Managing Your Money with American Express Prepaid

Over the years my husband and I have tried many different methods to manage our money. The cash only method  is a very popular method among people who are trying to get their finances under control and is very effective when it works but it is not for everyone, I know it is not for my family.

American Express has come up with a very convenient and easy way to put a non-negotiable limit on your spending. The new American Express prepaid card can be used like a regular credit card but the difference is you must load your funds on it. By loading on your funds you decide how much money you have access to. This allows you to easily budget your funds and not accidentally overspend. Another great feature is that you can not overdraw your American Express prepaid card. It is impossible to blow your budget since the card will simply not allow you to spend more than you have loaded on it. In this aspect it is exactly like the cash method you can only spend what you have and when it is gone it is gone. Plus there are no hidden fees so it costs you no more than using cash when you transfer funds from your bank.

Loading the funds on your American Express prepaid card is very easy to do. You can register a bank account, which you will have to verify so it is very secure, or you can load your card with cash using Money Pak. Money Pak is an easy to use way to load money on your American Express prepaid card if you do not want to link a bank account. Simply head to a local Walgreens, Kmart, Walamrt, CVS, 7 Eleven or Rite Aid and purchase a Money Pak gift card up to $500. Then get online and enter your Money Pak code and your funds will be loaded that same day. There is a fee of $4.95 but this allows you to make same day deposits where bank transfers take up to 5 business days to appear.

American Express is helping me get all those little incidentals I need for BlogHer and I am purchasing them using my American Express prepaid card. Ordering the card was simple and I love that it is allowing me to stick to my set budget for BlogHer. To learn more about the American Express prepaid card or order your own visit

I am receiving compensation from American Express while I act as a spokesperson, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. this sounds like a nice card to have. Its easy to use and I love that it can help you stick to your budget! I need one of these for shopping

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