Using My American Express Prepaid Card at Blogher

In the past I have had bad experiences with prepaid cards. When I worked as a manager at Banana Republic it was always an issue when people tried to pay with the gift cards from major credit card companies. If they were not entered in properly the card would be denied and you would freeze up the funds for 7-8 business days. That is a huge hassle for people on both ends the retailer and the customer so I never recommend them to people.
American Express prepaid card is the perfect solution. This card is used like  a credit card with no odd handling instructions. You simply swipe it like any other credit card and proceed, easy as can be. When I arrived at the airport to leave for BlogHer I decided to curb check my bags. The nice gentleman took my bags for me then I handed him my America Express prepaid card and easy as can be I paid my baggage fee and was on my way.
Since I wanted to use my American Express prepaid card while traveling to BlogHer I needed it loaded quick so I went to CVS and bought a Money Pak card. Something to know with this method you must purchase the Monay Pak card with cash. The reason is since you are loading it instantly on your American Express preaid card they need a guarantee of the funds hence the need for cash. I did have to pay a $4.95 fee but was happy to do so to have the funds instantly available. I went straqight home and loaded the money within 20 minutes of purchase and it went directly on. I was thrilled with how easy it was to load and how instant! I even loaded some more money one today so I could take my roommate out to lunch for her birthday.
Throughout the rest of my trip to San Diego I plan on ony using  my American Express prepaid card. I like the security, ease of use as well as the budgeting aspect. This way if a fabulous pair of shoes tempt me if the funds are not on the card then they just aren’t meant to be on my feet, at least not on this trip.

I am receiving compensation from American Express while I act as a spokesperson, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a blast at #Blogher!! Yay!! I like the American Express Gift Cards …so, I’m sure the Prepaid Cards are awesome too. 🙂

  2. I have never like pre-paid cards for a few reasons. Many of them can’t be reloaded, they have that fee that you mentioned above, and also when you use them down to a dollar or a few cents, it is inconvenient to use that money. I guess you could pay for an item with the card and then cash, but I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of using the card over cash when I can.

  3. ive also had bad experiences with prepaid cards.,lots of places dont know how to use these cards,,i try to redeem them on line its much easier

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