rubbed vitamin E on daily once it was healed. So if you found this post because you Googled total thyroidectomy scar and you too are facing  a total thyroidectomy because of Graves Disease I hope this makes you feel better, check out the video and know it doesn’t have to be a big ugly red scar

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  1. Wow – your scar looks amazing! I had a TT as well because of thyroid cancer (about 1.5 years ago) and unfortunately, my scar is red, raised and everyone glanes at it. Took (and take) same care as you – massive sunblock, low exposure, vitamin E, silicone pads, etc etc — plus even dermotologist steroid injections to try and calm it down. No response. I keloid, knew I keloided before surgery, had a great surgeon who kept incision as small as possible but nothing else could be done. My thyroid had to come out (and cancer was already in my lymph nodes). Still not in remission and in fact, go for more testing this week. My biggest fear is they will have to go back in for a node dissection and my neck will forever look horrible! Trying to think positive and call it my battle scar. Sometimes wish people would just ask instead of just glancing down at it. I had Hashimoto’s before my cancer diagnosis and my best friend has Graves so well versed in matters of the thyroid. Again, your scar looks wonderful. Glad you chose to share your story.

  2. I didn’t do much to my scar except the surgeon told me that I was so fair not to get any sun on it. he put it in a place that would natural wrinkle but it hasn’t so far. Most people don’t notice it. I’ve finally gotten use to it. My scar was from parathyroid surgery which looks pretty much just like yours. My four sons used to tease me a say I should put a bolt on either side of my neck and I’d look like the bride of Frankenstein I hope you feel better now that you’ve had surgery. It took me a long time to recover. .

  3. Ellen, thanks so much for sharing. Your scar is barely seen. I’m really glad that you had a very good surgeon plus you took important steps to minimalize the scar.
    By the way, you look so cute in that short haircut!

  4. I could barely see your scar, so glad you are doing better now. Thanks for sharing i like reading posts like this one from other women.

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