Inspirational Graphic Tees 50% Off

cents of style life is beautiful tee


Do you remember the movie Life is Beautiful? I haven’t seen it since high school but I will never forget that movie. Such a powerful movie in so many ways, I think I need to rewatch it this weekend. If you haven’t seen it now is the perfect time.


life is beautiful graphic tee outfit


Life is beautiful, amazingly, hauntingly beautiful and every day is a new day full of beauty.

I have a pretty amazing life full of beauty, my 5 girls are the ones who bring me beauty every day. I look at them and can’t help but smile, I mean look at that face!


vivian shoes


I love having shirts that lift me up and send a positive message to those who I come across. The Life is Beautiful graphic tee jumped out at me and I knew I needed to add it to my wardrobe. I love graphic tees, they are fun to wear, comfy and stylish. My favorite mom uniform is a graphic tee layered under a cardigan or a button down, it never fails me!

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Real Mom Style: Sorel Boots Make Winter More Bearable #realmomstyle

sorel boots

sorel boots



I homeschool preschool which means we spend a lot of time out and about in our community. We attend all kinds of classes and events and generally have a great time doing it. During the winter the weather can put a damper on some of our activities but not when you have the right boots. Today our adventures took us to the conservatory where they just put out all the orchids, it was truly lovely! Continue Reading

Swim Lesson Progress at Goldfish Swim School

goldfish swim lessons

goldfish swim lessons


I am seriously over the moon with my kids progress at Goldfish Swim School. They took my timid, shy kid who didn’t want to get her face wet and turned her into a real swimmer. She can swim a legit freestyle stroke and it makes me so happy. It is incredible to watch her pride as she swims like a pro. Just to show you how far she has come I put together a little video showing her one year ago and now. Continue Reading

How to Style a Midi Skirt in Winter

black midi skirt polka dot sweater

black midi skirt polka dot sweater


In winter I tend to stop wearing skirts and switch to pants. It’s cold here and quite frankly I take a break from shaving daily. This past weekend I pulled out my midi skirt and was reminded why I love this trend. The midi skirt is modest, flattering and fun. It has a flirty retro feel to it and when you pair it with thick tights perfect for winter. So how do you achieve the perfect midi skirt outfit during winter? Here are my tips for creating the perfect midi skirt outfit. Continue Reading

I Just Can’t Live In The Moment And It’s Killing Me



Live in the moment.

It goes by too fast.

Time waits for no one.

I know these things, I live these things every day. Every day I wonder how I got here. How my newborn baby girl is on the verge of middle school and how I don’t have a baby in the house. That’s who I am. The lady with all the kids. The one who is constantly having another baby, never without lots of little ones. And yet here I am without a baby. I clearly recall the days wondering if I will ever sleep through the night. Wondering if I will ever get a break from the constant need of little ones. And then here I am. I still don’t sleep but I see the days suddenly passing by so quickly. Continue Reading