Kidbox Style Delivery Service for Kids

kidbox palm tree dress

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kidbox girls summer clothes


My oldest daughter loves fashion. She knows her own taste and is very particular which is why I typically let her pick out all her own clothes. Because my daughter knows her own mind, which I love by the way, the idea of letting someone else choose her clothes did not seem appealing. I had the privilege of learning about Kidbox right from the owners and I was really impressed. I have tried other services and they did not provide the depth of insight into the child’s taste that KidBox does so I knew if anyone could please her it would be Kidbox. Before you say, no thanks I don’t want another subscription service, know this is not that. Kidbox is a style delivery service for kids that only chooses the hottest brands and styles. After seeing the brand list with names like Lucky Brand, Limited Too, Seven for All Mankind, Diesel, Jessica Simpson, Reebok, Catherine Malandrino and more I was excited to try it out. As you can probably tell already these are nice brands and yes they come with a higher price tag and that is why you need Kidbox. Kid box sends you a box of 6-7 items and only charges you $98 for all of it. You can keep it all or buy individual pieces and send the rest back with no additional charges. Plus you are not charged and then refunded, you only get charged when you agree to keep the stuff.

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When to Buy Your Kid A Cell Phone

toddler texting

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when to buy your kid a cell phone



When it comes to cell phones I am very against them with young kids but I feel just as strongly about safety so in reality I am very torn. Let me start by saying there is no magic age when a kid should get a cell phone. When to buy a cell phone is a decision specific to each kid and each family. I know my kids will be on the older end of the spectrum when they get a cell phone. My husband and I have decided together that certain requirements need to be met in order for us to even consider buying our child their very own cell phone. Continue Reading

What To Do When You Hate Your Hair Style

what to do when you hate your hair style

what to do when you hate your hair style


Right now I am in a horribly awkward transition phase with my hair. I am currently growing it out and am at a weird stage right now that is no fun at all especially since I am not particularly sure what the end result is going to be. So what is one to do when they hate their hair?

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Cute Rain Gear to Help Me Survive Spring

helly hansen coat and boots

helly hansen coat and boots


My kids are involved in multiple sports in the spring and here in Ohio that means I will spend time out in the rain, probably a lot. This spring I used my rain gear a lot for long track meets with on and off rain. And even beyond that I have grabbed my Helly Hansen Wesley Trench more often than not. Even on days that it’s not raining I find myself wearing this trench. Not only is it great in the rain but it is stylish and comfortable, this is a fabulous coat that happens to be waterproof too.

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The Loneliness of Multi-Stage Parenting

loneliness of mulit stage parenting


Motherhood can be surprisingly lonely especially for stay at home moms. You would think it would be the opposite but the reality is there are days my only adult interaction besides my husband is 5 words at school pickup. It wasn’t always this way. I used to have long chats on the phone several times a week with girlfriends. I usually had at least one thing a week where I saw friends whether it was playgroup at someone’s house, Bible Study or meeting for coffee or dinner. When all my kids were too little for school I remember thinking… when they are in school I will have time to actually do stuff because they won’t need me as much. I remember wondering why the moms who had kids in school never made it to playgroup with the toddler who was at home, I just didn’t get it.

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