Britax Chaperone Carseat Giveaway #LiveGive

When moms hear the name Britax they immediately think quality. Britax is known as one of the highest ranking makers of car seats and their is a reason, they make fantastic car seats. The Britax Chaperone infant carrier is the first car seat your child will ever need. It fits infants from 4-30 lbs and up to 32 inches. It is rear facing and comes with side impact protection and a rebound bar on the base. This car seat is fantastic, I have had 2 other infant car seats before this and I love this one the best. This car seat is much safer than anything I have owned and much easier to install. With the built in Lock -Off system to help make instillation a breeze it really is simple to install and leveling the base is just as easy. In the past I have dreaded the idea of moving the base when I needed the car seat in another car, now it is so easy I don’t mind at all. The Chaperone is compatible with not only the Chaperone stroller but most other strollers as well, it comes with an adapter strap to make it work with most strollers. I have a Bumbleride Indie Twin and it works perfect with it. Another feature I love about this car seat is how easy it is to adjust. Their is no re-threading of the straps and they are easy to loosen or tighten to get baby in and out with ease. Overall I think this is a fantastic car set, my only complaint is the weight, this is a very heavy car seat. After owning lighter car seats I think the extra safety features and convenience of use make it worth the extra weight.

I will be giving away a Britax Chaperone car seat ( $229) on Monday 2/1 during #LiveGive on Twitter. The party will start at 9Pm EST and in order to qualify you must first leave a comment on this post telling me which pattern of the Chaperone you like the best and your Twitter name , then tweet away with the hashtag #LiveGive and follow me @ThriftyChicMom. I will draw a winner randomly from those who have tweeted with the hashtag during the party on Monday. For Complete rules and instructions go HERE.

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  1. I like the Savannah pattern the best! I signed up for Twitter just so I could follow your live giveaways, which I wanted to do last Monday and forgot (Twitter Name JessDGriffiths). Good for you on making time for your family and I am so glad that your thyroid is in balance now (my mom has that, too)!

  2. I love the cowmooflage! My husband and i are expecting our 1st and we need everything! Would love to win this prize! You better believe I’ll be tweeting tonight! Twitter: BrookeMalko


  3. I love the Savannah the best! I also think the moonstone is great and would match in both my car and hubbys!

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