Home and Recovering

Thank you everyone for your prayers, it has been a long few days but I am home and recovering from my total thyroidectomy. My husband and I arrived at the hospital at 12:30 for a 3 pm surgery on Thursday and sat for a long time. My surgery did not happen until 7:45 pm. The surgery was supposed to be 3 hours and took 4 1/2 due to the size of my thyroid and all the blood vessels that had to tied off. Needless to say it was a long day for everyone with me finally in a room post op at 2:30am. Thank goodness for all the family to help care for the kids. I went into this thinking the longest I would be at the hospital is 2 nights I was there until Sunday morning (3 nights). Well I am finally home and have a much longer recovery than anticipated. No lifting more than a  gallon of milk for 8-10 days and no more than 20 pounds for 2-3 weeks. That means no lifting my kids which is very difficult. Thank you for all of your prayers I am healing nicely now I just want to be able to hold and cuddle my kids the way I want. The shoe carnival will keep going as  scheduled and more things will come back as I get more energy. Now it’s back to sleep I go, thanks again for all your prayers.

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  1. Praying for a quick recovery. I hope that your kids are letting you get some rest. Missing you this Monday night. Get well soon!!

  2. Ellen, so glad you are home and healing everyday. You will be back to yourself in no time. I know it is hard to not be able to cuddle your little ones. I remember my daughter was just one and putting her hands up for me to lift her. It is as emotionally hard to recover as it is physically. Sounds like you had the same issues I had with the things growing into other vessels and tissue and even under the collarbone area. Hope the scar heals well for you…keep putting the vitamin E cream on. i am sure there are even more products out there now to help with this. Remember to keep the area from sun or it will burn and scar more.
    Funny story… I had my voice affected for a little while and at my post op appointment i remember crying my eyes out because I couldn’t sing. the doc asked me if I sang in the choir at church or if it was something I did for work…and looked so puzzled at me when he could not remember that I was a singer. I cried that when I sing at home with my kids or in the car singing with the radio my voice would CRACK like crazy! I must have sounded like some hormonal crazy mama and a couple months later it was better. ALTHOUGH if I DO sound terrible when singing now, I can always blame it on the thyroid surgery! It was ten years ago;)
    Take care!

  3. That was a long day. The worst is over. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care and follow the doctor’s orders.

  4. That was a long wait you had on your surgery. That, in itself, was tiring. Well, get you some good rest and I pray a speedy recover for you!

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