The Danger of Not Dating Your Husband

danger of not dating your husband

danger of not dating your husband


When I went away to college it seemed like I was constantly hearing of people who’s parents were getting a divorce. I could not understand how they went from seeming fine to suddenly divorcing at 18 plus years. Now that I have been married for almost 11 years I understand a bit better what happened and I think it boils down to one major point.. they stopped dating.

Now that’s not the only reason and I am not trying to over simplify people’s problems but I realized something. When a married couple starts having kids they naturally shift priorities. The baby needs a lot from them and becomes a priority. Then jobs get more demanding as you move up the ladder and that takes more away. What little “free” time you each have is spent as a family or focused on the kids.

Suddenly 18 years have gone by and you and your husband have co-parented and co-existed as the years flew by and all the while your marriage slowly died. You weren’t unhappy with each other you just no longer had a strong connection. You had stopped feeding your relationship and it hurt you. I can just see it in my head.. a too empty house as your kids are all off to college and you suddenly look at your husband and think… I don’t know you at all, how did that happen?

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Splurge VS Steal Espadrilles

gold espadrilles splurge v steal

gold espadrilles
This weeks Real Mom Style post is a bit different. I decided to share my favorite shoe trend for spring… the espadrille. Last year I got my first pair and wore them like crazy. This year they are back in my life and my collection is growing.

When I first got a pair of espadrilles I splurged for a  pair of Sam Edelman Lynne gold espadrilles. They are as fabulous as they sound and have held up really well!! They were $80 which is a lot of a pair of shoes for most of us. These shoes are quality and still look brand new a year later and lots of miles on them.

This year I stumbled across the fabulous dv Tia Espadrille at Target for only $24.99 and they are super comfortable!! They are definitely not the same quality bit for less than half the price they are worth it, heck you can grab a pair of gold and silver!

Now that I have a pair of silver and gold (and these cute navy print espadrilles) you can find me in one pair at least 2 times a week if not more.

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5 Spring Fashion Picks Plus a Giveaway


5 spring fashion picks

A few weeks ago I got an email from Christopher & Banks about working together to style some outfits for spring, I am not going to lie I was not quite sure how my style fit with this brand. After browsing online for a bit I was excited about the treasures I was finding in such an unexpected place. Seeing items online can still leave you with questions so I spent a few hours in store styling outfits and I had a blast!!!

One of the things Christopher & Banks asked me to do was make a top 5 list, that ended up being harder than you can imagine because I liked quite a few things. Since I promised to pick 5 here they are:

Updated basic tee – Every mom needs a great basic tee that you can throw on and look put together. I love this tee because it has a great length to it AND it is mixed media which instantly adds interest and gives it more style.

Perfect Fitting Capri – A great pair of jeans can change your life and the same is true of great capris. These capris fit like a dream and offer SLIMAGE Denim Technology which creates a slimmer appearance with a hidden support panel.

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