Our Love of Magformers


Over the years I have become a bit of a toy snob. I get tired of spending money on toys for them to just fall apart and then end up in the trash. One of our favorite toy brands that I recommend to everyone is Magformers. There are other brands that make magnetic building toys but the quality is just not there. Over the years we have built up quite a collection. I love watching the creativity they inspire.

My mom has kept certain toys from my childhood and I often joke Magformers will be the toy at grandma’s house when I am grandma, but really I am not kidding. This is the toy we pull out when anyone comes over. My nephew who has autism loves them so his mom has started a colleciton and my brother has started a collection for his 3 kids. My mom got Magformers for all the grand-kids last Christmas and it was so much fun as the kids all ripped into them and started building together ( yep all 7 of them). Magformer’s are a universal toy that all kids can enjoy.

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The Most Comfortable Wedges Available


Spring is coming which means more dresses and cropped pants. And with dresses and cropped pants you need fabulous shoes. Even though I am tall I love heels but often those heels come without great comfort and support. Vionic has changed that. I was skeptical before these arrived from Sole Provisions but it’s true, these wedge heels have the orthoheel technology that I have come to love from Vionic.

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Stylish Shoes for Tweens


It can be hard to find shoes for girls as they enter the tween years. They no longer want little kid looking shoes but you still need them to be age appropriate. I had knee surgery in high school so I am very sensitive to things like heels on little girls shoes. My girls go to catholic schools and wear a uniform which means they need a dressier shoe that can handle the playground at school. My mom took my oldest shoes shopping before school and bought her some cute loafers which she promptly outgrew in two months!

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Lip Color for Non-Lipstick Wearers


Do you ever see a photo of a woman in bright red lipstick and she looks amazing so you think I am going to wear red lipstick. Then you do it and you feel like a clown? Yeah me too. At least that was how I felt with any lipstick for years. For years I seriously only wore nude lip colors, I just felt so awkward with bold color on my lips.

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Real Mom Style: What to Wear to Clean Up Puke


This week has been a rough one to be a mom. Monday started with a trip to the doctors for an oral steroid for my croupy 7 year old. She has allergy induced asthma and that seemed to be the culprit. Tuesday the 3 year old got her full leg cast off. Like an optimistic fool I thought she would use it, in a limited capacity but still use it. Nope she screamed and cried every time she had to straighten it so walking is not even an option. After several phone calls and a few tears (from me) I have been told it will take about 3 weeks before she is walking and even then probably still with a limp. So we are slowly attempting more and more  but having an immobile 3 year old is way harder than you would think.

That brings us to Wednesday when this catholic school mom got the call we all dread… YOUR KID PUKED IN MASS! Oh yes it was the weekly all school mass and my 7 year old had a coughing fit that ended up in projectile vomit.  The details are a bit fuzzy on just how bad it was but I am confident there is a custodian and probably several teachers who are not my biggest fan right now (sorry!). We have kept her home ever since as her cough is just not getting better. My poor girl had RVS as a baby which has led to all of her breathing complications, she just can’t ever catch a break in this department. Continue Reading