5 Fun Things To Do With RedVines

We love RedVines at our house and lately I have decided to get a bit more creative with our RedVines and we have enjoyed 5 different fun ways to play with and eat our favorite candy!

  1. With the 4th of July coming up and the fact that RedVines would make the perfect red stripes we of course made a RedVines flag cake!
  2. Use them as a straw, my kids love RedVines with Lemonade and I must say a RedVines straw with 7Up is quite good. Simply bite off both ends and drink away.
  3. Play RedVines tic-tac-toe. Grab 4 RedVines and your favorite candy in two different colors and get playing, my girls love to play this game and of course eat all the candy.
  4. Make chocolate covered RedVines. Simply melt some chocolate and them roll your RedVines in chocolate, let dry and enjoy.
  5. And of course just eat them the good old fashioned way. Straight from the bag!

RedVines is sponsoring my trip to BlogHer, although I bought this bag for myself and I came up with these ideas all on my own 🙂



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  1. My husband LOVES Red Vines. We can only get them in the bag here, but when we were traveling on vacation, he found this huge plastic container of them, so he bought them. We recently finished them and he turned the container into a crayon container, complete with a sharpener in the lid.

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