American Express Prepaid Card… Will I Keep It In My Wallet

Over the past week I have been sharing with you my experience using the American Express prepaid card. First I told you how I think it is a great alternative to the cash only system. In my opinion it is much more convenient and practical than the cash only system and I would do much better with it since I am not a fan of carrying around cash, I like to swipe and be on my way. Plus I love to have a visual record of where exactly my money is going and with an American Express prepaid card I have that just like I do with my bank card.

Then I shared with you how easy the American Express prepaid card is to use and reload on the go. While at BlogHer I used the American Express prepaid card for my expenses. I could have easily ended up over budget with all the great places to eat and fun things to do but I stayed on budget knowing when the money was gone it was gone and I still had to pay for my luggage on my return flight. When I wanted to take my roommate out to lunch for her birthday it was easy to reload on the fly and have instant access to my money.

So will I keep the American Express prepaid card in my wallet? That is a definite yes. I tend to be an impulse shopper, sometimes, and it always comes back to haunt me. I love that the American Express prepaid card allows me to still steer free of cash yet keeps me firmly on budget. I do best with keeping my books balanced when I have no wiggle room and the American Express prepaid card allows me no wiggle room. If I don’t have the funds I can’t spend them since the card does not allow you to overdraw. So for me this card is a good fit how about you does it sound like a good fit for you?

I am receiving compensation from American Express while I act as a spokesperson, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. American Express is a reputable company – I used to have a credit card with them but they raised the fees and I closed it. A prepaid card is a good idea – Cannot overspend that way!

  2. I like this idea, but I have heard that AMEX is not accepted at a lot of places. I really like this idea for teaching teens about spending.

  3. This is a great idea – just to keep it in the back of my wallet tucked away for emergencies, rather than regular shopping. Thanks!

  4. My husband and I don’t have actual credit cards because we figure if we can’t afford the item we don’t need. However we are strictly cash only and that sometimes can be a problem when you impulse buy which we are both guilty of. This seems like a better solution than just cash.

  5. This sounds like a really good deal for me to do! I like that I can use a Prepaid card for all my purchasing needs. I need to get one of these for the Holidays and maybe it will help me not overspend!

  6. I love the idea of using this card to self-impose an ironclad budget on yourself! I think I’m going to borrow the idea of using a prepaid card for holiday shopping this year.

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