Sesame Street Potty Seat to the Rescue

Recently I wrote about how I had potty trained myself instead of my daughter and while it is comical to look at it from that angle there is another more frustrating side to potty training… the side where your child goes on strike and refuses to use the potty right when you are about to have then trained. That is exactly what happened with my daughter I had her basically potty trained, she was keeping her pull-up dry  and then all the sudden she started refusing to use the potty. She would tell me that it was ok to not use the potty because she was wearing a diaper. (Note: I did not use Pull-Ups with my first because I thought it would be too confusing. I caved with my second and my theory was proven right so never again Pull-Ups at my house)

I decided to back off the potty training with my daughter and give her time to get over this potty refusal… time went by and she didn’t get over it so I tried a new plan. I decided to get a new more appealing potty and try to entice her back to the potty. I got the Kolcraft Sesame Street 1-2-3 Learn with Me Potty for my daughter to use. From the day it arrived my daughter was really excited about it. The potty is colorful and fun and it has Elmo on it all things kids love. To make it even more appealing when the kids give Elmo a high five he talks telling them what a great job they have done. My daughter took to this potty immediately. All I have to do is say go sit on Elmo and she goes running. The whole potty appeals to her and the high five is brilliant marketing for kids. Now thanks to Elmo and Kolcraft my daughter is potty trained and if you are trying to potty train or about to potty train I highly suggest you get this potty. And did I mention it converts into a step stool when they no longer need a kids potty, plus Elmo speaks English, Spanish and French.

I am a Kolcraft Mom and as part of that I got this product free of charge, all opinions are my own and no other compensation was given.

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  1. We have been trying to potty train our daughter (2 1/2) since Christmas and as you said we are training us. She knows but refuses to tell us when she has to go. The last two days when she does potty in her pull up she takes it off and brings a new one to me. We already hihgh five when she goes and says bye-bye to her poop when she flushes so I’m thinking were getting there and hate to go spend money on a seat but may need to.

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