Decorating My New House with Gallery Direct

Two weeks ago we moved and I am truly enjoying decorating my new home. Over the past year as I have had the pleasure of working with Gallery Direct I have accrued quite a collection. My old house was small, the 6 of us were crammed into a 1000 square foot home but the great thing about that was all my decor was similarly themed. Since the house was so small it had a flow as a house now just within each room so now as I decorate my new home I can easily swap pieces from room to room finding the best fit. Here is a look at how my Gallery Direct pieces are looking in my new home.

This is my newest piece and was bought specifically for this house. It brings a new color into my home, blue, and I am loving it. My house is a split level and this piece is in the family room on the lowest level. You can see the piece from my kitchen upstairs and it just catches your eye in a fantastic way.

The beautiful mirrored work of art that was in the bathroom is now in my dining room and I love that it gets lots of sunlight to reflect around the room and really brighten it up.

This piece was above my fireplace at my old home and is once again hanging above the fireplace in my new living room. Just as before it looks great above a fireplace.

And finally my acrylic piece that I love is now in the front foyer and I really love how it brightens up the entryway.

Next up is finding the perfect piece for in my bedroom above the bed.

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Hi my name is Ellen Peppercorn and I am a 32 year old happily married mom to 5 little girls living in Columbus, Ohio. My husband, my five girls and my faith are the most important things in my life, they are my world! After starting That Chic Mom (formerly Thrifty & Chic Mom) five years ago I am happily blogging daily here about all of the things I love… fashion, beauty, family, cooking and all the products that help me be a better mom or make my life easier as a mom.


  1. ooh, I really like the acrylic

  2. That first acrylic painting brings so much color into your house; no wonder you’re loving it! :)

    It’s probably so fun decorating your new house-I can’t wait to do that with my house one day!

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