Decorating with Maps – Modern Map Art


I love maps and as I redecorated my living room I decided to incorporate them in my new decor. Maps make great art but if they have personal meaning then they are more than just decor they have meaning. We live in Columbus, Ohio and really love where we live. It’s where all of our family is and it is where we have always lived. My husband and I met in high school here in Columbus, Ohio and we both went to Ohio State so this really and truly is home.

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M/I Homes Coming to Minerva Park


Columbus, Ohio is a growing city.

Did you know that per the Census Bureau the population of Columbus, Ohio hit 2,021,632 in 2015, up about 1.2 percent from 1,997,308?

The city of Columbus, Ohio is ranked the 15th largest in the country and the the metro area is ranked 32nd.



Columbus, Ohio is growing and that means we need more housing. The millennial generation is finally settling down, they are getting married, starting families and buying houses. Where do millennials want to live? Inside the 270-outer belt. If you have looked much around Columbus, Ohio finding a new build inside the outer belt is like finding a needle in a haystack… until now. M/I Homes Minerva Park is building 250 new homes not only inside the outer belt but as part of the Village of Minerva Park with Westerville City Schools. This is a big deal!

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Spring Style: White Embroidered Jeans and Cold Shoulder Sweaters


It’s the first day of spring but the weather in Ohio somehow doesn’t know it. I am patiently waiting to wake up to a day without frost so that I can start wearing super cute spring clothes like these white jeans with embroidery on them. I found these mid rise embroidered best girlfriend jeans in white at GAP (on sale for $47.99) and they are fabulous. These white jeans are cropped and not too fitted plus the embroidery down the leg is not only on trend but super cute!

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Cell Phone Alternative for Kids, the Gizmo Gadget Watch from Verizon


When it comes to my kids and tech I am very conservative so it should come as no surprise that I do not want my kids to have their own cell phones. My kids all have Kindles or access to them and they are very tech savvy, but I severely limit how much time they spend and what they see and do.  We have a big family and we have a very involved and active family so that means I can not be with all my kids all the time. My oldest who is in 5th grade often gets rides with other people or stays after school for practices. Because she is now spending more and more time away from us relying on other adults we felt the need to have a way for her to get a hold of us in an emergency. I always double check with other adults to make sure she won’t get left somewhere by accident but things happen and I don’t ever want her to feel stuck with no way to communicate. Continue Reading

Date Night at Brio Tuscan Grille


This year my husband and I are making a concerted effort to go on more dates. Raising five  kids doesn’t leave us much time to focus on our relationship or at least that’s the way it was in the past. We adore our kids and love focusing on our family but we need to focus on us too. If my husband and I don’t have a strong relationship then the family will fall apart. So even though it can be really hard to get a moment alone we are making it happen.

This past week we carved out a few hours of alone time and snuck off to Brio Tuscan Grille at Polaris Fashion Place to try the new “A Variety of Flavors” promotion.

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