Chatman the Internet Buddy For Kids! Emoticon Come to Life!


My oldest is just now beginning to really explore the online world and it has definitely heightened my awareness of all the good and not so good things out there in cyberland. Recently I was introduced to Chatman the internet buddy for kids. What exactly is Chatman, well he (or she) is essentially an emoticon come to life. A buddy for your child that plugs right into your computer via USB cable and comes to life.

Chatman is completely customizable to your child, they name there Chatman, choose a gender and a look. Then it’s time to get to know your new buddy. Each Chatman comes with more than 2,000 “chitchats”, or phrases that he says to your child when your child asks him a question on the computer, plus your child can teach Chatman new phrases or record phrases for Chatman to say.

Chatman is also great for playing games and even doing your homework. If your child has a question Chatman will answer or help your child browse the internet to find the answer and will even filter out inappropriate search results.

Speaking of filtering out inappropriate my favorite feature about Chatman he works with and filters your child’s online conversations on Facebook, Skype, Gmail and MSN Messenger. Chatman alerts when inappropriate chat is exchanged on social networks and when inappropriate web searches are attempted so as parent you can have peace of mind.

Chatman has just become available here in the US after a great reception overseas, perfect for kids ages 6-12 Chatman retails for $74.99 and is available at and, and will soon be at and, also available in-store only at Toys R Us Times Square in New York City.

Overall I am impressed with the amount of things this device can do and it gives me peace of mind to think it will alert me to inappropriate talk online, how about you is internet safety an issue for you and your kids? Does the idea of Chatman give you peace of mind?

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I received product to facilitate my review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I have never heard of dustman he is super cute tho and I really like that there is such a wonderful Internet creature out there for our childran

  2. By far this toy was prepared for kids only is a perfetct example of job done as at at any time for any of us. I like your style and opinion. I have repeatedly received information from various sources that is a breakthrough between other online questionnaire tools.

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