Tenney Grant, A Cute Suitcase and Storing Your American Girl Doll


So what do these three things have in common? The new American Girl doll Tenney Grant, a super cute child’s suitcase from Lassig and ways to store your American Girl doll? Well they all go together perfectly.

Tenney Grant is the musical and adorable new American Girl doll. She has a guitar and and a banjo that really play and her band mate Logan Everett is the first American Girl boy doll. I love her freckles (we have freckles in our family) and her love of music speaks to my girls. Her story of being a singer and song writer following her heart as she pursues music in Nashville, TN inspires young girls to follow their heart and pursue their dreams.

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Real Mom Style: What to Wear to Pure Barre #RealMomStyle


I have a new obsession and it’s one that is good for me, Pure Barre!

For Valentine’s Day my husband got me a one month unlimited membership to Pure Barre. And yes this was an amazing gift!

I have been trying to get back in shape, unsuccessfully, and it has been a bumpy up and down road. I just have not found the thing that  I love and fully embraced. I start and stop and I just needed to find the right thing for me. I finally found it in Pure Barre.

Pure Barre for me is the perfect combination of total body workout, stress relief and relaxation/energizing. I know it makes no sense, I guess you will just have to try it for yourself to understand.

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Spectacular Specs from Visionworks


People notice your glasses. When you look someone in the eye who wears glasses you can’t help but notice they style of their glasses so picking a pair of frames is a big deal. In the past I have bought my glasses and prescription sunglasses from my eye doctor and while I love them I felt very limited on my selection especially for prescription sunglasses. Then I discovered Visionworks and I felt like a kid in a candy store, so many selections! Continue Reading

Decorating with Maps – Modern Map Art


I love maps and as I redecorated my living room I decided to incorporate them in my new decor. Maps make great art but if they have personal meaning then they are more than just decor they have meaning. We live in Columbus, Ohio and really love where we live. It’s where all of our family is and it is where we have always lived. My husband and I met in high school here in Columbus, Ohio and we both went to Ohio State so this really and truly is home.

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