Back to School Fashion from Children’s Place

childrens place floral dress

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children splace wild at heart outfit


Having 5 girls means that I can pass clothes down but for my oldest she needs a new wardrobe every time she grows. My oldest has been growing like a weed so I need to find affordable fashion but she is particular so I need it to be cute and stylish. That is why I love Children’s Place, they have the current fashions at great prices. Right before school started I got lunchboxes for all my girls and they were 50% off.  We got super cute lunch boxes for a steal of just $5 and they are offering that once again, on back packs too!!

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How Have I Loved Today?

how have i loved today


I have been counting down the days until school started, at least for the last 2 weeks I have been. This year the house seemed crazier, the kids wilder and my stress level higher as we neared the end of summer vacation. For the first time ever I was looking forward to the change. I was looking forward to getting a routine back and being able to get things done. Being a work at home mom means I have to get really creative during summer break if I am going to get any work done. And by creative I mean I will have to stay up really late every night.

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Reading Material for Fashionistas

fashion books

fashion books



I love to read and I love fashion so when the two worlds collide it makes me happy. Recently I was introduced to several great books all based on fashion some for me and some for my girls. IN our family you always get a book on your birthday and at Christmas, it’s a thing my mom always did and we do it too. I love books and I want to foster a love of books in my girls so finding books on subjects they love is something I try to do.

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DIY Fashion: How to Upcycle a Shirt into a Scarf or Headband

diy upcycle headband

upcycle shir to headband scarf


During my latest closet purge I had ended up with a pile of barely worn shirts with great prints. Most of the time I donate these items but this time I had visions of cute infinity scarves and headbands. My girls and I spent an afternoon cutting up my old shirt making upcycled headbands and upcycled infinity scarves. These DIY fashion accessories not only look cute but are fun to make and easy on the budget (FREE). Best of all we were able to use almost all of the shirt to make several items. Out of a size medium women’s v-neck shirt we made 3 infinity scarves ( 2 of which easily convert to a headband and 2 preschool age headband. My girls immediately claimed the scarves and headbands but they worked on me just as easily.

How to turn your old shirt into a head band and infinity scarf with a fun upcycle fashion project!

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